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Independent on Sunday 1184 (28th Oct.) / Hypnos

Posted by Gaufrid on 4th November 2012


Sorry for the tardy appearance of this post but I only heard a short while ago that the scheduled blogger is away and has no internet access. Fortunately I had twenty minutes to spare whilst my evening meal was cooking so I solved the puzzle myself. Having now eaten, here is my analysis of the clues. Read the rest of this entry »

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Azed 2108/What? No Scots?

Posted by ilancaron on 4th November 2012


Might be wrong about this but seems like Azed has eschewed Scots terms for the duration.  Of this puzzle at least.  In favour of Latin and Greek.
7 AM(B)O – my first clue.  I remembered that AMO is Latin “I love” (which I didn’t).  And AMBO is an “early Christian pulpit”.
10 A,POTRO*,PA,IC – “turning aside evil”.  I suppose PA is our governor.
11 GR(ILL)ADE – archaic fodder for the grill
13 WET,A – a (venomous) NZ grasshopper and A=Australia.  Rather nice clue.
14 MIN(C)E – where egg=[land]mine
17 R,A,TAN – rattan cane.  R=Bunter’s rear (last letter).
18 C(ALAS)H – CH=courthouse.  CALASH=light carriage
21 T(RIT)O,N – applied to ship (figuratively).   Think I’ve parsed the wordplay correctly: RIT.=slowing down (musically speaking).
22 RE(I)KI[h] – one=I in rev([h]IKER)
23 PIL(SEN)ER – SEN=Japanese coins (coppers) in peril* and amber liquid is beer.
26 A(TOP)Y – ay=always.  And ATOPY=hypersensitivity.
28 SITE=”sight” (a great many)
29 HET*,A(I)RIA – a club/society (obs.)
30 ANIMA MUNDI – (amid numina)* – “soul of the world”.
31 WAS,E – “pad on the head to ease the pressure of a burden” thus “Something to ease capital pressure”.  Clever wordplay:  “is no longer”=WAS, “no. 1 for economy”=E.
32 AB,STERGE – scour.  rev(egrets).

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Guardian Genius 112 by Tramp

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 4th November 2012


Wow – thank goodness we get a month to do these – I take my hat off to those mentioned in the Grauniad’s dispatches with entries submitted in the early hours of the morning after publication… Anyway, this is my first Genius blog – and something of a payback, as I have been lucky enough to pick up the £100 prize on a couple of occasions in the previous 111. The preamble tells us that the answer to a ‘megaclue’ –  “Get a credible Marx line of beauty – evokes a countenance, if girl a top model” (16 words) – needs to be entered ‘wherever it will go’ – which looks like mainly round the outside – and there are 10 corrected misprints to be arranged into a ‘condition for winning the prize’.

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Everyman 3447/28 October

Posted by Pierre on 4th November 2012


Another nicely constructed and accessible puzzle from Everyman.  One or two chestnuts, but – in the UK at least – it’s getting to that chestnutty time of year, and in a puzzle aimed at improving solvers, I don’t think we can cavil at that.

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