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Inquisitor 1252: Easy Street by Kruger

Posted by HolyGhost on October 31st, 2012


I do tend to like Kruger‘s puzzles – no exception here. A pound sign ( £ ) appears in the central barred off cell of the grid. Hmm …
Corrections to single-letter misprints in several definitions give a song title – this indicates the type of change to some answers before entry. One co-writer (appropriately modified) is to be highlighted in the completed grid, and the other co-writer is one of the unclued entries. The second unclued entry describes those who recorded it (and is a cryptic reference to them).

First clue: answer MODEL, entry is 8 letters, so clearly this is one of the ‘specials’. Progress was on the slow side, but after some time I had the top left and bottom right quadrants pretty much complete, having found three other ‘specials': GEODE at 9d, VETO at 40a, and RIOT at 18d, in each case starting or finishing in a corner – foolishly I thought that was all of them.

Having solved half the clues I took a look at how the misprints in the definitions were shaping up: M O Y FORN T NG, and it hit me: it had to be MONEY FOR NOTHING by Dire Straits (the song title fitting in with the puzzle title), and most of the remaining thematic material came in something of a clatter. Replace the O in the ‘specials’ with a unit of currency (BAHT in 1a, DINAR in 40a, probably RUPEE in 9d – or possibly RIYAL); STING was unclued at the end of row 1, MARK KNOPFLER was on the leading diagonal but with the  O  replaced by the given  £  (a bit of a giveaway), Dire Straits = [ARTISTS]* providing the other unclued entry at the beginning of the penultimate row. Go to bed, to finish off the next day.

Still some way to go, but knowing which letters were misprints in definitions helped somewhat. I struggled with 7d until I considered the possibility of it being another ‘special’ – and so it was: TENYUANN. Surely the symmetrically placed 20d had to be as well? (No! More folly.) But then with KWACHA inserted in 18d, the last to fall was 25a: WHSUCRE.

Only then did I notice that there were no other occurrences of O in the completed grid – a touch of quality. Thanks to Kruger for this – a companion piece to his Inquisitor 1169, a tribute to Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd, with “Shine on you crazy diamond” from the album “Wish You Were Here”?

Quibble with wordplay in 17d.

No. Answer Correction
to definition
1 MODEL [SELDOM]* − S(pecial)
11 NITERIE EIRE (Ireland) TIN (can) rev.
12 AIRN M: metal in Ayr [RAIN]*
13 PHILANDER PHI (letter from Crete) LAND (set down) + ER (monarch)
15 AKITAS O: dogs A(ctive) KIT (young ferret) + A(ssess) S(ituation)
18 RETAKE ET (alien) in RAKE (dissolute person)
19 HAUL UP H(ot) (G)AUL (Frenchman once) UP (in revolt)
21 FILASSE FIRE (holocaust) − R(uns) around LASS (girl)
22 KISLEU N: parts of two months KIS(s) LE (the male from France) + (yo)U
23 PENSÉE ENS (being) in PEE(l) (fortified dwelling)
25 WHO [HOW]*
30 ALLELE E: gene L(eft) in ALLÉE (avenue)
32 EFFETE Y: weary (dr)E(ss) F(eminine) + FETE (outdoor function)
34 SHRILL THRILL (give pleasure) with S(oprano) for T(enor)
36 HYPHENATE HATE (animosity) around Y (unknown) P(riest) + HEN (woman)
37 PÈRE F: father RE (about) after PE (exercise)
38 ULNARE O: bone [RENAULT]* − T(ime)
39 TAUPE [PET]* around AU (gold)
40 VETO VET (old soldier) ON − N(ame)
No. Answer Correction
to definition
1 MNAS M(e)N AS(k) (request)
2 BAILEY R: part of fort BEY (governor) around AIL (trouble)
3 AERATES E(nglish) RAT (renegade) in ÆS(c) (ligature)
4 TUPIKS N: tents SKIP (large container) UT (as) rev.
5 ENIAC [I CAN (operat)E]*
6 STATAL O: of feudal entity [AT LAST]*
7 TENON T(he) E(xercise) + NON (possible rejection in Brussels)
8 NIEF (persuasio)N IE F(rom)
9 GEODE GEE (move to the right) around OD (force)
14 DALS T: plants DEALS (pine boards) − E(nergy)
16 TENURES H: holdings (skir)T ENURE (harden) + S(tarch)
17 SHIPPER SKIPPER (captain) with K(irk) replaced by H(eroin)
{surely the wordplay requires “heroine”, but that doesn’t give the H}
18 RIOT I (one) in ROT (corrupt)
20 BLUE-CHIP BLUE (squander) CHIP (some money)
24 SPELEAN PELÉ (footballer once) in SAN (hospital)
26 SLIP I: glide double definition
27 CLEESE CHEESE (food) with L(eft) for H(usband)
28 AFIELD A(dult) FID (bar) around EL (the, Spanish)
29 STIRRA [R(estore) ART IS]*
31 CHASE N: hunt double definition
33 EYRA (popl)AR YE(s) rev.
35 VEER G: swing V (vide, see) REE (enclosure) rev.
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2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1252: Easy Street by Kruger”

  1. Liz Geear says:

    Thanks HG. I agree that Kruger’s puzzles are a joy and am always glad to see one featured in my beloved IQs. Bradfords was the usual boon for checking the coinage. How clever of you to see the omission of that essential letter in the completed grid!
    Thanks to KRUGER!

  2. Neil Hunter says:

    Thanks for the blog, and a very pleasurable solve. I was held up for some time when I decided the answer to 37a was “care”: seemed to fit the wordplay, and Bather can become Bother. This gave me “Money Oo”, which was not promising. Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, Sting was embarrassed to find himself credited (in the financial and artistic sense) as co-writer, having made a minimal contribution in the studio. Money for nothing, indeed.

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