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Private Eye/Cyclops 480 – Long to reign over us …

Posted by beermagnet on October 29th, 2012


… and under us.  As this grid is topped and tailed with Kate and Wills on the top and bottom, and in the middle row.  All these had clues of the same kind – a clear definition plus a humourous, and likely topical definition.  Plus two children’s books top and bottom.
I wonder if there are other interrelated things in the puzzle…  Aha! Left and right: Eggs, Rock, Food, Nest.  It’s a gannet’s checklist!



5 WHAT KATY DID Minor story revealing the actions of a familiar royal (e.g. went topless)? (4,4,3)
Def. plus Cryptic Def. with reference to the dreadful grainy pix inhabiting the seedier corners of the magazine stands (and internet, err, probably).  A man taking clandestine photos like this for his own entertainment would be labelled as a pervert, as a paparazzi you get paid for it. Oh I’d better include a link so we can see what Katy really did.
10 GHASTLY Lousy experimental shag starts to turn lover yellow (7)
SHAG* AInd: experimental, [T]urn [L]over [Y]ellow.  Nice surface
11 FALLS TO Becomes the responsibility of Trip, drunken sot (5,2)
FALL (trip) SOT* AInd: drunken.  Capitilising trip to make it look like a name may fool Sarah Palin, but it won’t fool us.
12 SIGNATORY Gains blown by one of Cameron’s lot, so name put right at the bottom? (9)
GAINS* AInd: blown, A TORY.
14 EDGED Was on the brink of instilling good in Miliband – twice (5)
G[ood] inside two EDs
16 BATTLE OF WILLS Prince’s engagement – neither party willing to bend (6,2,5)
Cryptic Def plus Def.  That cryptic def: Can we really imagine the Duke of Cambridge in a fight?  The only battle he’s having is with his ‘advancing forehead’.  (Of course if a man is losing hair at the front it’s a sign he’s a thinker. If at the back then he’s sexy.  If front and back he thinks he’s sexy.)
18 RADAR System of detecting a would-be luvvie’s establishment, right? (5)
RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts = a would-be luvvie’s establishment) R[ight]
19 SENSATION Scandal sheet heading: “Pisspoor Etonians” (9)
S[heet] ETONIANS* AInd: pisspoor
21 CURATOR Guardian arsehole embracing another arsehole with old-fashioned ejaculation (7)
RAT (arsehole) and O! (old-fashioned ejaculation) inside CUR (arsehole)
23 READIES Pop your clogs into wobbly arse for money (7)
DIE (Pop your clogs) inside ARSE* AInd: wobbly
25 JUST WILLIAM Tales of laddish bad behaviour, Kate not being around? (4,7)
Def. plus Cryptic def.  What would Martin Jarvis have done without Richmal Crompton’s creation.
1 SWEAT GLAND Labour happy to secure Cameron’s end – cause of personal stink (5,5)
SWEAT (Labour) [camero]N inside GLAD
2/9 FAST FOOD Staff working on sod all: make over needed, as you’d expect from McDonald’s (4,4)
STAFF* AInd: working, 0 (sod all), DO< (make, over).
3 STIFFY Erection doubtful after second time (6)
S[econd] T[ime] IFFY (doubtful).  Top clue for the truthful surface reading
4 IDES Not right, shags, middle of month? (4)
6 KEYHOLE Solution applied to orifice as means of keeping eye on bedroom activities? (7)
KEY (solution) HOLE (orifice)
7 DOLCE VITA Life worth living? – and idiot put up with Lloyd Webber work! (5,4)
CLOD< (idiot up) EVITA (the musical)
13 ARTHRITIS An inflammatory thing, waving ‘IRA’ T-shirt (9)
(IRA T-SHIRT)* AInd: waving
15 GALLICISMS Sarkozy-style expressions of fiddled claims (girls having no right) (10)
(CLAIMS GIRLS – R)* AInd: fiddled.  Should we be using M. Hollande in clues like this now? Nah, could use De Gaulle and it would still work.  Anyway, the clue surface suits Sarkozy more, allegedly.
17 FUNERAL Sport real nuts, as happens to one who’s been stiff for a while (7)
FUN (sport) REAL* AInd: nuts
19 SHREWD Cunning woman dramatically tamed Democrat (6)
SHREW (as in Taming of the … = woman dramatically tamed) D[emocrat]
20/8 NEST EGGS Personal funds, say, put into disgraceful ‘Gents’, son (4,4)
(GENTS SON)* AInd: disgraceful
Edit: ‘say’ is not part of the def. and wordplay EG (say) inside (GENTS S[on])* AInd: disgraceful
22 RAJA One pint of piss goes over Prince (4)
A JAR all rev.
24/18 ACID ROCK Do crack liberally laced with iodine to produce such a drug-inspired sound? (4,4)
(DO CRACK I)* AInd: Do

I was told I was a very naughty boy for the “joke” at the end of the last Eye blog.  So this time I’ll leave you a cute cartoon by John O’Brien


4 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 480 – Long to reign over us …”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, beermagnet.

    Just for the record, I think you need to look at your parsing of NEST EGGS again.

  2. beermagnet says:

    Whoops. Nest eggs properly cracked now. Thanks Neil

  3. Cyclops says:

    I see that wimp, Brummie, is shooting off his mouth again in his latest blog.

    The article is poison for my image, and I hereby disassociate myself completely from its contents and tone.

    Yours, etc., Cyclops

    [Incidentally, beermagnet, I hadn’t realised until reading your introduction with its “gannet’s checklist” just how accomplished I am – you’ve made my day, thank you!]

  4. Cyclops says:

    … make that and forget my fancy link attempt

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