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Independent 8137 by Quixote

Posted by NealH on November 12th, 2012


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

A fairly standard Quixote, mostly easy but with a couple of clues that held me up a little.

1 Castor: Cast + Or (gold, yellow colour). Castor was an unknown word to me, but is a type of fur hat.
4 Advanced: Van + CE in a DD (Doctor of Divinity).
10 Traversed: Verse in trad.
11 Aston: Not completely sure if this is a simple charade (as + ton) or more of a DD (when fashionable people can be seen = as ton).
12 Re-enact: (A recent)*.
13 Extract: Extra (cricket) + ct (court).
14 Contemporaries: Contemp[t] + OR + Aries.
17 Shrewsbury Town: Rubs< in newsworthy*. Perhaps not the world's most famous football club, but a well-worked clue.
21 Angelic: A n(ew) + gel + IC (in charge).
23 Strophe: Strop + HE (high explosive).
24 Sharp: Sh + ARP (Air Raid Precautions, as in ARP wardens during WWII).
25 Character: Char + act + ER.
26 Listener: (Let siren)*.
27 Merlot: Me + rot around l(itres).
1 Cataract: Cat + act around a r(iver).
2 Snake in the grass: (Agent rakishness)*.
3 Operate: Opera + ET<.
5 Dodge: Go[a]ded*.
6 Adaptor: Apt in road*.
7 Cottage Hospital: (Pathologic state)*.
8 Donate: Definition=give. Description of what academic did at college meal = don ate. Very good surface reading.
9 Isotopes: I + so + topes.
15 Rousseau: I can’t see this and only got it from the def and crossing letters – “French painter has stuff in the bottom drawer, not the top”.
16 Unlearnt: Un[c]le + rant*.
18 Eclipse: Clips in [r]ee[l].
19 Yardage: (EG + a dray)<.
20 Vassal: Ass in lav<.
22 Cache: C(old) + ache.

10 Responses to “Independent 8137 by Quixote”

  1. flashling says:

    Thanks Neal, I took 15d as (T)ROUSSEAU (not the top.

  2. allan_c says:

    Thanks, Quixote and Neal. Nothing too taxing for a Monday morning.

    I think 11ac is a simple charade. It doesn’t make sense (to me at any rate) as a DD. It might if it was ‘where’ instead of ‘when’, but then it wouldn’t work as a charade.

    I’m with flashling on 15dn. A trousseau is the clothes, linen, etc collected by a bride before her marriage (definition from Collins) and traditionally kept in a bottom drawer somewhere.

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Perfect it seemed, everything just right. But it all seemed very easy (so I can imagine some people being unhappy with it), although I had to go to a dictionary for castor, which isn’t in the list of hats in the Chambers Crossword Dictionary.

    It struck me at the time that ET is hardly an old film, but perhaps that’s just a sign of age.

  4. Dormouse says:

    Exactly right for me. Did most of it on a train from Nottingham this morning. Finally had time to pick up the paper again a few minutes ago and the final three fell out immediately.

  5. BertandJoyce says:

    We had the same thoughts as Wil @3 about ET. We tend to think of ‘old’ films as black and white and usually pre 1950s! Must be our age as well.

    Dormouse – we were also on the train from Nottingham this morning but only started the crossword this evening.

    Last one in was STROPHE – never heard of it and we needed electronic assistance unfortunately.

    Thanks to the Don and also to NealH for the blog.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    What everybody else said, really. CASTOR is French for ‘beaver’, so that sealed it for me when I understood the wordplay.

  7. Dormouse says:

    B&J@5 It wasn’t the 10:28 was it? And I presume you weren’t at Novacon 42 (an SF convention)?

  8. Flashling says:

    @Dormouse, I assume you know my fellow Pyromaniac Martin Hoare and Novacon stalwart then?

  9. BertandJoyce says:

    Dormouse – nothing so exciting we are afraid!

  10. Dormouse says:

    Indeed, I’ve been on a convention committee with Martin.

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