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Independent on Sunday 1,183 by Glow-worm

Posted by Simon Harris on October 28th, 2012

Simon Harris.

Apologies for the tardy post, and thanks to Gaufrid for the welcome prod in the right direction!

Quite a tough solve, this one, I thought, though to help us there’s a nice Battle of Trafalgar theme going on. This is a nod to the day of publication – the 21st of October – being the 207th anniversary of the event. Glow-worm’s customary inventive wordplay was very much in evidence, so I hope I managed to explain things. My understanding of 13dn in particular feels a bit wobbly.

1 TRAFALGAR Mariner admitting flagrant loss of trust transformed battle (9)
FLAGRA[nt]* in TAR. The “loss of trust” signals the removal of the National Trust from the anagrist 
6 HEATH Moor as PM (5)
dd., referring to Edward Heath
9 ASSET Nineties account returned with advantage (5)
TESSA<. For youngsters, or those from outside these Isles, the TESSA was a type of tax-efficient savings account, a precursor to the ISA
10 BUFFET CAR Coach expert to cater innovatively (6,3)
11,28 KISS ME HARDY Last request from X tough on setter (4,2,5)
12 IRRITANT Miss Hayworth’s aboard faulty train — a damned nuisance… (8)
RITA in TR[a]IN*
14 DISTRAIN … Requisition one on the Underground? (8)
DISTRAIN. Clever, Dis being the underworld, I think.
15 GUSTO Returning fillet of turbot suggests zeal (5)
[turb]OT SUG[gests]< 
17 NEGEV Origins of geological events seen in Nevada desert region (5)
G[eological] E[vents] in NEVada
19 NAUTICAL Like 8 21, and not a soft touch, by the sound of it (8)
hom. of “nor tickle”
22 ANARCHIC Revolutionary style by an Arabian (8)
AN ARabian + CHIC
24 TEE-HEE Steer sheep for shearing ? that’s a giggle! (3-3)
[s]TEE[r] [s]HEE[p]
26 IMBROGLIO Setter’s sibling beginning to get picture over quandary (9)
IM + BRO + G[et] + OIL<
27 IOTAS Jots heading down in strange patois (5)
29 RED ENSIGN New designer employed as standard (3,6)
1 TRACKS Trails of Connexion on TV coming up over weekend (6)
[wee]K in SCART<
2 ASSISTING Serving “Policeman” goes after lassie’s heart (9)
[l]ASSI[e] + STING. Sting of course being the bass player and drummer in popular beat combo The Police. 
3 ATTEMPT “Endeavour” is at provisional start of trip (7)
AT + TEMP + T[rip]
4 GOBY Fish move past (4)
5 REFERENDUM Split in lower ranks of Lyceum after official vote (10)
REF + (REND in [lyc]EUM
6 HEELING Listing forwards’ duty? (7)
I assume this to be a dd., the second definition being a rugby reference, in that the forwards are the chaps in the scrum who use their heels to propel the ball backwards.
7 ACCRA Port bow rises with changeable current (5)
Alternating Current + ARC<
8,21 HORATIO NELSON Allowance in latitude he soon worked out – aboard 18? (7,6)
RATION in (Latitude + HE SOON)*
13 PAINKILLER Father Mark’s unfortunate – Casualty is anodyne (10)
PA + INK + ILLER, possibly, though I’m not 100% convinced I see how that works
16 SPAGHETTI Fare from Belgian town slum area reduced on 4th of April? (9)
SPA + GHETT[o] + [apr]I[l]
17 NEARISH Operation on hernia’s quite imminent (7)
18 VICTORY Endlessly failing Conservative achieves success (7)
20 IBERIAN Former Caucasian secret policeman held in Indiana (7)
BERIA in INdiana. Apparently Beria were indeed Soviet secret police force.
23 AMBER “Proceed with caution” in child-free room (5)
25 WOAD Colouring Woss’s way? (4)
from ROAD, as pronounced perhaps by Jonathan Ross

*= anagram; < = reversed; [] = removed; hom = homophone

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,183 by Glow-worm”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I think it’s ILL ER, Simon. Thanks to you and Glow-worm

  2. allan_c says:

    I agree with your reading of 6dn. Nice to see a reference to the oval ball game for a change. And I concur with nmsindy on 13dn – ER (for Emergency Room) is an American equivalent for Casualty.

    I didn’t find this too difficult, although the NW corner proved a little slow.

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