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Financial Times By IO

Posted by PeeDee on November 14th, 2012


I am in the embarassing position of being unable to finish this one.  All sorted now, thanks to all that chipped in.  Very tough to finish!

Maybe I have entered a mistake in the grid, maybe I am being very dumb, but I can’t even come up with some reasonable  guesses to the missing answers.  Can anyone help please?

1 PRATFALL To desert female in cloak is a humiliating blunder (8)
RAT (to desert) F (female) in PALL (cloak)
5, 10 UNITED STATES Unsteadiest manoeuvres: about time for political power (6,6)
UNSTEADIEST* about T (time)
9 IMBRICES Compiler is taking scribe out on the tiles (8)
I’M (the comiler is) taking SCRIBE* (out=anagram) – overlapping tiles
10 See 5
12, 13 CHRISTIAN NAMES Handles anarchists blown up with mines (9,5)
(ANARCHISTS MINES)* anagram=blown up – handles are names.  There are too many letter Ss in this solution.  I can’t see what else it would be.
14 See 21
16 TOOTSIE The legend of the nursery? (7)
cryptic definition – a tootsie is babytalk for toe,found at the LEG END
19 HOLY COW The way to host Olympics? MP is hiding expression of shock (4,3)
HOW (the way) including OLYmpiCs with MP IS missing (hiding) – definition is ‘expression of shock’
21, 14 AIRSPACE Step on affectation of superiority, creating atmosphere (8)
PACE (step) on AIRS (affectation of superiority)
24, 25 CHARM OFFENSIVE What attracts people to Lincolnshire and Norfolk? The writer’s strategy for seduction! (5,9)
CHARM OF FENS (what attracts people to Lincolnshire and Norfolk) I’VE (the writer has)
27, 29 MISTLE THRUSH Berry-loving singer adjusting The Smiths’ URL (6-6)
(THE SMITHS URL)* anagram=adjusting
28 FULL STOP The point of sentencing? (4,4)
cryptic definition
29 See 27
30 ETHYLENE Dine out with one near Henley, going west for a gas (8)
EaT (dine) with A (one) taken out next to (near) HENLEY* anagram=going west
1, 2 PRINCE ALBERT Consort once a singer on bridge (6,6)
PRINCE (the singer formerly known as…) and the ALBERT bridge conencting Chelsea and Battersea – Queen Victoria’s prince consort
3, 15 FAITS ACCOMPLIS Performed acts of capitalism? Civil Service briefly dissents (5,9)
anagram of OF CAPITALISM and CS (Civil Service, briefly) dissents=anagram – definition is ‘performed acts’
4 LEE SIDE Needing area of respite, one in Yorkshire city finally turns east (3,4)
I (one) in LEEDS (final letters two letters turning round) with E (east)
6, 26 NOT ON YOUR NELLY No way to rely only on UN distribution (3,2,4,5)
(TO RELY ONLY ON UN)* – definition is ‘no way’
7 TOTEMIST Carry veil over venerated individual (8)
TOTE (carry) on top of (over) MIST (veil)
8 DISASTER Crack force tried under duress to get over calamity (8)
TRIED* (anagram=under duress) to surround (to get over) SAS (crack force)
11 See 20
15 See 3
17 THE COMET Times covering the City breaking in old jet airliner (3,5)
EC (postal code for The City, area London) going inside (breaking) HOME (in) all in TT (time, two of) – the DH Comet, the first modern jet airliner.  I am not totally sure about this one, I would have called it the ‘DH Comet’ not ‘The Comet’.
18 CLEANSER One wanting to get pure tends to enter church religiously at the outset (8)
LEANS (tends) entering CE (church, of England) R (first letter of religiously)
20, 11 WHODUNIT Supergroup’s component part having died a death needs investigation here (8)
WHO (supergroup) and UNIT (component part) having D (death) in front – defintion is ‘death needs investigatoin here’.
21 AT FAULT Rightly taking the blame visiting San Andreas? (2,5)
definition and cryptic definition
22, 23 LITTLE PEOPLE The Minutemen? (6,6)
cryptic definition, minute=tiny
26 See 6


10 Responses to “Financial Times By IO”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    You and me both PeeDee, but 16 is tootsie

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Hi PeeDee


  3. crypticsue says:

    I still have one more to get but…
    19a is I think HOLY COW but I am not entirely sure why
    3d is FAITS ACCOMPLIS – it is an anagram of acts of capitalism without ATS. Don’t understand the rest of the wordplay
    20d might be WHODUNIT – WHO (supergroup) D (death) and UNIT (component part)

    According to Crossword Solver (I was getting desperate by that point!) the only word that goes with those checking letters is TROUSSE which is a small case for implements??

    I had already solved one crossword this morning where I wondered if I had lost the ability to solve cryptic crosswords, and there are parts of this one which make me think I probably have. Thanks to PeeDee (any space left in the darkened room?) and to Io for making me work really hard. Some entertaining clues in there but some mystifying ones too.

  4. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Conrad. What is the explanation?

  5. Conrad Cork says:

    Hi PeeDee

    It’s an old trick, using legend when you mean leg end.

    Something is afoot!

  6. PeeDee says:

    Can anyone explain 12,13 across? Is it a mistake by IO?

  7. PeeDee says:

    And in the struggle to get a solution out I forgot to thank IO, thank you IO.

  8. crypticsue says:

    PeeDee@6 – I think there are definitely too many S’s but as it was a fairly obvious anagram/solution without having to write the letters down on paper, it is probably one of those things you only notice when you are the person who has to explain it all.

  9. rowland says:

    Yes, a mistake.


  10. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Started this puzzle last Wednesday, but didn’t get very far – lack of time and concentration to get into it.
    Today I had another go at it and, although I needed quite a few times the help of dictionaries, I managed to solve the crossword except one (21ac,14).
    Yes, IO (or the editor or the typographer) made a mistake but 12ac was clear enough eventually.
    Unfortunately, I also made a mistake by carelessly filling in MY FAULT at 21d. So blocking me from finding AIRSPACE – my fault indeed.

    It was a very hard puzzle, but not as impenetrable as this setter can be (in all his disguises).
    Actually, I liked it very much.
    Hard, but clever and fair.

    I really liked 24, 25: ‘charm of fens’ – very nice.
    On the other hand, I don’t see why The Who is a ‘supergroup’. Supergroups were in the late 60s, early 70s bands in which members of existing bands joined together (like Blind Faith with Clapton and Winwood).

    Thank you PeeDee for your efforts despite experiencing a nightmare.
    I think 21d is not a cryptic definition: AT (visiting) + FAULT (San Andreas, definition by example hence the question mark).

    Since nobody mentioned it, IO did put a lot of thought in filling the grid.
    All four 9+5 (or 5+9) entries are symmetrically placed.
    And in all four corners we have 6+6 solutions.
    Quite nice.

    Despite the mistake, a really good crossword.
    [perhaps I would have said something very different if had to do this one on the Tube]

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