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Financial Times 14,143 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 24th October 2012


Not difficult but very nicely done.  Thank you Cinephile.

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Independent 8121 / Dac

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 24th October 2012


As Duncan said a few weeks ago, Dac really does write clues that make good sense.

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,775 by Gordius

Posted by PeterO on 24th October 2012


This one gave me something to think over, and to amuse me in the process. Thanks Gordius.

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Inquisitor 1251: Two Setters in Search of Two Characters (and An Author) by ??

Posted by kenmac on 24th October 2012


Preamble: Lost in the grid while celebrating a centenary, two familiar Inquisitor setters’ 4 words of introduction to their rescuer (x, unclued, using two answer slots) may be discovered in two grid sequences (15 letters in total). The surname of a second relevant character (y, one answer slot) is also unclued. Their creator (z)’s full name is also featured, utilising the letters in the shaded squares. Clues are listed in alphabetical order of their solutions, which should be arranged wherever they will fit. Extra single letters yielded by the wordplay in all clues give, in order, an instruction aiding solvers to arrive at the final solution. Between them Chambers and the ODE justify all entries apart from the name of a Belgian comic artist.

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