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Beelzebub 1182

Posted by Jed on November 2nd, 2012


Fiendishly challenging





1 Got on without last of stage make-up FARD (make-up)

[stag]E from FARED (got on)

6 Thin bit of vaulting in moulded steel SVELTE (thin)

V[aulting] in (STEEL)*

11 Endless shock on seeing female soldier AMAZON (female soldier)

AMAZ[e] (endless shock) ON

12 Volcanic rock landing in channel was audible in field BAAED (bleated – sheep)

AA (volcanic rock) in BED (channel)

13 Man absorbing study after study wrong to be concentrating again

RECONDENSING CON (study) DEN (study) SIN (wrong) in REG (man)

14 Refuse to swallow King’s vegetables LEEKS (veg) K in LEES (refuse)

16 Drink, mostly hateful, getting shaken up SUCCUSSED (shaken up)

17 Suspicious behaviour last seen involved with this STEALTHINESS (slyness)


18 Right in confusion of Act II the final character comes round as performed

THEATRICIZED (performed) (ACT II)* in THE ZED (the final character)

21 Book poet left with biro might produce POT-BOILER (book written solely for money) (POET L BIRO)*

25 Measure of Chinese language enthralling one LIANG (Chinese measure)

I (one) in LANG (language)

26 Literary heroine in old Indian piece muses turning in steel bangle


ANNA (coin) NINE< (muses turning) in KARA (steel bangle)

27 Just heading off after daughter, adorned in antique style DIGHT (adorned)

D (daughter) [r]IGHT (just – head off)

28 Frenzy in America is (for Hollande) curious ESTRUM (frenzy US)

EST (is in French – Francois Hollande) RUM (curious)

29 Patriarch restricting one Scottish girl JESSIE (Scottish girl)

I (one) in JESSE (Biblical patriarch)

30 Bank actually giving out a pound RELY (bank)

AL (a pound) from REALLY (actually)


1 Dundee cakes are cut, consumed by individual turning up FARLES (cakes Scottish)

AR[e] in SELF (individual turning up)

2 Prince: American, somewhat vocally extended? AMEER (prince) AMER (American pronounced with long vowel)

3 Contests primarily amongst Aintree ‘gems’, possibly RACE MEETINGS (contests)

(&Lit) C[ontests] in (AINTREE GEMS)*

4 Advisor’s against line adopted by cobbler CONSULTOR (advisor)

CON (against) L (line) in SUTOR (cobbler)

5 Lenin (dictator) cruelly ousting Liberal – be like him? INDOCTRINATE

L (Lib) from (LENIN DICTATOR)*

6 Help Cinders start to triumph in play (she’s one of these) STEPCHILDREN

T[riumph] in (HELP CINDERS)*

7 Son tucking into food keeps going to dawn? EASTS (goes to dawn)

S (son) in EATS (food)

8 Speaks vulgarly during a serial if upset? No intervention preferred here

LAISSEZ-FAIRE (principle of non-interference) SEZ (says – vulgar) in (A SERIAL IF)*

9 Bridge team dropped in river freezes? TENSES (freezes)

NS (bridge team) in TEES (river)

10 Irritability with this leads to V-sign EDGE (irritability)

W (with) EDGE (V shape)

15 Dry clue I modified, to put in timeless jokes JUICELESS (dry)

(CLUE I)* in JES[t]S (timeless jokes)

19 Harry, primarily (or name that is for the Devil) HORNIE (Devil)

H[arry] OR N (or name) IE (that is)

20 Take note of woman for second marriage DIGAMY (2nd marriage)

DIG (take note of) AMY (woman)

22 Most of newspaper in this sense talks nonsense BLAHS (talks nonsense)

(most problematic clue) BLA[t] (most of newspaper) HS (hoc sensu)

23 Cancel the validity of article from yearbook ANNUL (cancel validity)

A (article) from ANNUAL (yearbook)

24 God upset about daughter’s pilgrimage HADJ (pilgrimage)

D (daughter) in JAH< (god upset)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition


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  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Phew what a scorcher!

    Thanks Jed and the evil one.

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