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Financial Times 14,155 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on November 7th, 2012


Standard stuff from Cinephile.

Of couse the standard set by Cinephile/Araucaria is very high, so it is unfair to expect something extraordinary all the time.  It must be difficult trying to live up to one’s own reputation.

Someone commented here recently that the standard of the FT cryptic has been getting higher and higher in recent months .  I agree, merely ‘very good’ just seems normal these days.

Thank you Cinephile.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 SLEEPYHEAD LEE (shelter) in SPY (notice) HE (man) with A D (daughter)
6 KERB sounds like “curb”, a horse’s bit
9 MARIE LLOYD ARIEL (fairy) in (MY OLD)* play=anagram – Marie Lloyd former music hall star
10 DIVA AVID (greatly wanting) reversed (comeback)
12 THE LAST STRAW STARTS* in WEALTH* (anagrams = ill-gotten and irregular)
15 RENDITION double definition – see extraordinary rendition
17 OCTET ETC (and so on) in TO all reversed – definition is ‘group’
18 SWEAT WE (the poms) SAT (took place) – definition is ‘trouble in Australia’, more commonly seen negated as “no sweat”?
19 BOARDROOM BOAR (pig) meets DOOM (fate) including (taking in) R (royal)
20 VARIABLENESS (ABRASIVE LENS)* anagram=operating
24 RAGE double definition
25 UNDER OFFER (FOUND FREER)* anagram=option
26 EDAM MADE (produced) reversed (in recession)
27 BEHIND HAND definition/cryptic definition
1 SUMP SUM (all) P (piano, quiet) – a ‘well’ can mean a low place where oil is collected, in a car engine for example
2 EARL nEARLy (middle of)
3 PRECHRISTIAN anagram (disturbed) of HIS PARTNER I (first, eg Charles I) and C (century) – definition is BC
4 HALAL HAL (prince, Henry V) coming before A L (student) – food approved under Islamic law
5 ABYSSINIA ABYSS (chasm) IN I (island) follwed by A – former name for Ethiopia
7 EMIGRATION (INTO MIRAGE)* anagram=turning
8 BEAR WITH ME definition/cryptic definition
11 AS GOOD AS GOLD definition/cryptic definition
13 GRASS VERGE GRASS (tell) VERGE (rod, staff of office)
14 INTERREGNA IN and TERRE (land, foreign=French) maGNAte (some of) – an interregnum is a period between two reigns, temporary government. I am a little dubious about ‘some’ meaning ‘pick an arbitrary group of letters from the middle of a word’ but the objection is more on principal than in practice here.
16 IMBALANCE (AN ALEMBIC)* anagram=maybe – definition is ‘lopsidedness’ and also sort of &lit. In case you were wondering (like me) an alembic is an old fashioned type of distilling aperatus
21 NAEVI NAE (no, Scots) and VI (six, Roman numeral) – plural of nevus, a pigmented spot on the skin
22 OFFA OF FA (footballers) – Offa of Mercia, medieval king
23 GRID inGRID (girl) missing in=home


3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,155 by Cinephile”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee and Cinephile

    This was very enjoyable and I have never been disappointed by this setter whatever pseudonym he uses.

    9a had me pondering Peri and Mab before the anagram jumped out at me.

  2. Michael Gwinnell says:

    Thanks for decrypting some of the clues which had me stumped.
    Re 14D, interregna is of course the plural of interregnum – the clue refers to vacancies plural.
    Particularly enjoyed 12A and 11D which caused me to smile.
    We had 17A OCTET with a very similar clue in Araucaria No. 25,777 19A two weeks ago, which is a bit of a swizz…

  3. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Michael, fixed now.

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