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Independent on Sunday 1184 (28th Oct.) / Hypnos

Posted by Gaufrid on November 4th, 2012


Sorry for the tardy appearance of this post but I only heard a short while ago that the scheduled blogger is away and has no internet access. Fortunately I had twenty minutes to spare whilst my evening meal was cooking so I solved the puzzle myself. Having now eaten, here is my analysis of the clues.

1 RIGGING double def.
5 TOASTER TASTER (sample) around [st]O[re]
9 ON THE BOIL anagram (possibly) of [j]OB IN HOTEL
10 TIGHT TIG (game) HT (high tension)
11 ROSETTE ROSÉ (wine) TT (dry) [tast]E
13 GENUINE GEN (dope) I (one) in UNE (article abroad)
14 CARE ATTENDANT AREA (region) in CT (court) D (director) in TENANT (temporary resident)
17 HEROIC COUPLET anagram (deployed) of PURE CLICHÉ TOO
21 SKITTLE ELS reversed (retired golfer) around KIT (equipment) T (tee)
22 GRUYERE R[elish] in GUY (chap) ERE (before)
23 ESHER hidden in (inspired by) ‘villagE’S HERitage’
24 MARSUPIAL AR (Arab) in an anagram (fancy) of SUM I (one) in PAL (China)
26 SOY BEAN Spoonerism of BOY SEEN (lad witnessed)
27 HAYSEED anagram (awkward) of SAY in HEED (mark)
1 ROOF RACK cryptic def.
2 GUT double def.
3 INERTIA I in an anagram (ill-disciplined) of TRAINE[e]
4 GROVE GOVE (minister) around (restricting) R (rule)
5 TELEGENIC cryptic def.
6 ANTENNA TEN (figure) in (acquired by) ANNA (woman)
7 TAGLIATELLE anagram (fantastic) of ALTA[r] LIT GLEE
8 ROTTEN hidden reversal in ‘baroNET TO Resign’
12 SIR CHRIS HOY anagram (eccentric) of IS RICH HORSY
15 TRIBESMAN TRIES (hears) around B (black) MAN (figure on board)
16 STEEPLED STEEP (difficult) LE[a]D
18 RETIREE RE (on) TIREE (Scottish island)
19 URUGUAY U (refined) RU (game) GUY (rope) around A
20 ASSESS A E (earl) in SS SS (pair of ships)
22 GIRTH mIRTH (delight shown) with m (spymaster) replaced by G (government)
25 ICE ICE[ni] (old tribe leaving province)


One Response to “Independent on Sunday 1184 (28th Oct.) / Hypnos”

  1. allan_c says:

    Nothing too difficult here – thanks, Hypnos and Gaufrid.

    For anyone puzzled by the ‘Cavalier’ reference in 1dn, a Cavalier was a model of Vauxhall car in the UK, last produced in 1995. The Chevrolet Cavalier (a different model) was marketed in North America, production ceasing in 2005.

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