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Financial Times no.14,144 by BRADMAN

Posted by Ringo on October 25th, 2012


It’s a rather rushed Ringo this morning, so I’m afraid it’s a stripped-down, no-frills blog of this very nice puzzle from the Don. Apologies in advance for any typos.


1. MAGISTRACY  Magi [wise guys] + st [saint, someone good] + racy [spirited]

6. HART  H [hospital] + art [sculpture, e.g.]

9. APPARENTLY  A rent [a division] within apply [try to get a job]

10. AMEN  Amen(d) [change]

12. ADDER’S TONGUE  Anagram of a ground seed t(ime)

15. ALLEVIATE  ALevi [priest] within reversal of et al [with others]

17. LADEN  L [left] + Aden [port]

18. DOVER  D [duke] + over [maiden, possibly, in cricket]

19. MOMENTOUS  Anagram of mums one to

20. CIRCUMSCRIBE  Sounds like sir come [gentleman arrive]  + scribe [writer]

24. PAIN  Pa [dad] + in [at home]

25. FIRST OF ALL  Looks like firs [trees] + to fall [to come down]

26. RAKE  (D)rake [Sir Francis, Devon hero]

27. METATHESIS  Anagram of tamethesis [work for a PhD]


1. MEAD  Hidden in liMEADe

2. GAPE  Gap [passage] + E(nglish)

3. STRADIVARIUS  Reversal of I [one] + darts [rushes] + various [divers] minus O [Oxygen]

4. RANGE  (Johnso)n within rage [indignation]

5. COLOSSEUM  Loss [financial deficit] within Coe [Seb, Olympics organiser] + um [hesitation]

7. ARMAGEDDON  Mag [periodical] within a red don [a leftie academic]

8. TENDERNESS  Double definition

11. POLLING BOOTH  Cryptic definition

13. LANDSCAPER  Anagram of P(irelli) calendars

14. CLEVER DICK  Cl [class] + ever [always] + c(lass) within reversal of kid [child]

16. ADMISSIVE  Ad [commercial] + missive [communication]

21. RASTA  A star  [a celebrity] with r [right] transposed

22. PASS  Pass(é) [faded]

23. ILLS  Hills [things mounting up] as a Cockney might say it

One Response to “Financial Times no.14,144 by BRADMAN”

  1. Bracoman says:

    Many thanks for the blog.

    I found this a good deal more straightforward than that of his alter ego in the Guardian where I failed miserably.


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