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Azed 2108/What? No Scots?

Posted by ilancaron on November 4th, 2012


Might be wrong about this but seems like Azed has eschewed Scots terms for the duration.  Of this puzzle at least.  In favour of Latin and Greek.
7 AM(B)O – my first clue.  I remembered that AMO is Latin “I love” (which I didn’t).  And AMBO is an “early Christian pulpit”.
10 A,POTRO*,PA,IC – “turning aside evil”.  I suppose PA is our governor.
11 GR(ILL)ADE – archaic fodder for the grill
13 WET,A – a (venomous) NZ grasshopper and A=Australia.  Rather nice clue.
14 MIN(C)E – where egg=[land]mine
17 R,A,TAN – rattan cane.  R=Bunter’s rear (last letter).
18 C(ALAS)H – CH=courthouse.  CALASH=light carriage
21 T(RIT)O,N – applied to ship (figuratively).   Think I’ve parsed the wordplay correctly: RIT.=slowing down (musically speaking).
22 RE(I)KI[h] – one=I in rev([h]IKER)
23 PIL(SEN)ER – SEN=Japanese coins (coppers) in peril* and amber liquid is beer.
26 A(TOP)Y – ay=always.  And ATOPY=hypersensitivity.
28 SITE=”sight” (a great many)
29 HET*,A(I)RIA – a club/society (obs.)
30 ANIMA MUNDI – (amid numina)* – “soul of the world”.
31 WAS,E – “pad on the head to ease the pressure of a burden” thus “Something to ease capital pressure”.  Clever wordplay:  “is no longer”=WAS, “no. 1 for economy”=E.
32 AB,STERGE – scour.  rev(egrets).

1 BU(GWOR)T – one of the last clues solved.  grow* in BUT=butt=cask.  It’s bugbane which is a plant that repels insects.
2 I(URE,MAR,IT)I – husband’s rights (which are??) where URE is archaic use (Latin again).
3 A,PLAN,AT – lens free from spherical aberration
4 SO,L[ak]E
5 S(TATI)ON – ref. Jacques TATI and SON=French “his” and two additional definitions
6 ARDAS – hidden &lit — Sikh “Lord’s prayer”.
8 M(AIN’T)AIN – another well-constructed clue where AIN’T=”is not”
9 OCKER – Aussie oaf and I think the wordplay is [h]OCKER=hamstring (to seriously lame)
12 ICESKATING – (Get sick in a)*. Ref. John Curry, Brit ice-skater.
15 PTI*,LOS(I)S – plumage.
18 CA[n]E,STU[n]S – Roman boxing glove filled with metal.  Not very nice.
19 LEGS,IDE – definition is just “on” (ref. cricket).
20 HI,REAGE – NZ term for cost of hiring.  And ref. Pauline REAGE (resorted to Google for this).’s pseudonym.  Author of the first real female erotica (?).  Malheureusement I’m hardly an expert.
24 SPUME – first letters
25 NEEMB – hidden.  Indian tree producing oil.
27 KANT – two meanings.  Alternate spelling of cant=jerk.

12 Responses to “Azed 2108/What? No Scots?”

  1. AJK says:

    I understood all the clues except for 18d. Easier than the previous week though.
    Thanks for the blog

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for the puzzle and Andrew for the blog.

    Andrew: I agree with your interpretation on the ones where you have expressed doubt (as well as the ones where you have not). In particular, for 10ac, governer meaning “father” is in Chambers 2011: in the Blandings Castle novels in which he appears, Freddie Threepwood regularly addresses his father Lord Emsworth in this way.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 2: Of course, I meant governor not governer.

  4. Andrew says:

    Pelham, I think you also meant Ilan, not Andrew 😉

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    Andrew@4 : quite right. Apologies to both of you.

  6. ilancaron says:

    @pelham: thanks guv for the PA etymology.

  7. Norman Hall says:

    I understood all the clues except 21ac.

    I discovered that Triton is a Marine Hull Cleaner, which is applied to ships literally as opposed to figuratively.
    …but I don’t know whether this product is particularly well known in the nautical world.

    Also, Triton is a mollusc. Does Triton, like other molluscs, slow down ships, requiring their hulls to be cleaned?

    Is the clue an &lit?

    I didn’t think of Rit. = slowing down, so Azed ‘got me’ anyway.

  8. Chris Weeks says:

    Much more accessible than usual (classical instead of Scots) but for

    28 ac can anyone explain why “sight” means “a great many”?

  9. Paul B says:

    It certainly means ‘great deal’ as in ‘my friend Dinsdale is a sight more afraid of my pet hedgehog Norman than he is of being run over by a herd of mammoths’.

    I don’t see how TRITON can be &lit.

  10. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I found this above average in trickiness for an Azed.
    Possibly caused by Ilan’s reported switch to classical languages. Certainly my last in was ‘iure mariti’.
    Favourite was 12d. Considered 3 meanings for ‘Curry’ but not the fourth.

  11. Chris Weeks says:

    Sight = a great deal.
    Thanks Paul. Not used by me but I see Chambers give it as (inf.) so I should have checked.

  12. Paul B says:

    In Collins too.

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