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Guardian 25781/Crucible

Posted by Pierre on 31st October 2012


Peter O is down to do the blog today, but since he lives in New York, he no doubt has other things on his mind this morning.  So I have stepped in as a substitute blogger.  Please forgive any errors or typos; there are a few where I need help parsing too, but in the interests of getting a blog out sooner rather than later, I will rely on others to fill in the gaps.

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Financial Times 14,149 by Loroso

Posted by PeeDee on 31st October 2012


Sorry for the lateness of this post, I nearly forgot it is my blogging day.

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Independent 8127/Crosophile

Posted by John on 31st October 2012


As I, and also it seems several others, like, one can solve this straight, without having to concern ourselves with whatever Nina may be there. The clues are good and there is a nice set of surfaces.

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Inquisitor 1252: Easy Street by Kruger

Posted by HolyGhost on 31st October 2012


I do tend to like Kruger‘s puzzles – no exception here. A pound sign ( £ ) appears in the central barred off cell of the grid. Hmm …
Corrections to single-letter misprints in several definitions give a song title – this indicates the type of change to some answers before entry. One co-writer (appropriately modified) is to be highlighted in the completed grid, and the other co-writer is one of the unclued entries. The second unclued entry describes those who recorded it (and is a cryptic reference to them).

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