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Financial Times 14148 Gurney

Posted by scchua on October 30th, 2012


An easy-going FT Tuesday, abound with anagrams and reversals – a warm-up for the more difficult ones later in the week?  Thanks to Gurney.  A pity there wasn’t a theme built around 17across.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links with the puzzle.]]

1 Doctor chews a nut (6)

CASHEW : Anagram of(doctor) CHEWS A.

4 Motored abroad consuming energy – this shows how far I go? (8)

ODOMETER : Anagram of(abroad) MOTORED containing(consuming) E(abbrev. for “energy“, especially in physics).

9 Reprimand in vehicle leading to sulk (6)

CARPET : CAR(a type of vehicle) plus(leading to) PET(to sulk;to take offence).

10 Dour clan resorting to pot? (8)

CAULDRON : Anagram of (resorting;re-arranging) DOUR CLAN.

Defn: A large pot for boiling, especially one with handles.

11 Mass being broadcast important for Primate? (6)

MONKEY : M(abbrev. for “mass” in physics) + ON(being broadcast, as in “what’s on the radio/TV”) + KEY(important;critical). Nice surface of a church mass and His Grace.

12 Harassed, see red and cut music (8)

SERENADE : Anagram of(harassed) [SEE RED + AN{“andminus its last letter(cut)} ].

13 Jewel Margaret brought back (3)

GEM : Reversal of(brought back) MEG(a short form of the name “Margaret“).

14 In very real bind oddly missed facial feature (6)

EYELID : Every even-positioned letter in(oddly missed) “vErY rEaL bInD“.

17 Reformed sexist I housed for some years? (7)

SIXTIES : Anagram of(reformed) SEXIST containing(… housed) I.

Answer: The decade some 50 years ago.

21 Conflict with America for island results in attack from the air (6)

STRAFE : “strife”;conflict with an “A”(abbrev. for “America“) replacing(for) its “I”(abbrev. for “island“).

Answer: An attack on ground troops with airplane machine-gun fire.

25 Liveliness whichever way you look at it (3)

PEP : A palindrome(whichever way you look at it).

26 Outraced new school worker (8)

EDUCATOR : Anagram of(new) OUTRACED.

27 Ignoring some characters, prescribe a term for guy rousing game (6)

BEATER : Hidden in(ignoring some characters) “prescriBE A TERm“.

28 Attractive office worker with money and hint of glamour? (8)

TEMPTING : TEMP(short for a temporary office worker) plus(with) TIN(British slang for “money“) plus(and) G{first letter of(hint of) “glamour“}

29 To expel is hard after arrest backfired (6)

BANISH : IS + H(abbrev. for “hard“) placed after(after) reversal of(backfired) NAB(to “arrest“, what cops do to criminals, usually).

30 Moved quickly to alter a decree, securing order finally (8)

CAREERED : Anagram of(to alter) A DECREE containing(securing) R{last letter of(finally) “order“}.

31 Outward appearance of change in direction – north-east’s allowed in (6)

VENEER : VEER(to perform a change in direction) containing(…’s allowed in)NE(abbrev. for “north-east“).

1 Copper’s taken over burden involved in fruit tree (8)

CUCUMBER : CU(chemical symbol for the element copper) placed above(…’s taken over, in a down clue) CUMBER(a burden;a hindrance, the root word for the more familiar verb “encumber”).

Answer: Not the vegetable/plant, but a tree native to S.E.Asia with edible fruit, somewhat resembling the vegetable.

2 Second machine for the office runner? (8)

SPRINTER : S(abbrev. for “second” as in “h:m:s”) + PRINTER(a machine for the office).

3 Textual interpretation from Exodus for example followed by English sister (8)

EXEGESIS : EX(abbrev. for Exodus, one of the books in the Old Testament) + EG(abbrev. for “for example“, derived from the Latin) plus(followed by) E(abbrev. for “English“) + SIS(short for “sister“).

Defn: Especially of Bible text.

5 Daughter with new idea starting to model headwear (6)

DIADEM : D(abbrev. for “daughter“) plus(with) anagram of(new) IDEA + M{initial letter of(starting to) “model“}.

6 Old lady to give information about hammer (6)

MALLET : MA(term of address for “mother”;old lady) + reversal of(about) TELL(to give information).

7 Sarcastic article features cloth (6)

TARTAN : TART(sarcastic;biting) + AN(the indefinite article).

8 Park employee phoned with hesitation (6)

RANGER : RANG(phoned) plus(with) ER(a verbal expression of hesitation).

12 Colonist left dog outside (7)

SETTLER : L(abbrev. for “left“) contained in(… outside) SETTER(a breed of dog).

15 Duke at home making noise (3)

DIN : D(abbrev. for “Duke“) + IN(at home;not out).

16 First of all, you entertain solvers? That’s right! (3)

YES : Initial letters of(first of all) You Entertain Solvers.

18 Animal over period getting cheap transport (8)

STEERAGE : STEER(a bovine animal) placed above(over, in a down clue) AGE(a long period of time).

Answer: On a passenger ship the cheapest accommodation, originally from the compartments where the steering apparatus were (not where they put the livestock).

19 Not fully committed to promotion of gin perhaps? Issue raised afterwards (4-4)

PART-TIME : Reversal of(promotion;a raise, in a down clue) TRAP(for catching small game;a gin) plus(… afterwards) reversal of(raised, in a down clue) EMIT(to issue from a source).

20 One seeking to find forecaster, cunning at heart (8)

SEARCHER : SEER(one who sees into the future;a forecaster) containing(… at heart) ARCH(sly;cunning).

22 Frantically active, cite changes in water sources? (6)

HECTIC : Anagram of(changes) CITE contained in(in) H,C(the labels on your hot and cold water taps;water sources).

23 Drink overturned twice – complain (6)

MURMUR : Reversal of(overturned) RUM(alcoholic drink) x 2(twice).

Answer: To utter a mumbled expression of discontent.

24 Gossip upset Attlee to some extent (6)

TATTLE : Hidden in(to some extent) upseT ATTLEe.

25 Act fast to take advantage using pressure? Small amount (6)

POUNCE : P(abbrev. for “pressure“, especially in physics) + OUNCE(one-sixteenth of a pound weight;small amount).



5 Responses to “Financial Times 14148 Gurney”

  1. Ferret says:

    Are the sixties group names just coincidence…..monkey, settler, searcher?

  2. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks, scchua, for the excellent blog. Re Ferret’s query at #1, the appearance of those entries was pure coincidence!

  3. Gurney says:

    Comment #2 should have had the Gurney signature.

  4. scchua says:

    It’s much appreciated when the setter posts a comment (especially when there’s a dearth of them!). Thanks Gurney, and if you should ever do a 60s theme crossword…I look forward to that and perhaps even blogging it.

  5. Gurney says:

    Thanks, scchua, Indy puzzle 7688 might not have been too far away from that I’d say.

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