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Financial Times By IO

Posted by PeeDee on 14th November 2012


I am in the embarassing position of being unable to finish this one.  All sorted now, thanks to all that chipped in.  Very tough to finish!

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Guardian 25,793 / Boatman

Posted by Eileen on 14th November 2012


I found this hard going, mostly in the parsing department. If it had been a Saturday puzzle [which it could well have been] I might have got there in the end but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. As it is, I don’t think I’ve ever left so many gaps in the explanations, so there’s plenty of scope for audience participation today! [Perhaps it’s time for me to ‘step aside’, as they say these days. ;-) ]

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Independent 8,139 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 14th November 2012


It’s Wednesday today and Dac is occupying his usual slot.

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Inquisitor 1254: ALIKE by Ferret

Posted by Hihoba on 14th November 2012


Ferret’s only previous crossword in this series was 1213 earlier this year – Twenty blocks and twenty bars – and the rubric mentioned 90 degree symmetry. This time it was the more conventional 180 degree symmetry involved, but with a splendid twist which made this a most unusual grid. So thanks to Ferret for a very clever offering. The grid must have been very difficult to compile!

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