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Enigmatic Variations 1042 Tempting Fate by Samuel

Posted by twencelas on November 10th, 2012


Seven unclued entries, 18 with extra letters in the wordplay, one clued without definition and quite a convoluted preamble as to how the unclued entries are derived. Would I be tempting fate by saying its sounds straight forward?

The answer is, not at all. A relatively straight forward EV from Samuel with an educational twist, for me anyway.

Nothing overly tricky clue wise with the extra letters yielding THE CURSE OF THE NINTH – which was not something I was familiar with, but with a number of composers fitting into the unclued entries, I soon discovered that it “is the belief that a “ninth symphony” is destined to be a composer’s last; i.e. that he or she will be “fated” to die after writing it, or before completing a “tenth”.” Extracted from the sprinkler of all knowledge Wikipedia. for those interested in more facts about the curse.

Schubert, Vaughan Williams (one member occupying 2 grid entries), Mahler, Bruckner, Dvorak and Beethoven being the 6 members.

The un defined clue proved to be (Alexander) Glazunov, who completed the first movement of his Ninth but worked on it no further for the 26 more years he lived – so he avoided TEMPTING FATE.

That left one further unclued entry to be entered cryptically TENTH SYMPHON (i.e an unfinished tenth symphony). Many thanks Samuel for a fun puzzle with a nice piece of education thrown in.

Key * Anagram, DD Double Definition, Rev. Reverseed, Underline (definition)

T 6 Scots reveal metal mass (4)
  DD Ingot and INGO
  10 Powder uncovered dark carriage (7)
  Dark – dk (uncovered) + aroba (carriage) = ARAROBA
H 14 Dismay friend after accident (5)
  Hap (accident) + pal (friend) = APPAL
E 16 Place between Bury and American university from the east (8)
  Inter (bury) + rev. Yale (American university) = INTERLAY
  17 Run from whitewash in The Open (3)
  Rout (whitewash) – r (run) = OUT
C 18 Frenzied interjections start to exult one from singers (5)
  E (start to exult) + voices (singers) – I (one) = EVOES
  20 Forbid non-smoker’s proclamation ahead of match (5)
  Ban (forbid) + ns (non smoker) = BANNS (as in wedding)
  23 Time traveller deserted wife overcome by Greek character (5, 2 words)
  D (deserted) + rho (greek character) around w (wife) = DR WHO
U 26 US have arranged sign for Hebrews (5)
  (us have)* = SHEVA
R 28 Rave about bay in Shetland … (3)
  (rave)* = VAE
  30 … at the very moment when American inside quits (6, 2 words)
  Evens(quits) around a (American) = EVEN AS
S 32 Strive haphazardly to fix (5)
  (strive)* = RIVET
  33 Softly chatter , chatter (7)
  P (softly) + rattle (chatter) = PRATTLE
  35 Literary heroine without daughter ran inside for ornament (7)
  Bled (ran) – d (daughter) in Emma (literary heroine) = EMBLEMA
E 36 Knowingly empty sheltered strait (4)
  Ky (knowingly empty) + lee (sheltered) = KYLE
  1 French region defaced visa containing old initial of envoy (6)
  (visa)* around o (old) + e (initial of envoy) = SAVOIE
O 2 Criticise Homer assaulting Bart initially (4)
  Cor (homer) + a + b (assaulting bart initially) = CRAB
F 3 Leaders of house abandon future to note high fashion (7, 2 words)
  H + a (Leaders of house abandon ) + fut (future) + to + n (note) = HAUT TON
T 4 Exclamation to startle the two? (3)
  DD Both (the two) BOH
H 5 Colt from farm fled (3)
  Ranch (farm) = c (colt) = RAN
  7 Knight advanced to stab German lacking bygone ceremonial garment (6)
  N (knight) + a (advanced) + prong (stab) – g (german) = NAPRON
  8 Cover missing English peacekeepers on 5 (8)
  Glaze (cover) – e + un (peacekeepers) + o (on) + v (five) = GLAZUNOV
E 9 Bear grudge once obstructed singular young fliers (6)
  Owe (bear grudge) + let (obstructed once) + s (singular) = OWLETS
  11 Christian finally leaving flat has false gods (5)
  Banal (flat) – n (Christian finally) + s (has) = BAALS
  12 Road around loch’s excellent for Cameron (4)
  Way (road) around l (loch) = WALY
  13 European Parliament had epic broadcast about the weather (9)
  Ep (european parliament) + (had epic) * =EPEDAPHIC
  15 Dance about Zambia in a state of confusion (4)
  Hay (dance) around z (zambia) = HAZY
  19 Lynn, perhaps, incorporated town honesty (8)
  Vera (Lynn) + city (incorporated town) = VERACITY
  21 Swindle poor, mostly (4)
  Skint (poor) – t = SKIN
  22 Encourage to listen to cardinal (7)
  Hear (listen) + ten (cardinal) = HEARTEN
N 24 Congested city’s harmful for insect (6)
  Wen (congested city) + evil (harmful) = WEEVIL
I 25 Startle wing on edge (5)
  Ala (wing) + rim (edge) = ALARM
  27 Sergeant-Major’s trapped in ramshackle area rubbed over in the past (6)
  Sm in (area)* = ASMEAR
N 29 Weak people departed slowly at first (4)
  Went (departed) + s (slowly at first) = WETS
  31 Egyptian dancer’s embraced by coal merchant … (4)
  Hidden coALMErchant = ALME
T 33 … according to impudent person (3)
  DD Pert (Impudent person) PER
H 34 Bach composed the basics (3)
  (bach)* = ABC


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