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Financial Times no.14,168 by Orense

Posted by Ringo on November 22nd, 2012


I’m going to be accused of peacocking again if I say that this was a doddle… so instead I’ll say that it was an enjoyable, playful puzzle, with a nice mix of mechanisms; a lovely way to start the day, and no complaints from this quarter. Thank-you, Orense.


1. CUT AND DRIED  Double definition

7. DIP  Double definition: “decline, sink” and “quick swim”

10. OFFSPRING  Off [out of form] + spring [season of the year]

11. PROMENADE  Rome [city] within anagram ofpedan(t)

12. OFTEN (S)often [mellow]

13. LINNETS  Lin(e) [range] + nets [profits] to give a particularly twittery species of finch

15. TOAD  Hidden in naTO ADvisor

18. NOUS  No us(e) [useless]

20. JAYWALK  Jay [tweeter, used in a very general sense to include all perching birds] + reversal of law [rule] + K [king]

23. UNZIP  Un [‘a’ in French] + zip [Americanism meaning ‘nothing’]

24. PUNCH BOWL  Punch [strike] + bow [front (of ship)] + l [line]

26. PERPETUAL  Anagram of applet ru(d)e

27. VYING  Yin [Chinese principle of shadow, complementary to yang, light] within VG [very good]

28. EMS  Hems [edges] minus H [hospital]

29. EQUIDISTANT  Anagram of quantities + d(river)


1. CATAPULT  Cryptic definition

2. TRICORNE  Anagram of town crier minus W [wife]

3. NUDGE  [musical key] within nude [with nothing on]

4. DEODARS  O [old] + D [dead] within dears [darling]

5. INFLECT  Fl [fluorine] within anagram of client

6. DIPLOMACY  Diploma [award from college] + c(elebrit)y

7. DRIFTS  D [day] + rifts [breaks]

8. PAGING  P [quiet] + aging [getting on]

14. EXOSPHERE  Anagram of expose her

16. MAJOLICA  Majo(r) [officer] + L [left] + IC [in charge] + a

17. SKYLIGHT  K(enn)y within slight [flimsy]

19. SEPPUKU  Anagram of pukes up to give the term for Japanese ritual disembowelling (not one to dwell on before breakfast)

20. JANGLED  J [Jack] + angled [approached obliquely]

21. RUMPLE  MP [Member of Parliament, legislator] within rule [legislation]

22. AZORES  A [area] + Z [unknown] + ores [minerals]

25. HAVES  Hidden in furnisH A VESsel

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,168 by Orense”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Ringo – agree with your comments and thanks also to Orense.
    There’s a minor error in the parsing of 5d – the chemical symbol for fluorine is just F.

  2. James says:

    This was fun, though I was stymied for a while by 20 across- I had written in SKYLARK (assuming definition= “tweeter”) based upon the Y, A & K, which led to problems with 20d. Got there in the end though- a lesson to never write a clue in just because it fits!

  3. Keeper says:

    Thanks, Ringo. But you seem to have omitted 9a:

    TRIED = R [river] within TIED [bound]

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