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Guardian Quiptic 677/Beale

Posted by Pierre on November 5th, 2012


In case you think I have been hogging the blog recently, I am standing in again today for Peter O, who as a New York resident has been affected by Sandy.  He is safe and well, but still without power and therefore internet access.  It was no hardship to do the blog this morning, since this is a pleasing Quiptic from Beale, with just one clue where the parsing took me a while to see.

cd  cryptic definition
dd  double definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed


1 Child inclined to sound hesitant at this stage in life
A charade of CH for ‘child’, APT for ‘inclined’ and ER, ‘to sound hesitant’. ‘This stage in life’ is the definition.

5 Plucky girl left before worker
A charade of GAL, L and ANT for ‘worker’.

9 Canoe breaks up in sea
(CANOE)* with ‘breaks up’ as the anagrind.

10 Did away with stepdaughter abroad
You need to separate ‘stepdaughter’ into its two parts.  It’s PHASE for ‘step’, D for ‘daughter’ and OUT for ‘abroad’.

11 Clownish property of foreign aid, pre-cuts
(AID PRE-CUTS)* with ‘foreign’ as the anagrind.

12 Managed to return without a lot
An insertion of A in LED reversed.  ‘Lot’ is the definition.

14 Unpaid support provided during excursion
Another insertion: of STAND in OUTING.

18 Weapon fired erratically down a mound of earth outside
And another: of (DOWN A)* in BARROW.  ‘Erratically’ is the anagrind.  Barrow, ‘a grave mound or tumulus’ (SOED).

21 Finds some pasta meals to be dull
Hidden in pasTA MEals.

22 Rock artist?
A cd.

25 Former piano found in ruined building was still working
An insertion of EX P in (RUINED)* with ‘building’ as the anagrind.

26 Approaches seedy areas to north
I think Beale is suggesting N and EARS, with ‘ears’ of wheat being ‘seedy areas’.

27 Breathe out and have a drink
(BREATHE)* with ‘out’ as the anagrind.

28 Each part of ship is of oriental origin
A charade of EA and STERN.


1 Preference for cold house leads to chill
A charade of C, HO and ICE gives you a synonym for ‘preference’.

2 Ill-disposed towards a piece of poetry
A charade of A and VERSE.

3 Equal number beat time beforehand
A word meaning ‘equal’ is a charade of TAN for ‘beat’, T for ‘time’ and AMOUNT for ‘number’.  ‘Beforehand’ reveals the order of the charade.

4 Brisk run then a swim back
A charade of R, A and DIP reversed.

5 Arena actor pleased at Rio cavorting
Another charade: of GLAD and (AT RIO)* with ‘cavorting’ as the anagrind.

6 Was untruthful about deli?
(DELI)* with ‘about’ as the anagrind.

7 Drivers accept police corruption resulting in personal loss
An insertion of (POLICE)* in AA for the motoring organisation or ‘drivers’.  ‘Corruption’ is the anagrind and ALOPECIA is hair loss, which gets personal when it happens to you.

8 Express disapproval as the final student takes time to get guidance
A charade of TUT for ‘express disapproval’ E for the final letter of thE, L for learner or ‘student’ and AGE for ‘time’.

13 Divided objects cause wavering
A charade of IN TWO for ‘divided’ and MINDS for ‘objects’.

15 Restaurant with alternative atmosphere and ostentatious paintings
Well, with the crossing letters it couldn’t be anything else, but it took me a while to see.  ‘Alternative’ is usually an anagrind; but the setter is using it here as a reversal indicator, which just about works.  So it’s a reversal of AIR (‘atmosphere’), OTT (over the top or ‘ostentatious’) and ART (‘paintings’).

16 A little and often becomes unacceptable
A charade of A BIT for ‘a little’ and MUCH for ‘often’.

17 Following directions I am to carry trunks
A charade of SW for two directions of the compass, I’M and WEAR.  ‘For example’ at the end of the clue might not have gone amiss.

19 Egghead to announce development
A charade of E for the first letter (‘head’) of Egg and STATE.  ‘Development’ is the definition.

20 Agreement with international organisation is working
A charade of UN, IS and ON.

23 Reminder: no escapes from dreadful dungeon!
Beale’s asking you to remove ‘no’ from ‘dungeon’ and then make an anagram.  (DUGEN)*

24 See the point
A dd.

Many thanks to Beale for the puzzle and best wishes to Peter for a speedy return to normal in the Big Apple.

3 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 677/Beale”

  1. Robi says:

    Thanks, Beale; about right for a Quiptic, I thought.

    Thanks Pierre and commiserations to PeterO. I hope things return to normal soon.

    I liked ALOPECIA but ‘alternative’ as a reversal indicator seems a bit rich for a Quiptic. Perhaps ‘reactionary’ or ‘revolutionary’ would have been better.

  2. PeterO says:

    I have not much to add about the crossword, but thanks to all for your kind thoughts, and in particular to Pierre for standing in. After being without power for just a week, it came back at about 1am. this morning. My estimation of the Long Island Power Authority goes up a notch.

  3. Derek Lazenby says:

    When the blogger has to work to understand a word play then the clue shouldn’t be in a Quiptic. Given the final comment @1 one has to suspect the same goes for that clue. Also, stepdaughter isn’t exactly beginner fodder. The black marks start to add up!

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