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Financial Times 14,151 by Falcon

Posted by Jed on November 2nd, 2012


An enjoyable challenge





1 MAHLER (Gustav – composer) MAILER (Norman) H[ead] for I (Italian)


10 JUMP LEADS (help to start car) JUMP (clear) LEADS (clues)

11 TWIST dd (Oliver Twist)

12 SASH (band) S[uch] A SH (quiet)

13 FIRST-CLASS (marvellous) dd

15 ICEBERG (calf – ice broken off glacier) I CE (church) BERG (hill)

16 DEALER (gives hands of cards)

19 ODESSA (port) (DOES)* AS< (when back)

21 PIT BULL (dog) PIT (mine) BULL (nonsense)

23 INQUISITOR (Torquemada eg) IS in I N (northern) QUITO (capital of Equador) [minste]R

25 SPAM (junk mail) MAPS<

27 STILL dd


29 ARTISTRY (great skill) (STAIR)* TRY (with effort)

30 GROTTO (small cave) GROT (rubbish) TO


1 MAJESTIC (royal) M[ention] A JEST (joke) I C (one about)

2 HOMESTEAD (dwelling) (SOME HATED)*

3 EELS &Lit hidden in [cr]EEL S[lithering]

5 DISUSED (neglected) D (daughter) S (son) in I SUED (took legal action)

6 ARTY-CRAFTY (into art) (TRAY)* CRAFTY (anagram indicator?)

7 CHINA (tea cups) IN in CHA (tea)

8 DETEST (loathe) D[elicat]E TEST (examination)

9 DARING (bold) L (length(s)) from DARLING (favourite)

14 VERSAILLES (French residence) AI (1st class) LL (lines) in VERSES

17 EQUIPMENT (tackle) MEN (chaps) in (PIQUET)*

18 FLAMINGO (bird) FLAMING (vivid) O (duck)

20 AVIATOR (pilot) hidden in [Ottaw]A VIA TOR[onto]

21 PROP UP (support) PRO (for) P[rofessor] UP (at university)

22 FIESTA (carnival) IF< (provided up) (TEAS)*

24 QUILT (bedding item) L[aundry] in QUIT (left)

26 SCAR (mark) S (small) CAR (saloon eg)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition    < = reverse

2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,151 by Falcon”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Falcon for an enjoyable puzzle and Jed for the blog, especially the parsing of 1ac, which eluded me, although I guessed the answer correctly. Favourite clue 5dn for its excellent surface.

    6dn: I took this as “designing” = CRAFTY following TRAY*, with “fashioned” as the anagram indicator, the definition just being “Into making decorative objects”.

    7dn: I would mark this as “& lit”.

  2. crypticsue says:

    A nice straightforward puzzle. Thanks to Falcon and Jed too.

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