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Financial Times 14,167 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on November 21st, 2012


A tough puzzle from Monk as always, but everything is there waiting to be found once one figures out where to look.   Very enjoyable, thank you Monk.

BURNS NIGHT is hidden down the sides of the grid.  I wonder why the editor didn’t save this puzzle until January?

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

8 ATELIER cAnTeEn (regularly visited, every other letter) LIER (one down, one who lies down)
9 RYOKAN Y (variable, maths) OK (fine) in RAN (managed) – a traditional Japanese inn
10 BANNED ANN (girl) in BED (asleep, perhaps)
11 MAESTRO An Electric (first letters of) in STORM* damaged=anagram
12 UNBROKEN ROBE* (exotic=anagram) in (worn by) K (king) in NUN* (anagram=wayward)
13 GANDHI G (grand) AND (also) HIgh (tall, only half of) – definition is ‘leader once’
14 RECONSOLIDATING SOLID (hard) in CONTAINER* (repaired=anagram) and G (good)
18 NUBILE EBULLIENT* (ebullient=anagram) missing LET – definition is ‘fit for match’, ready to be married
20 A BIT MUCH HABIT-CUM* bent=anagram
23 NIGHTLY NIGHLY (almost) keeping (locking up) T (time)
24 PARENT RE (Royal Engineers) inside (stopping, as in bottle) PANT (to gasp for breath) – definition is ‘rear’
25 STRIKE cryptic definition
26 REGATTA wATERGATe* (suspect=anagram) missing its cover (first and last letter)
1 GAWAIN A W (wife) with GAIN (to reach) going round – definition is ‘a table for him and his comrades?’. Gawain is one of the Knights of the Round Table. Something feels a bit strained here to me, the word ’round’ uncomfortably straddles the definition and subsidiary parts.
2 LEONARDO LEO (sign of zodiac) NARy (not, almost all of) DO (complete)
3 DIK-DIK KID (little beast) raised, twice – an South African antelope
5 GREEK GOD blowinG (final letter) REEK (smoke) on (over) GOD (my, exclamation) – a dish is a good looking person
6 ROTTEN ROT (corruption) NET (after tax) returning – definition is ‘very much’, informal
7 CABOCHON CHOp (cut, mostly) in (breaking) CArBON (diamond, say) missing R (right) – a polished (rather than cut) gemstone
15 EQUINITY INEQUITY* unstable=anagram – definition is ‘stable property’, having the nature horses, found in stables
16 SCEPTRED C (caught) in SEPT (one month) RED (radical) – a sceptre is a sign of authority
17 TEMERITY T (time, short) and EMERITY sounds like (reported as) emeriti, honorary titles for retired persons
19 INGRID IN GRID (entering the answers)
21 IMPUGN M (male) PUG (boxer) going inside (breaking) IN
22 CON-MAN CON (with) MAN (one on board, chess piece)


8 Responses to “Financial Times 14,167 by Monk”

  1. rowland says:

    See the accuracy! Great stuff from the FT again. Fave Greek god for the hige misdirection!!

    Thanks you Monk and Paul Dee

  2. PeeDee says:

    I agree, the FT crosswords have been at a consistently high standard recently.

  3. ernie says:

    Thanks PeeDee
    Re 26A
    You probably knew but you need to take off both the first and last letters of (W)atergat(e)*

  4. PeeDee says:

    Thanks ernie, I had not seen that. I had one E too many in my solution.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks PeeDee.
    Tough crossword, but as always with Monk a very satisfying solve!

    I needed the blog for the explanation of LEONARDO (2d). I think the NAR-bit comes from NAR[y] rather than from NAR[e].
    And there is a little typo in the (bold) solution of 17d.

  6. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Sil, I think I was getting confused with ne’er. I can’t see the type in 17d though.

  7. Sil van den Hoek says:

    In 17d: you’ve written TIMERITY instead of TEMERITY.
    Just a typo.

  8. PeeDee says:

    Thanks, I was looking at 16dn for some reason, couldn’t spot anything!

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