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Independent on Sunday 1186/Raich

Posted by Pierre on November 18th, 2012


Always a pleasure to solve and blog a Sunday Indy from Raich.  He had me struggling for the last few today, though …

Why, I don’t know, because once I’d solved them it was the usual case of ‘why didn’t I see that in the first place?’  No obscurities, and apart from the (5,9) or (9,5) enumeration around the perimeter, I can’t see any nina.  Which doesn’t mean there isn’t one, since you’re being addressed this morning by probably the most nina-blind blogger on Fifteensquared.


cd  cryptic definiton
dd  double definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed


1/4  Old Christian put good money into use after appeal in letter from Athens
Well, the parsing is a bit multi-part, but I liked the surface despite it being a bit long.  It’s G for ‘good’ followed by an insertion of TIN for ‘money’ in USE,  following SA for sex ‘appeal’, IN, and TAU for a ‘letter from Athens’, in other words a letter of the Greek alphabet.  Phew!  That’s 1ac done.

9  One fighting large ape, you say?
Raich is suggesting that GUERRILLA (‘one fighting’) is a homophone of ‘gorilla’, which is certainly a big ape.  It is for me, but – for those of you old enough to remember it - Not the Nine O’Clock News with Pamela Stephenson taking off Angela Rippon had a different take on it.  I can’t find a link online, but perhaps someone can if they know what I’m going on about.

10  Material originally selected that will engross elegant dowager
I was thrown a bit by ‘originally selected’ as the indication that you should take the first letters of the subsequent words, though it’s completely fair.  That Will Engross Elegant Dowager for the material.

11  Unfair treatment in coverage is mentioned
Hidden in coverAGE IS Mentioned.  And AGEISM is certainly an unfair treatment of those who have reached a certain stage in their life … now where was I?

12  He praises grown-up protecting article when confronted by men
A charade of an insertion of A for an ‘article’ in ADULT followed by OR for ‘other ranks’ or ‘men’ in the soldiers sense.

14  “Strange pleasure, beginning to end, with foreign friend”?  Don’t believe him!
‘Strange’ is the definition.  And another convoluted, but perfectly fair, indication of how to arrive at the answer: UNF is ‘pleasure, beginning to end’, in other words FUN with the first letter becoming the last one; a ‘foreign friend’ is AMI if you are French; and you shouldn’t believe a LIAR.

16  Some of these cards brought over?
Hidden reversed in theSE CArds.  ‘Brought over’ is the reversal indicator.

19  Sea eagle in river
I put this in straight away, since ERNE for ‘eagle’ and OUNCE for ‘cat’ come up frequently in cryptics.  But I had forgotten that the River ERNE is a river that rises in the North-West of the island of Ireland.

20  Recalled, after doctoring, nursing home, a success in the end?
I did get this finally, and it’s a bit of a whimsical definition: CINDERELLA was of course a ‘success in the end’, since she married Prince Charming and lived happily ever after.  So it’s an insertion (‘nursing’) of IN in (RECALLED)* with ‘after doctoring’ as the anagrind.

22  Political group reduced offer to college in New York
I struggled with this one until I got the crossing letters, though as I said in the pre-amble, I can’t now see why.  A ‘reduced offer’ is TENDE[R], and then you have to put C for ‘college’ in NY for the Big Apple.

23  Delivery signal after break ends early
I was into cricket for a long time, looking for some umpire’s signal.  But that was rubbish: it’s ‘delivery’ as a noun and is CUE after RES[T].

26  Din from hooter I stopped
Lovely surface.  An insertion of I in NOSE for ‘hooter’.

27  Big attraction of publication isn’t me unfortunately!
I think Raich is being a bit self-deprecating here.  We all buy the IoS because of the crosswords, don’t we?  Any road up, it’s MAG for ‘publication’ followed by (ISN’T ME)* with ‘unfortunately’ as the anagrind.

28/29  Ruin I passably reinterpreted with participation of lecturer here?
(RUIN I PASSABLY L)* with ‘reinterpreted’ as the anagrind.  I think the setter is aiming for a semi&lit, and Stonehenge, which is on SALISBURY PLAIN, is a ‘ruin’ in its broadest sense, but perhaps I’ve not parsed this precisely.


1/22  Refined aunt reusing set theme songs
(AUNT REUSING SET)* with ‘refined’ as the anagrind.

Girl in Tenerife getting up
Hidden reversed in efIRENEt.

Boring book full of wrath finally palls
An insertion (‘full of’) IRE for ‘wrath’ and the final letter of pallS in TOME for ‘book’.

Stupid guy ignoring Welsh supporter
‘Supporter’ is the definition: the setter’s asking you to drop W from [W]ALLY.

Old man, upset, angry with a quartet of daughters?
I liked this one especially: it’s an anagram of (ANGRY A DDDD)*  If you had four daughters, they’d be DDDD.

Place to rest put in order
A dd, with ‘settle’ in its ‘something to sit in’ sense as one of the parts.

Possibly licit and ultimately allowable all the same?

8/17  Outrageously starlets demean veteran politician

13  Party game requires subtle diplomacy at first, nothing lacking
This is what some folk refer to as a ‘lift and separate’ clue.  Nothing to do with bras: Raich is putting in your head ‘party game’ as a concept, but the definition is in fact ‘party’.  Then it’s RU for the setters’ favourite ‘game’ (Rugby Union) preceded by (DIPL[O]MACY)* with ‘subtle’ as the anagrind and ‘nothing lacking’ as the removal indicator.  PLAID CYMRU is a Welsh political party.

15  Note agents entering decisive contest about money
‘About money’ is the definition; an insertion of N CIA in FINAL.

18  Power to support liberal group of countries defending zone in bad weather
There’s a bit going on here as well.  I parsed it as P for ‘power’ supporting (in a down clue) FREE EU for ‘liberal, group of countries’ including Z for ‘zone’.  Not sure I’ve seen Z for ‘zone’ before, but it’ll be somewhere as an abbreviation.

21  In interlude from duties, referring to Church’s Saints
‘Interlude from duties’ can certainly be defined as RECESS in parliamentary terms.  Nadine Dorries has taken this definition to a new level.  This is, I think, RE for ‘referring to’, CES for ‘church’s’ and S for ‘saints’.  Or it could be CE for ‘church’ and SS for ‘saints’.

24  Republic’s friend
This is an entry-level clue and it was still one of my last in.  A dd.  CHINA is indeed a republic and it’s also Cockney rhyming slang for ‘mate’ or ‘friend’, coming from CHINA PLATE.

25  Repulsive using lady – heartless
A charade of the outside letters (‘heartless’) of UsinG LadY.

Thanks to our indomitable Irish Setter for another fine Sunday puzzle.

4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1186/Raich”

  1. Jim T says:

    Enjoyed this – not too easy and not too hard. Particularly like MAGNETISM, PLAID CYMRU and the long anagrams.

    Thanks, Raich and Pierre.

  2. flashling says:

    Sorry I missed this one, couldn’t find an IOS for love nor money last week.

    Reading really should not be the most out of the way place to find the paper.

    Thanks folks.

  3. sidey says:

    You can get the IoS crosswords if you have flashling.

  4. allan_c says:

    A word of warning about getting the IOS crossword on Crossword Solver. If you go to the site on a Sunday and simply click on “Today’s Puzzle” you get the previous Saturday puzzle. To get the (previous week’s) Sunday puzzle you need to enter the full string for the current date (i.e. 191112 would get you the puzzle for 12th November).

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