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Financial Times no.14,162 by Jason

Posted by Ringo on November 15th, 2012


My commitments to a girlfriend in California and a Test Match in India mean that I’m either up late or up early, depending on your perspective. In any event, I’m here and blogging before the real-life pink ‘uns have even hit the news-stands.

Jason is a new setter for me, I think. I can’t say this puzzle drove me wild with excitement – a few too many hoary old chestnuts, thoughtlessly deployed – but several nice touches and, aside from the one or two clues I struggled to parse, no real complaints.


1. SEAWATER  Anagram of wet areas

5. SMACKS  M [Monsieur] within sacks [fires]

9. AMPHIBIA  Cryptic definition, I suppose?  The Latin translates as by sea, by land, and some members of the order amphibia croak…

10. ESTEEM  Es [French – and therefore Parisian – for are] + teem [burst at the seams]

12. PERSEVERE  Per [a, as in tuppence a bag] + severe [stern]

13. YOKEL  Yoke [yolk, what’s inside egg – I don’t see how the non-standard spelling is justified] + l(ust) 

14. CHAT  C [circa, about] + hat [bowler]

16. PRESENT  P [pawn] + resent [object to]

19. INFERNO  N [indefinite number] within anagram of on fire

21. RASP  (G)rasp [get]

24. EMEND  Men [(chess) pieces] within ed [editor]

25. ARMISTICE  Reversal of its within anagram of Crimea

27. CADDIE  Cad [rat] + die [go west] – ‘help’ seems a rather broad definition

28. MANIFEST  Man [bloke] + I + Fe [chemical symbol of iron] + st [stumped, in cricket]

29. DIRGES  Reversal of s [society] + e.g. [for example] + rid [free]

30. RECENTLY  Cent [brass, money] within rely [bank]


1. SNAPPY  Nap [down, soft fur] within spy [secret agent]

2. ASPIRE  A + p [page] within sire [master]

3. AGILE  GI [soldier] within ale [booze]

4. EMINENT  Mine [source of wealth] within ENT [Ear, Nose and Throat, hospital department]

6. MUSHY PEAS  Shy [timid] + anagram of ape within reversal of sum [tot]

7. CHEEKIER  Double definition

8. SIMULATE  [one] + mu [Greek character] within slate [abuse]

11. KEEP  Double definition (though only barely)

15. HARD DRIVE  Hard [tough] + Dr [doctor] + Iv [see??] + E [musical key]

17. SILENCED  Anagram of licensed

18. OFFENDER  End [finish] within offer [tender]

20. OPAL  Op [opus, work] + a + l [large]

21. RAMPAGE  R [right] + amp [ampére, measure of current] + age [season]

22. DIVERT  Diver [grebe, diving bird] + (boa)t

23. GENTRY  G [grand] + entry [number of entrants in a race]

26. SLICE  S [small] + lice [parasites]

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  1. ernie says:

    Re 15d
    v is an abbreviation for vide (Latin for ‘see’)

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