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Azed 2109

Posted by duncanshiell on November 11th, 2012


This was a standard Azed competition puzzle in that all the clues were normal, except for the one entry that has to be clued by competitiors withm their submissions.




I found this more difficult that some Azeds that I have solved recently.  I didn’t get that many entries on the first pass through the clues and had to do a bit of dictionary research when trying to build up solutions from the wordplay.

There is one clue where I don’t understand the wordplay fully – 6 down HADJ.  For the others, I think I have got the parsing right. Afternote: No, I haven’t, see below for the correct parsing of BAKKIE.  There were quite a few entries that were completely new to me.  I sometimes wonder how many of these words Azed himself really knows before he sets a puzzle, or whether he just trawls the dictionary to find suitable words for cluing.  I have no doubt though that his basic vocabulary is very wide ranging.

There were a number of clues that I thought were very good, e.g. those for OSMOTIC, LONELY, DENDROLATRY [with its clue reference to the Forest of Arden], REPRISED [where the use of ‘bottles’ as the container indicator was good misdirection] and TOUCHÉ [given the use of the term in the sport of fencing].

No. Clue Wordplay Entry



Steeped in liquor, or (put another way) bathed in asti (12)


Anagram of (put another way) BATHED IN ASTI


ABSINTHIATED (impregnated with absinth [a bitter green aniseed flavoured liquer]; steeped in liquor)




German area has a following, one of the rubberneck variety? (6)


GAU (a territorial district of ancient Germany; [under the Nazi regime)], a German political district; German area) + PER (for each or a)


GAUPER (variant spelling of [one of the variety] GAWPER [one who gapes stupidly or rudely]; rubbernecker)




Not at all religious by the sound of it (4)


NONE (sounds like [by the sound of it] NUN [female member of a religious order])


NONE (not at all)




Bill tucking into jars adjusts by degrees (8)


AD (advert; bill) contained in (tucking into) GRATES (jars)


GRADATES (arranges [adjusts] according to grades or degrees)




Aussie braggart responsible for fifth item in comedy revue? (5)


SKIT (satirical sketch in dramatic or literary form; comedy revue) + E (denoting the fifth – A, B, C, D, E….)


SKITE (boastful person [braggart] in Australia)




Wooden spear made fun of, one character moving out of position (6)


JEREED (JEERED (made fun of) with the second E moving beyond the R [one character moving out of position])


JEREED (a wooden Oriental javelin; wooden spear)




Beer can pub kept within limit (6)


INN (pub) contained in (kept within) TIE (restrict; limit)


TINNIE (beer can, chiefly in Australia and New Zealand)




Waterway so lacking in moderation (4)


REASON (moderation) excluding (lacking) SO


REAN (ditch or watercourse)




Irrigation supervisor – Jan being unusual there’s nothing around (7)


ZERO (nothing) containing (around) an anagram of (being unusual) JAN


ZANJERO (someone who superintends the distribution of water in irrigation canals. A word used in Latin America)




Worried MOs returned quickly, concerned with liquid absorption (7)


Anagram of (worried) MOS + (CITO [quickly {Latin term}] reversed [returned])


OSMOTIC (concerned with liquid absorption)




Marque propeller shorn of outer parts (4)


OPEL (letters remaining in PROPELLER when the letters PR and LER at the extremities of the word are removed [shorn of outer parts])


OPEL (brand [marque] of car)




Flowering shrub in side of road, not British, breeze bent back (6)


KERB (pavement edge; side of the road) excluding (not) B (British) + (AIR [breeze] reversed [bent back])


KERRIA (a plant genus comprising a single species, the deciduous yellow-flowering shrub, Jew’s mallow; flowering shrub




Nasty lump, hard, stuck in malfunctioning spout (6)


H (hard [on lead pencils]) contained in (stuck in) an anagram of (malfunctioning) SPOUT


TOPHUS (a gouty deposit, a hard nodule formed of sodium biurate crystals in soft body tissue; nasty lump)




Local nearest one in place of residence (5)


I (one) contained in (in) NEST (place of residence)


NEIST (dialectical [local] form of NIGHEST [nearest])




Densely covered with trees (8)


This is an AZED competition puzzle and this is the word that has to be clued by contestants – hence no wordplay


THICKETY (densely covered with trees)




I’ve written off letter for girl (4)


MISSIVE (letter) excluding (written off) I’VE


MISS (form of address for a girl)




Getting drunk artist imbibes, missing company (6)


LELY (reference Sir Peter LELY [1618 – 1680], an artist  of Dutch origin who spent much of his life in Britain) containing (imbibes) ON (getting drunk)


LONELY (uncomfortably conscious of being alone; missing company)




Northerner maybe hitched round east?  Lots quitting south (12)


(YANKED [hitched] containing [round] E) + OODLES (lots) excluding (quitting) S (South)


YANKEE-DOODLE (in America, a citizen of the New England States, or an inhabitant of the northern United States; northener)





SA truck returns possibly, by the sound of it (6)


BAKKIE (sounds like (by the sounds of it) BACKY or BACKIE, neither of which seem to be words in Chambers.  If they were they would presumably (possibly) mean ‘something that comes back or returns’) Afternote: Thanks to Andrew at comment 3 below for showing that the homophone is BACCY (tobacco) and ‘returns’ can be defined as a light coloured mild tobacco.


BAKKIE (a South African pickup truck)




Family calling around independent SA country (8)


SURNAME (family name; family calling) containing (around) I (independent)


SURINAME (a country in northern South America [SA])




Marine worm that is wrapped up in anorak (6)


IE (id est; that is) reversed (up) contained in (wrapped … in) NERD (a clumsy, foolish, socially inept, feeble, unathletic, irritating or unprepossessing person, although often (eg in computers) knowledgeable  Anorak can be defined in a similar way to NERD)


NEREID (a marine polychaete worm)




Crime zone involved in attack afflicting brain and bones (8)


(RAPE [example of a crime] + Z [zone]) contained in (in) TIA (transient ischaemic attack; temporary disruption of blood supply to the brain)


TRAPEZIA (bones of the wrist articulating with the thumb metacarpal)




Pilgrimage: if alien — initially it would turn to plane (4)


I’m a bit baffled by the wordplay here.  I am guessing that ‘alien initially’ is probably ET.  If you add ET to J you get JET which is a plane.  Then I’m still left with the HAD part, but I can’t relate that to ‘it would turn to’.  No doubt I am being extremely thick and someone commenting on the blog will come up with a blindingly obvious explanation. Afternote: sidey at comment 1 below has come up with the much more sensible interpretation that if ET HAD J in front of it, it would be a plane.


HADJ (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca)




Like Oenone’s ‘mother’, one Danae ruined? (6)


Anagram of (ruined) (A [one] and DANAE)


IDAEAN (In Tennyson’s poem OENONE, there is a line "Dear mother IDA, harken ere I die".  IDAEAN can therefore be inferred as being like OENONE‘s mother)




Body cavities rapacious female freed from MP’s embrace (5)


MANTRAP (a woman who takes a mischevious pleasure in attracting and acquiring men; rapacious female) excluding the first and last letters MP (freed from MP’s embrace)


ANTRA (anatomical cavities; body cavities)




Dry up in Shakespeare being before listener (6)


ENS (being) + EAR (listener)


ENSEAR (Shakesperean word for ‘dry up’)




Old Arden’s transformed with effort — it must make forest visit seem like heaven! (11)


Anagram of (transformed) OLD ARDEN + TRY (effort)


DENDROLATRY (worship of trees; someone who indulges in DENDROLATRY will no doubt think a visit to a forest is like going to heaven)




Chatter, tense over dissection of my torso in abdominal surgery (11)


GAS (chatter) + T (tense) + an anagram of (dissection of) MY TORSO


GASTROSTOMY (the making of an opening to introduce food into the stomach; abdominal surgery)




Support considered in hearing for South African rustic (8)


BACK (support) + VELD (sounds like [in hearing] FELT [considered])


BACKVELD (South African term for rustic)




Some wine bottles captivated, being brouight out again (8)


RED (reference RED wine; some wine) containing (bottles) ÉPRIS (captivated)


REPRISED (brought out again)




Cos being ploughed, island turned up part of Ionic column (6)


Anagram of (being ploughed) COS + AIT (island) reversed (turned up; down clue)


SCOTIA (a concave moulding especially at the base of an Ionic column)




Am cut from side — that hurts, penetrating — you got me there! (6)


OUCH (that hurts!) contained in (penetrating) (TEAM [side] excluding [cut from)] AM )


TOUCHÉ (acknowledging a hit in fencing, or a point scored in argument; you got me there!)




Old Hindu babu repeated nothing (6)


GENT (BABU is defined as a title for Hindus in some parts of India corresponding to Mr; a gentlerman) + (O [nothing] + O [nothing]; repeated nothing)


GENTOO (historically [old] a Hindu)




Yesterday’s condiment I’ll see in a pickle (6)


Anagram of (in a pickle) I’LL SEE


EISELL (an obsolete [yesterday’s] word for vinegar; condiment)




Now his kitchen is stocked with this … it has many uses there (5)


WHISK (hidden word in [is stocked with] NOW HIS KITCHEN)


WHISK (a small hand-held utensil for beating or whisking eggs, etc,  that has many uses in the kitchen)




Scots dog, last to harass local cattle (4)


S (last letter of [last to] HARASS) + KYE ([Scottish word for] cows; cattle)


SKYE (reference SKYE terrier; a small long-haired Scotch terrier; Scots dog)


7 Responses to “Azed 2109”

  1. sidey says:

    6d, I wrote this down as it made me laugh. If everyone’s favourite alien ET [had J] initially, it would become JET, a plane.

    I thought this was Azed at his best.

  2. Norman Hall says:

    Is anyone fully satisfied by the way they have parsed 2 down (BAKKIE)?
    I’m not.

  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks Duncan. The homophone in 2d is of “baccy” (tobacco), and “returns” is “a light-coloured mild tobacco”.

  4. duncanshiell says:

    Thanks to sidey @ 1 and Andrew @ 3 for pointing out my errors and omissions. Their suggestions make far more sense than my rather weak attempts for those two clues.

  5. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I solved 1ac immediately which did rather open the top half;but not enough to spoil the usual challenge.
    Last in was ‘reprised’ and I failed to parse ‘bakkie’ (thanks

  6. RCWhiting says:

    In the Chambers entry for ‘return’ what does “(orig. refuse)” mean?

  7. sidey says:

    Possibly it was thrown away before the invention of cigarettes.

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