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Everyman 3447/28 October

Posted by Pierre on November 4th, 2012


Another nicely constructed and accessible puzzle from Everyman.  One or two chestnuts, but – in the UK at least – it’s getting to that chestnutty time of year, and in a puzzle aimed at improving solvers, I don’t think we can cavil at that.




cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) missing


1 Traitor shot by CO, a leader of troops
A charade of TURN for ‘shot’, CO, A and T for the first letter of ‘troops’.

5 Team audibly expressed relief
A homophone (‘audibly’) of ‘sighed’.

7 Finding Italian composer inside ceremonial court
An insertion (‘inside’) of VERDI inside FORMAL for ‘ceremonial’ and CT for ‘court’.

10 Following behind leader in rally
A charade of LATE and R for the first letter of ‘rally’.

11 Generally free
A dd.

12 Sailor man, bruiser at sea
(MAN BRUISER)* with ‘at sea’ as the anagrind.

14 Fine Greek character making cheese there
A charade of F and ETA for one of the letters of the Greek alphabet.

16 Adult feeding toddler perfectly
An insertion (‘feeding’) of A for ‘adult’ in TOT.  Seeing this was the answer, I was minded to dig into the derivation of the phrase.  It’s not clear, but this article seems to offer the best explanation.  (If you’re into words, it’s a great site, btw, and its weekly 17ac is well worth signing up to.)

17 Young landlord brought round second bulletin
An insertion of S for ‘second’ in NEW LETTER.

19 Struggle to survive in desert heat
A charade of RAT for ‘desert’ and RACE for ‘heat’ in its athletic sense.

20 United aware of final in Rome
A charade of IN ON for ‘aware of’ and E for the final letter of RomE.

23 How Monopoly starts, as it always has
A dd.  Referring to the fact that on a Monopoly board, the corner square where all the pieces are placed to begin the game, is labelled ‘go’.

24 Additional matter involving learner driver
An insertion of L for ‘learner driver’ in PUS for ‘matter’.

25 Kirk series open about closure of kirk?
Nothing to do with our Scottish friends and their word for ‘church’.  The long-running and much-loved (by Trekkies anyway) SF series starring Captain James Tiberius Kirk is a charade of START, RE for ‘about’ and K for the last letter of kirK.


1 One seeking damages losing simple argument

2 Rustic artist interrupting canon, endlessly
An insertion of RA for ‘artist’ in RUL[E], for ‘canon’ in its ‘law/rule/principle’ sense.

3 About to drink gin or cobblers
A charade of C for circa (‘about’), LAP for ‘drink’ and TRAP for ‘gin’.  CLAPTRAP is a synonym for ‘balls’, which is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘cobblers’ awls’.

4 Guys during a test drive damaged trailer
An insertion of MEN for ‘guys’ in (A TEST DRIVE)*  ‘Damaged’ is the anagrind.

5 Screen cast, about 50
Another insertion, of L for the Roman numeral 50 in SHIED for ‘cast’.

6 Cleaner put off by toff
This one has been round the block a bit.  A charade of DETER and GENT.

8 Degrade sister, unwisely, in family magazine
(DEGRADE SISTER)* with ‘unwisely’ as the anagrind.

9 Put right about couple
A charade of RE for ‘about’ and PAIR for ‘couple’.

12 Planet could show a change of direction behind sun
Well, there are only nine of them. (Or eight, depending on your point of view; but that would mean that the mnemonic My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets would be redundant, which would be a pity.)  The sixth rock from the sun is a charade of S for that very star and A TURN.

13 Attractive blue Fiat crashed outside university

15 A critical time for one to leave alluring woman with nothing on
According to Mr Dwight’s song:

She packed my bags last night pre-flight
Zero hour nine a.m.
And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then

Everyman’s asking you to take the I out of HOUR[I] (‘any of the virgins of the Muslim paradise, promised as wives to believers’ in the SOED) and then put ZERO for ‘nothing’ before it.  I had to stare at this for a long time before I twigged the parsing.

18 Eminent female, a mostly shy person
A charade of F for ‘female’ and A MOUS[E].

21 The Spanish embarrassed over senior church member
A charade of EL for one of the Spanish words for ‘the’ and a reversal (‘over’) of RED for ‘embarrassed’.

22 Show yellow card to reserve
A dd.

Thanks to Everyman as ever for the accompaniment to the Sunday morning coffee.

5 Responses to “Everyman 3447/28 October”

  1. crosser says:

    Thanks, Pierre, I needed your help in parsing 10a, believe it or not!

  2. Davy says:

    Thanks Pierre,

    Like you I struggled to understand the parsing for ZERO HOUR but finally found houri which I didn’t know.
    A very good surface though and very visual if I may say so. Other surfaces I enjoyed were 6d (DETERGENT)
    and 18d (FAMOUS). Thanks Everyman.

  3. Bamberger says:

    I couldn’t get
    7a where I thought I was looking for a ceremonial court
    5d I would never have got shied =cast

  4. anthony cunningham says:

    Saturn is a gas giant, not a rock :-)

  5. Pierre says:

    Touché, Anthony!

    And crosser, I know what you mean with parsing stuff – sometimes you just go beyond being able to see what it is because your brain (or my brain, such as it is) has led you down some blind alley and refuses to reverse out of it and try to find another way of seeing it.

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