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Financial Times no.14,150 by Sleuth

Posted by Ringo on 1st November 2012


It’s absolutely perishingly cold in Yorkshire this morning and I have run out of coffee – so thank goodness for Sleuth, who at least got my brain-cells humming (even if I can no longer feel my toes).

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Independent 8128 / Scorpion

Posted by duncanshiell on 1st November 2012


Scorpion is an occasional contributor to daily Independent puzzles, probably about once a month.

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Guardian 25,782 – Orlando

Posted by Andrew on 1st November 2012


This somehow didn’t feel like a typical Orlando while I was solving it, especially with the long answer at 5,11,18, which is more the sort of thing one expects from Araucaria or Paul. On writing up the blog, though, I do see more of the Orlando style, with some nicely elegant clues. The way 5, 9 and 10 across are linked is rather nice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 14,141 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on 1st November 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Oct 22

Two weeks ago, Bamberger was very clear: “Bring back Crux!”. Well, here he is [the number of the puzzle being a palindrome!]  with, in my opinion, one of his gentler crosswords …..

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Financial Times 14,140 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 1st November 2012

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of October 20, 2012

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