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Financial Times 14,141 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on November 1st, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Oct 22

Two weeks ago, Bamberger was very clear: “Bring back Crux!”. Well, here he is [the number of the puzzle being a palindrome!]  with, in my opinion, one of his gentler crosswords …..

….. one in which there was no anagram in any of the Across clues. Quite remarkable. Instead, we got five (sometimes partial) cryptic definitions there.  Not Crux’s forte, but for some reason I liked 12ac.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.


1 DISCIPLINARIAN     His charges might well be beaten (14)
    Cryptic definition
10 WINCE Flinch from cold in port, say (5)
    C (cold) inside WINE (port, say)
11     REGRETTED Felt sorry about Garbo without a man (9)
    RE (about) + GRET[a] (Garbo, without a) + TED (man)
12 LURCHER Dog that might rock and roll, apparently (7)
    Double/Cryptic definition
    Apart from a hunting dog, a lurcher can also be a ‘robber’ – one who’s ready to ‘roll’. Nice allusion.
13 THIRSTS This goes without rest, lacks energy, needs water (7)
    THIS around R[e]ST (rest, lacking the E meaning ‘energy’)
14 SAMOA Does a moat help create an island? (5)
    Hidden solution:   [doe]S A MOA[t]
16 DOTTINESS Eccentric style of the pointillists? (9)
    Cryptic definition
19 MISNOMERS     Wrong names, like French one among misers (9)
    NOM (name, in French) inside MISERS
20 SUITS Models assume uniform is flattering (5)
    SITS (models, as a verb) around U (uniform)
    My last one in, very nicely written with “assume” as the container indicator and “is” part of the definition. Yet, I started thinking again about whether it should be “assume” or “assumes” in cryptic language. I am confident Paul B and/or Jolly S will help me out. :)
22 NUMBING Miners with famous singer make a stunning combination (7)
    NUM (miners, National Union of Mineworkers) + BING (famous singer, Bing Crosby)
25 PERFORM Hairstyle adopted for act on stage (7)
    PERM (hairstyle) around FOR
27 TOTTING UP Working out the total damage perhaps (7,2)
    Double/Cryptic definition
    The first part is straightforward, the second part refers to the hyphenated ‘totting-up’ which Chambers describes as “the cumulation of certain motoring offences, eventually resulting in disqualification”.
28 BUILT Raised objection about the Italian (5)
    BUT (objection) around IL (the, in Italian)
29    ENFANT TERRIBLE   A real problem for French parents? (6,8)
    Cryptic definition
2 IGNORAMUS Amusing or drunk he’s clueless (9)
    We’re already in the Down clues and this is only the first anagram – and a nice one it is.
3 CZECH Bill’s said to be European (5)
    Homophone of CHEQUE (bill)
4 PARTRIDGE Segment on crest identifies this bird (9)
    PART (segment) + RIDGE (crest)
5 INGOT I finally won and took gold perhaps (5)
    I + [wo]N + GOT (took)
6 AMENITIES The last word one connects with “conveniences” (9)
    AMEN (the last word) + I (one) + TIES (connects)
7 IOTAS Tiny scraps of rations at sea the navy jettisoned (5)
    Anagram of RATIONS minus RN (navy)
8 NUDISTS Mad about the underworld, they reveal all (7)
    NUTS (mad) around DIS (the underworld)
9 SWELLS Drinking place on board for VIPs (6)
    WELL (drinking place) inside SS (on board, a very familiar device)
15 ABOLITION A note on unheaded will can signify annulment (9)
    A + B (note) + [v]OLITION (will, minus its starter)
17 TEST PAPER     Steep part may give problems for examinee (4,5)
18 EDITORIAL Leader partially solved it – or I, allegedly! (9)
    Hidden solution:   [solv]ED IT OR I AL[legedly]
19 MANATEE Heartless decree primarily endangers rare sea mammal (7)
    MAN[d]ATE (decree, minus its heart) + E[ndangers]
21 SEMITE English newspaper upsetting for Jew or Arab (6)
    Reversal of E (English) TIMES (newspaper)
23 MOTIF Design with safety check provided (5)
    MOT (safety check) + IF (provided)
24    GIGOT Leg of lamb a soldier acquired (5)
    GI (soldier) + GOT (acquired)
    The second time Crux uses GOT the same way (see 5d). Very un-Crux.
26 RABBI Religious teacher has to prattle on endlessly (5)
    RABBI[t] (prattle on, minus the last letter)
    Dear Crux, next time you include this word in one of your puzzles, you are going to clue it differently, OK? :)



3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,141 – Crux”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I solved all this unaided except for 19d where faced with m?n?t?e, I couldn’t decide if it was manitee, manitoe or similar and just couldn’t get mandate.
    I parsed everything else except 8d where I got nuts but the only dis I could think off was the street argot of “He dissed me” meaning “He disrespected me” rather forgetting that respect is earned not imposed.
    Thanks Crux and thanks Sil.

  2. TonyP17 says:

    I didn’t get round to solving this Monday puzzle but reading through your notes I think 28a should be BUT around IL the Italian for the.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    You’re absolutely right, TonyP17.
    Now corrected.

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