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Enigmatic Variations No.1039 – Pictures by Shark

Posted by Mister Sting on October 20th, 2012

Mister Sting.

Recently, there have been a number of EVs that have left me staring blankly at a filled grid, unclear as to how to proceed. Although it shouldn’t have been, this was one of those.
For some reason (probably the fact that the words are technical), I overlooked the missing letter in the definition to 7dn. This led to a certain amount of delay, and a painstaking re-parsing of all of the clues (indicating why I should probably write this blog as, rather than after, I solve).

Once I’d found the letter, things moved a little more quickly, though not unproblematically, towards their conclusion. Before making more progress there was a brief dalliance with the possibilities of the films ‘M’ and ‘Dial M for Murder’ (the latter partly due to FRENZY also appearing). Then the true significance of M became apparent: James Bond films and, in particular, Dr. No (it is the film, rather than the book, that is the theme).

The adjustment to be made in the answer to 7dn was then pretty obvious, and meant that BONE became BOND.

The Ms in clues lead to an embarrassment of Dr. No characters (and one malevolent organisation), none of which (not even 22dn) I had consciously noticed:

(Professor R.J.) DENT
(Dr.) JULIUS (No)
(Sylvia) TRENCH
(Miss) TARO

Lastly, starting with the newly-inserted D, we have the two contiguous words that are to be highlighted, namely, DR. NO.

(xxx) = definition

{xxx} = (anagram/homophone/container/etc.) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
xxx = unused letter(s)
maxilla=added letter

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

 2 JIGGUMBOBS Robert is trailing German stringed instrument surrounded by James’s gadgets (10) gadgets: BOB (Robert) S (is) [trailing] G (German) GU (stringed instrument) [surrounded by] JIM (James)
10 NUCHAL Gypsy pursues foreign letter belonging to scruff (6) belonging to scruff: CHAL (gypsy) [pursues] NU (foreign letter)
11 ADOPT Approve physical training after difficulty (5) approve: PT (physical training) [after] ADO (difficulty)
12 ULEX Wife brings inside most of meadow plant (4) plant: UX (wife) [brings inside] [most of] LEA (meadow)
13 INCONIE Within a small group learn once – that is fine for Shakespeare (7) fine for Shakespeare: IN (within a small) CON (learn once) IE (that is)
14 PLUS Additional fabric is finally cut (4) additional: PLUSH (fabric) [finally cut]
16 ENA Fire lady (amateur nurse previously) (3) fire lady: A (amateur) EN (nurse) [previously]
17 OUMA South African nanny stuck in Khartoum airport (4) South African nanny: [stuck in] khartOUMAirport
18 QUARREL Fencing move cut – relative ground of complaint (7) ground of complaint: QUART (fencing move) [cut] REL (relative)
19 USER Marshal getting rid of heroin for druggie (4) druggie: USHER (marshal) [getting rid of] H (heroin)
20 IMPLANTS Inserts one thousand saplings (8) inserts: I (one) M (thousand) PLANTS (saplings)
23 STARTFUL Apt to begin second dish almost stuffed (8) apt to begin: S (second) TART (dish) FULL [almost] (stuffed)
26 SOAP Doctors, perhaps, provided additional premium (4) doctors, perhaps: SO (provided) AP (additional premium)
28 BREWERY Lexicographer finishing with Y – yeast is in there (7) yeast is in there: BREWER (lexicographer) Y
30 PAVE Pitch music for dance dropping note (4) pitch: PAVEN (music for dance) [dropping] N (note)
31 LET Previously prevented first half of bee, perhaps (3) previously prevented: [first half of] LETTER (bee, perhaps)
33 EBBS Falls in Derby occasionally needing surgeon (4) falls: dErBy [occasionally] BS (surgeon)
35 EN AVANT Wing backed soldier, perhaps, being forward in France (7, 2 words) being forward in France: <VANE (wing) [backed] ANT (soldier)
36 DENT Director initiates medical, ward’s reduction in money (4) reduction in money: D (director) ENT (medical ward)
37 ACRED Aircraftsman with a former squadron landed (5) landed: AC (aircraftsman) RED (a former squadron)
38 DE-BLUR Sharpen education reverting to British pop band (6, hyphenated) sharpen: <ED (education) [reverting] BLUR (British pop band)
39 HONEY-CHILE Mel’s country term of endearment for southern girl (10, hyphenated) term of endearment for southern girl: HONEY (mel) + CHILE (country)
1 ANUROUS An ox no longer consumes head of ox without tail (7) without tail: AN URUS (ox no longer) [consumes] O (head of Ox)
2 JULIUS Emperor of Japan upset filipino about independence (6) emperor: J (Japan) <SULU [upset] (filipino) [about] I (independence)
3 ICES New York butchers cut up rump of cows (not dead) (4) New York butchers: DICE (cut up) S (rump of cowS) [not] D (dead)
4 GAULEITER Official under the Nazi regime in France returning to fasten again (9) official under the Nazi regime: GAUL (France) <RETIE [returning] (to fasten again)
5 MANS UP Marks answer amiss and accepts responsibility (6, 2 words) accepts responsibility: M (marks) ANS (answer) UP (amiss)
6 ODOUR Old grim scent (5) scent: O (old) DOUR (grim)
7 BONE Tree beginning afresh dropping last maxilla, perhaps (4) maxilla, perhaps: BO (tree) NEW (beginning afresh) [dropping last]
8 SPINET Play a record on film – a tuneful contrivance (6) tuneful contrivance: SPIN (play a record) ET (film)
9 STEAL Snip special bird (4) snip: S (special) TEAL (bird)
14 PARR Almost ward off fish (4) fish: [almost] PARRY (ward off)
15 GALLABIEH Irritate a Hebrew up the wrong way grabbing one local cloak (9) local cloak: GALL (irritate) A <HEB (Hebrew) [up the wrong way] [grabbing] I (one)
21 ASPS Reptiles die with head down (4) reptiles: PASS (die) [with head down]
22 SPECTRE Phantom’s dropping head in respect (7) phantom: RESPECT [dropping head]
24 TRENCH Fish encircles river in moat (6) moat: TENCH (fish) [encircles] R (river)
25 FRENZY Tailspin from fighter plane on unknown journey once overhead (starting to yaw) (6) tailspin: F (fighter plane) Z (unknown) REN (journey once) [overhead] Y (starting to Yaw)
27 AVENUE Anonymous location for passage (6) passage: A (anonymous) VENUE (location)
28 BLEAK Black hole lacks colour in places (5) lacks colour in places: B (black) LEAK (hole)
29 WOVEN Lear, perhaps, succeeds with crossed threads (5) with crossed threads: OVEN (lear, perhaps) [succeeds] W (with)
32 TARO Salt on arum (4) arum: TAR (salt) O (on)
34 HELL Previously cover pit (4) pit: HELL (previously cover)

2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No.1039 – Pictures by Shark”

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks, Mr S. I would have said that Bond and Dr No were overlapping words, not contiguous.

  2. Mister Sting says:

    Certainly ‘Bond’ and ‘Dr No’ are overlapping, but ‘Dr’ and ‘No’ are contiguous. We were, if I understood correctly, to highlight DRNO, not BONDRNO.

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