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Beelzebub 1184

Posted by Jed on November 16th, 2012


Another fiendishly clever challenge





1 Sensitive plant, one very demure, retiring MIMOSA (sensitive plant)

A  (one) SO (very) MIM (demure) < (retiring)

5 Phone working two ways when fixed by spy MOBILE (phone)

BI (sexual) in MOLE (spy)

9 Arraignment in the present moment prompting indifference NONCHALANCE

CHALAN (the sending up of an accused person before a magistrate) in NONCE (moment)

11 Bond film incomplete without a euphemism DARN (euphemism)

A in DR N[o]

12 Gateway blocking some disorder ANARCHY (disorder)

ARCH (gateway) in ANY (some)

13 Fit, having embraced dance – fabulous stuff APOLOGUE (fable)

POLO (Spanish gypsy dance) in AGUE (fit)

16 Memory provided by a lively girl ROMPER (lively girl)

ROM (memory) PER (by)

17 Company following God? Order that’s recalled friar RECOLLET (friar)

RE (god) CO (company) TELL< (order recalled)

20 Australian sailor in wood turned over Australian shrubs WARATAHS (shrubs)

A (Australian) TAR (sailor) in SHAW (small wood) < all turned over

23 Partitions, note, in design again REPLAN (design again)

REPLA (plural of replum – partition) N (note)

25 English mostly shudder when taking in acceptable pun EQUIVOKE (pun)

E (English) OK (acceptable) in QUIVE[r]

26 Bed, nothing more, provided in European holiday option ECOTOUR (holiday)

COT (bed) O (nothing) in EUR (European)

27 Left line for anglers TROT (left – Trotskyite) trotline angling

28  Safety rail knocked over in caper DELIVERANCE (safety)

REVILE< (rail knocked over) in DANCE

29 Instrument fixed with installation of tuning device SPINET (instrument)

PIN (tuning device) in SET (fixed)

30 Pollutant unknown in showy surroundings FLY ASH (pollutant)

Y (unknown) in FLASH (showy)


1 Border uprising involves Welshman in elevated position MID-AIR

DAI (Welsh man) in RIM< (border uprising)

2 I sleep with beloved for this reason, having no initial lack of desire

INAPPETENCE (lack of desire) I NAP (sleep) PET (beloved) [h]ENCE

3 Leather mantle, initially grotesque with nothing up top MOROCCO (leather)

M[antle] ROCOCO (grotesque) with middle O moved up

4 Troop train SCHOOL dd

5 They enrich soccer team’s backs, after loosing one MANURERS (enrichers)

MAN U (football team) REARS (backs minus A)

6 Curious plant shaft encountered in Australia BAROMETZ (Scythian lamb plant)

BAR (shaft) MET (encountered) in OZ (Australia)

7 Hold tight – extracting one canine a short distance INCH [c]INCH (tight hold)

8 Pessimistic character in Early English history? EEYORE  (donkey – AA Milne)

EE (early English) YORE (history)

10 New arrivals in Canada face consuming tea on entering Society? Only initially

CHEECHAKOES (tenderfoots) CHA (tea) in CHEEK (face) O[n] E[ntering] S[ociety]

14 Party with booze snarling ‘bog’ (unrefined language) DOG LATIN spurious Latin

DO (party) LAT (latrine) in GIN (booze)

15 Pear fool’s last item in meal BLANQUET (pear) [foo]L in BANQUET (meal)

18 Press turned up ‘monster’ on a holiday island MAJORCA (island resort)

JAM< (press turned up) ORC (ogre) on A

19 Railway company’s starting-point, first to last? Trains BREEDS (trains)

BR (British Rail) SEED (starting point with S moved to end)

21 Image, one surrounded by a line at the top APICAL (at the top – apex)

PIC (image) A in AL (a line)

22 Singular vessel in rough shape? SKETCH (rough shape)

S (singular) KETCH (vessel)

24 Festival, even though a day short? HOLI[day] (festival/s)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition    < = reverse

3 Responses to “Beelzebub 1184”

  1. Dormouse says:

    I don’t know what happened here. After months of usually completing the Beelzebub in a couple of hours, I’ve struggled with this all week, only getting a half dozen answers. Have they got a new setter?

  2. Beelzebub says:

    No – still me.

  3. Dormouse says:


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