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Thanks for the latest S&B in Derby

Posted by jetdoc on November 11th, 2012


Sorry I couldn’t be with you in Derby, everyone. I hear it was an excellent day.

I have also created this thread by request, so that thanks from people who were there can be made public.

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  1. allan_c says:

    It certainly was an excellent day. Thank you to K’s D (aided and abetted by Eileen) for a very enjoyable event.

  2. Liz Geear says:

    Many,many thanks to Peter, Eileen and all who helped in arranging another great Derby Day. Also thanks to the many distinguished setters who graced our tables with their wit and humour (and puzzles). Thanks also to Nimrod for the quiz and a big big hug to Eric Westbrook who touched our hearts and wallets in equal meassure.
    Hope to see you all again soon (and next time I will just pay the full fare). Long story!

  3. Raich says:

    Yes, another excellent day – many thanks to K’s D (with Eileen’s help) for organising it. Great to meet so many bloggers, setters and solvers, many for the first time.

    Tks to Nimrod for the quiz also.

  4. Bertandjoyce says:

    Many thanks to K’s D (and Eileen) for an enjoyable get-together. The good buzz around the room throughout the lunch says it all!

    It was really good to meet more setters. Whether it’s age or just the way we learn, Bert and I find it very difficult sometimes to put together (and remember) all the names/pseudonyms of setters as well as their puzzles. As soon as we have a face to put in the mix it all seems to fall into place. So….. our apologies for not instantly recognising some of the people we met yesterday. It certainly isn’t because we don’t enjoy your puzzles!

    So, hopefully K’s D will organise more of events like this in the not too distant future! Thanks again!

    Sorry Nimrod that we missed your quiz. Is it available please?

  5. Paul B says:

    Any incriminating photographs jetdoc?

  6. Eileen says:

    Please – stop it! As I’ve said, several times, my only contribution to these occasions is to nag Peter to fix a date!

    Huge thanks to him for the organisation and to everyone for coming. We missed some old friends, who would have loved to be there [including you, Jane, of course – and thanks for starting this] but, as Raich says, made several new ones.

    I shall continue to nag so that it won’t be too long before the next one! ;-)

  7. jetdoc says:

    B&J great to meet you…if you’d like the weekly quiz, it’s circulated every week, usually Tuesday morning.

    Just get involved! Use my mail under the weekly IQ.

    As someone said to me at the do, it’s not quite the same now that we know you two are not actually called Bert and Joyce.


    John, from Jane’s whatd’yecallit xx

  8. NeilR says:

    As one of the new faces, may I add my thanks to K’s D for the organisation, and to all friends old and new for a very enjoyable day – a good fippence worth (and a lot more!!)

  9. Jan says:

    Thank you so much, Peter (and Eileen for nagging – keep it up!). It was yet another delightful occasion. It’s so lovely to see old and new faces. Those who couldn’t make it were missed.

  10. Kathryn's Dad says:

    You’re all very welcome. It’s always a great afternoon where we can catch up with the ‘regulars’ and meet some new folk as well. And if only Eileen would stop nagging me, it would be no effort at all to organise …

    Paul B at no 5: what on earth can you mean? We don’t do incriminating in Derby; it’s all smooth, suave and sophisticated, dahling. Well, it starts off at 1230 that way, but by 1900 in The Brunswick …

    … at which time a well-known setter made a place for himself in the history books during John H’s quiz by immediately naming all the five singers of Girls Aloud before any other member of his team could get a word in edgeways. Other members have since confirmed that his knowledge of the band comes from the fact that he thought they were called Girls Allowed, so his interest in them may have been misconstrued.

    I couldn’t possibly say who he was, but (RUSTY)* will give you a not very cryptic clue.

    Thanks to all for coming, I had a great day myself.

  11. Gervase says:

    Another great day in Derby and an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. Many thanks to K’s D (and Eileen for the highly effective nagging). More please!

    I got a text from Arachne (Anarche) on the day, sending her love to all, but especially the organisers. She would have loved to be with us, but was on her way to Spain – and having some problems with diverted planes.

    (BTW, I was on the same quiz team as *(RUSTY) and can vouch for his uncanny knowledge.)

  12. kruger says:

    I’m having great difficulty accessing this site at the moment (VERY slow response times) so this is my 2nd attempt at posting a comment. Apologies if the 1st suddenly appears as well as this one.

    A great day. My thanks to all – especially K’s D and those with whom I shared a table at both the Waterfall and Brunswick. Also to John H for his enlightening and entertaining quiz. I’m afraid (but secretly relieved) to say that my knowledge of Girls Aloud/Allowed was absolutely zero. I am, however, delighted to have been informed that Cheryl is apparently a very canny Geordie lass.

    Advice for Liz : read the small print on the ticket!!

  13. Rusty* says:

    Yes, many thanks to K’s D and Eileen for another very enjoyable day.

    All I’ll say about the quiz is that we modern setters pride ourselves on being au fait with popular ‘culture’.

  14. kruger says:

    Re Rusty @ 13 : and you have undoubtedly done so!!

  15. Sil van den Hoek says:

    I can only echo all the positive comments, so also from me a huge thanks to Kathryn’s Dad (and to … oh no, no)!

    Happy to hear that some Old Warriors learnt a new word …. :)
    Even happier to have met the Future of Crosswords – surely a bright future.

    Thanks to John H for the quiz. At least I knew Pink Floyd, Cheryl Cole (but not the others) and Ronald Reagan, but apart from those I mainly had to rely on Peter B. [we were only a group of two, so I think our points should have been doubled :)].

    I started the day with a severe headache, but it was gone by 7pm.
    This terrific day must have been the right medicine …..

  16. andy says:

    Great day, thanks to Kathryns Dad and Eileen for organising, really appreciated. And to John for the quiz.

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