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Independent on Sunday 1182/Poins

Posted by Pierre on 21st October 2012


I struggled a bit with this, mainly because while I was trying to solve it, the kids were in the front room screaming at the TV to encourage Andy Murray to convert four championship points before he finally managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  That’s my excuse anyway, but I did find that there was some tricky – but fair – clueing in this one.

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Everyman N° 3,445 (14 October)

Posted by PeterO on 21st October 2012


The odd less common reference, the inevitable bit of geography, notably coherent surfaces – what more can one say? Everyman continues to produce crosswords which are not pitched too high for most beginners, but have enough spice to satisfy more experienced solvers.

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Azed 2106

Posted by Andrew on 21st October 2012


A puzzle in the middle of the Azed scale of difficulty, with no particularly involved clue construction, but a few rather obscure references needing lookups in Chambers and elsewhere. As always, quality clueing throughout and a good Sunday workout.

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