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Independent 8,143 by Raich

Posted by flashling on November 19th, 2012


NMSIndy has given up his blogging spot to concentrate on his other existence as Raich (and Gurney) however he appears re-bjorn today as Raich for the Monday slot. NMSIndy was one of the longest lasting fifteen squared bloggers and his blogs will be much missed.

So on to the puzzle, quite an overt theme today in a fairly gentle crossword to start the week, a tribute to Abba and several of their songs appear in the grid, I expect a few solvers have been humming a few tunes today.


4 TROUPER Homonym of “Trooper”
8 SKI SKI(t)
15 ABBA A for OT in ABB(ot)
17 VOULEZ VOUS? V (five) + [USE V(ea)L OUZO]*
20 STYE Hidden in (la)ST YE(ar)
22 NANTES ANTE in N(orth) + S(outh)
26 RECEPTACLE [RE ELECT A C(onservative) P(olitician)]*
27 SUM Hidden in (con)SUM(er)
29 ORATORY Double Definition
30 + 28d MAMMA MIA! [(fil)M + I + AM + AM + AM]*
1 S.O.S. O(ver) in S.S.
2 POINT IN (home) in POT
3 RESORT Hidden in (cu)RES OR T(reatments)
5 ROLE Hidden reversed in (d)ELOR(s)
6 UNFREEZE U.N. +  FREE + Z(on)E
8 MONOLOGUE O (nothing) in [MOGUL ONE]*
11 PROSPERO He of The Tempest, PROSPER + O (circuit)
14 FLUORESCE [CORE FUELS]*  [Edit typo fixed thanks Sidey, got to love auto correct…]
21 ANSELM A + N(orthern) + S(on) + ELM
24 NASIM Initial letters of Noted Arab Sheikhdom Is Muslim
25 STIR Double Def
28 See 30ac  


14 Responses to “Independent 8,143 by Raich”

  1. Quixote says:

    More old-rocker stuff, I see (Indy seems to love it in this era). Seriously though, I’d like to thank Niall for all the hard work he has done and to thank him for his generosity to Quixote over the years. The IOS puzzle has few solvers, and it was was encouraging to know that there was someone outside the UK who thought it worth searching out during my long spell on that paper. May Raich/Gurney continue to flourish!

  2. sidey says:

    *cough* fluoresce */cough*

  3. flashling says:

    Thanks sidey, fixed.

  4. Jim T says:

    Good puzzle. Liked SHOPLIFTER and WAPPING particularly. Wondered briefly if Abba had ever recorded ‘Prospero’ or ‘Eyes Front’.

    Thanks to Raich and flashling.

  5. rowland says:

    I will miss Raich’s fair and accurate blogs. His puzzles are the same I think and I enjoyed this one. What a great band they were too!!

    Many thanls

  6. allan_c says:

    Missed the theme completely (again!). But totally solvable without, so no problem.
    23a held me up momentarily, not being familiar with a certain game, though the answer was obvious. But ‘Torres … from Spain’ brought to mind a different association – with some great wines enjoyed over the years in Spain and at home.
    Thanks, Raich and flashling.

  7. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Raich for a puzzle which I enjoyed, and to flashling for the blog. I managed to solve the puzzle fairly smoothly without noticing the theme at all until I got to this page.

    10ac: I think this must be SH + (TO PILFER)*.

    5dn: As always, I have no quarrel with those who reason along the lines “this is a down clue, so ‘up’ is an appropriate reversal indicator”. However, I would prefer “back” to “up” here, because to my mind the reversal comes in the clue not on the grid.

  8. flashling says:

    @Pelham #7 You’re right re shoplifter, thanks

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    I’m another one who missed the theme completely, but it didn’t matter. A well-crafted puzzle, just right for a busy Monday morning. PROSPERO was the only one I really struggled with; otherwise it all came together nicely.

    I too would like to thank nms for all his blogging – when I first started coming to Fifteensquared three or so years ago, he was a regular on the Indy thread and his clear explanations and encouragement were a big help to me back then.

    Thanks to flashling for today’s blog.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks, flashling, for the blog and to those who commented. Yes, I have decided to withdraw from blogging individual puzzles but intend to continue with the annual report on Indy solving times, usually posted on 31 Dec, and may carry out further comparisons with other UK crossword series as in the “Which cryptic is the hardest?” exercise posted on 22 May 2012.

    Yes, I was involved in this site from its very start and have written more blogs (465) than anyone else tho at much lesser frequency in recent times. It is gratifying to see how the site has developed over the few years to a position where every puzzle is blogged every day by enthusiasts.


  11. Lenny says:

    Hugely enjoyable but Flashling is right: I’ve been humming the tune of Ski Shoplifter all afternoon.

  12. Wil Ransome says:

    Good crossword as usual from Raich I thought; this one was perhaps a bit harder than usual. The theme completely passed me by even though I had Mamma Mia — the only Abba song I know is Waterloo and so I didn’t twig. It didn’t help that I didn’t understand why 15ac was ABBE, thinking that ‘senior monk’ was the definition, but that is the best sort of theme, which doesn’t delay you at all in the solving.

    Slight quibble with the <50% checking in four clues, but perhaps that's excusable when there's a Nina.

    Many thanks to Niall for all he has done. I hope we hear from him occasionally.

  13. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks flashling for the blog! As you said, a gentle start to the week – more than can be said for the traffic where we are!

    We did wonder whether we had spelt fluoresce correctly as we couldn’t work out 19ac – our last one in. We did manage to spot the theme though.

    Thanks Raich – good to meet you recently in Derby even if we hadn’t figured out your other aliases at the time!

  14. Rorschach says:

    Love that some people missed the theme! Surely one of the hardest themes to miss with Super Trouper running across the top line? :)

    Thanks for the fun Raich and the parsings flashling.

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