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Guardian Quiptic 675 Nutmeg

Posted by scchua on October 22nd, 2012


A straightforward Quiptic.  Thanks to Nutmeg for some enjoyable surfaces.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom of the blog have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 One conservative in Far Eastern country rejected party (6)

SOCIAL : Reversal of(rejected) {[I(Roman numeral for “one“) C(abbrev. for member of the Conservative Party) contained in(in) LAOS(the Far Eastern country)]}.

4 Snatch sailor approaching Channel (6)

ABDUCT : AB(abbrev. for able-bodied seaman; sailor) plus(approaching) DUCT(a channel for liquid run-off, as in your tear-ducts).

9,11 Words written to court mean nothing to landlord (4,6)

LOVE LETTER : LOVE(nothing;nil, as in tennis scores) plus(to) LETTER(one who rents out;a landlord).

Answer: Words written to someone when courting him/her, which sometimes turns up as evidence – in a book or in court.

10 Small-town travellin’ agents in place shortly (10)

PROVINCIAL : [ROVIN'(travellin’) + CIA(American intelligence agents)] contained in(in) PL[abbrev.(shortly) for “place“, as in a residential address].

Answer: Descriptive of a small-town outlook, one in which anything outside the figurative or literal small town is of no consequence.

11 See 9

12 Delay agreement about return of right match official (8)

DEFERRAL : DEAL(an agreement;transaction) containing(about) reversal of(return of) [R(abbrev. for “right “) + REF(short for “referee”;match official)].

Defn: As a noun.

13 Single perversion brought about senator’s decline (9)

LESSENING : Anagram of(perversion) SINGLE containing(brought about) SEN(abbrev. for “senator“).

15 Stop tenor coming in, for example (4)

STAY : T(abbrev. for “tenor “) contained in(coming in) SAY(for example, as in “take any blog, say, this one”).

16 Earl given away by worthless fellow (4)

CHAP : “cheap”(of little worth or even worthless) minus(given away by) “e”(abbrev. for “Earl“).

17 Habit male discarded, laid-back under guard (9)

CUSTODIAL : “custom”(habit;usual practice) minus(discarded) “m”(abbrev. for “male “) + reversal of(back) LAID.

21 Welsh rugby team backs sick after p-passage (8)

LLANELLI : Reversal of(backs) ILL(sick) placed after(after) L-LANE(-passage;
-path with its initial letter repeated).

22 Fresh meat cut into by sailors (6)

VERNAL : VEAL(meat from a calf) containing(cut into by) RN(abbrev. for the Royal Navy;sailors).

Answer: Descriptive of youth;fresh, derived from the Latin for the season of spring.

24 Stars having a lot to put up with? Far from it (6,4)

LITTLE BEAR : LITTLE(far from a lot) + BEAR(to put up with).

Answer: English name for the constellation of stars, Ursa Minor (aka the Little Dipper), in contrast to Ursa Major.

25 Mere indoor sport (4)

POOL : Double defn: 1st: A small lake; and 2nd: Also called “pocket billiards”, as with billiards, played on a smaller table, with bigger balls and pockets, and cues.

26 Fight is eclipsed by all others (6)

RESIST : IS contained in(eclipsed by) REST(all others).

27 Sorry about everything going west in TV series! (6)

DALLAS : Reversal of(going west, in an across clue) [SAD(sorry, as in “she was sorry she didn’t get the job”) containing(about) ALL(everything)].

1 European characters from Brussels love Neighbours (7)

SLOVENE : Hidden in(characters from) “Brussels love Neighbours“.

Answer: A citizen of Slovenia.

2 Agent in court behaved furtively (5)

CREPT : REP(short for “representative”;an agent) contained in(in) CT(abbrev. for “court “).

3 Analgesic distributed in Paris (7)

ASPIRIN : Anagram of(distributed) IN PARIS.

5 Cases for silk underwear? (6)

BRIEFS : Triple defn: 1st: Cases in which to carry papers; and 2nd: Slang for a lawyer, especially a barrister, also informally called a silk; and 3: Legless pants worn under outer clothing – unless you’re Superman?

6 Poor clue adjudged to be corrupted (9)

ULCERATED : Anagram of(Poor) CLUE + RATED(adjudged;evaluated).

Answer: Spoilt;corrupted by the presence of ulcers.

7 Office worker distressed at delay (3,4)

TEA LADY : Anagram of(distressed) AT DELAY.

8 Particular party to which Julie belonged may be reformed (6,7)

GOLDEN JUBILEE : Anagram of(may be reformed) JULIE BELONGED. A reference to Julie Kirkbride, Conservative MP of expense claims notoriety, which scandal included other MPs and led to the Parliament elected in 2005 being referred to as the “Rotten Parliament”?  Presumably reforms followed.  Politics, eh? A nice misdirection.

Answer: 50th anniversary celebration.

14 In backward places a fly becomes inactive (9)

STAGNATES : Reversal of(backward) SEATS(places to sit on) containing(In …) GNAT(any of certain small flies).

16 His job depends on mine (7)

COLLIER : Cryptic defn: Worker in a coal mine. Another nice misdirection.

18 Brewing tank turns up near dilapidated Greek bar (7)

TAVERNA : Reversal of(turns up) VAT(tank for brewing beer) + anagram of(dilapidated) NEAR.

19 What a test begins with keeps a learner perplexed (2,1,4)

AT A LOSS : A TOSS(What a cricket test match begins with, with the winner of the toss deciding who bats first) containing(keeps) [A + L(abbrev. for “learner” )]. Nice surface.

20 Little fish from river pinched by fairies (6)

ELVERS : R(abbrev. for “river“) contained in(pinched by) ELVES(fairies).

Answer: Young eels.

23 Some contrary people persuaded to drive off (5)

REPEL : Hidden in(Some) and reversal of(contrary) “people persuaded“.



6 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 675 Nutmeg”

  1. JollySwagman says:

    Very nice – thanks both.

    Particularly liked 5d – I didn’t read it as a triple as “cases for silks” gives briefs without resorting to slang. The triple reading is good too which makes it even better.

  2. JollySwagman says:

    Correction – it doesn’t quite work as a triple because briefs is plural and silk is singular – but the fact that it nearly does is still neat.

  3. Robi says:

    Largely good; thanks scchua – I did like LOVE LETTER, but not keen on LLANELLI.

    [[#1 is the Big Dipper; alias Ursa Major
    #2 is Pat Boone – LOVE LETTERs In The Sand
    #3 is a French (PROVINCIAL?) dresser]]

  4. scchua says:

    You’re probably right, Jolly Swagman. I was perhaps trying too hard in reading more into the clue.
    [[Robi, right as usual. #3 is furniture in the French Provincial style.]]

  5. Derek Lazenby says:

    Well to someone who is closer to the target audience than most, I found this harder than Rufus, and that was rated by most as being hard for a Rufus. So a bit strong for a Quiptic.

  6. crosser says:

    Only just got round to this puzzle. Thanks scchua.
    I agree with Derek @5 about the difficulty but I really loved the misdirection at 5d (silk underwear) and at 7d (office worker = tea lady)!

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