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Independent 8146/Radian

Posted by John on November 22nd, 2012


Radian has given us a pleasant crossword today themed largely around 16ac, which is connected with many of the clues. I have my doubts about 15dn, although perhaps I have it quite wrong and will be corrected.

Sorry this is a bit late — unaccountable computer problems which caused me to have to start again.

9 A(B JE)CTION — ‘French writer’ is ‘Je’, ‘I’ in French — ‘abjection’ is not a familiar word but is obvious enough from ‘abject’
10 P(RID)E
11 TIBBLES — (blue bits – u)*
12 HACKBUT — (back)* in hut — a hackbut is an arquebus, so there you are
13 ERUPT — {h}er{e} (put)* — one doesn’t usually think of a canine erupting, but I suppose that when a canine tooth is growing it breaks out through the skin
14 CATALYSIS — (Italy’s)* in cas{e}, although some might say that Italy’s collapse was (Italy)*
16 RAIN CATS AND DOGS — (contains rags Dad)* — fortunately this clue, the basis for so many others, is easy enough and came quickly
19 DE(C)ATH LON{don}
21 stART USing — hidden rev.
22 WILD DOG — (l (odd)rev.) in wig
23 PERSIAN — (ep)rev. (Iran’s)*
24 LAIKA — “like a” — Laika was the Soviet dog which was sent into space
25 EDUCATION — Ducati in (one)*
1 CATTLE GRID — (girl acted t{in})*
2 DJ 1(BOUT)1 — a DJ [disc jockey] spins records
3 OCELOT — I’m not sure about this: it seems to be (cat loose – SA)*, but if this is so then where is the definition? — perhaps it’s meant to be an &lit., in which case the definition seems a bit odd: does an ocelot really avoid South American capitals? [Wild cat loose avoiding South American capitals]
4 KITS — the offspring of an ocelot, skit with the first letter moved to the finish
5 ON THE TRAIN — ((one that)* in) round r{ed}
7 NI (M) BUS — are Ulster and Northern Ireland the same?
8 PELT — 2 defs
14 CAT(A LOGUE)S — Christopher Logue
15 S(US(T)AIN)ING — but it should be, insofar as anything ‘should be’ in crosswords, Bolt not bolt — hard no doubt to get the clue so that ‘Bolt’ is the first word, but it should have been managed [Inform about tension in bolt and bearing]
18 OSTEITIS — (toe’s)* it is, where ‘yes’ = ‘it is’, I suppose where the two are alternative responses to a question
20 C OLLIE — Oliver Hardy
21 SER{engeti} VAL{ley} — although usually ‘start’ indicates the first letter of a word
22 WOLF — 2 defs
23 POUR — 2 defs

9 Responses to “Independent 8146/Radian”

  1. allan_c says:

    “Are Ulster and Northern Ireland the same?” Strictly speaking, no – but the terms are commonly interchangeable, and not only in Crosswordland.

    And I agree with you about 15dn – we had the same point raised the other day over jaguar/Jaguar.

    But a well-crafted crossword and a satisfying workout. Despite the quibble my CoD has to be NIMBUS.

    Thanks, Radian and John.

  2. Paul A says:

    Signal failure on the commute this morning – for an hour. So 5d raised a wry smile….. Gave me a chance to finish it though

  3. Thomas99 says:

    Re 7d – for the record, Radian lives in Northern Ireland…

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Radian for a puzzle with much to enjoy – and a highly topical theme given current UK weather – and John for the blog. I did not get 4dn and got the spelling wrong at 24ac.

    12ac: An obscure word to me, but very precisely clued so that the answer could not be anything else once the checked letters were in place.

    1dn: Lovely defintion.

    14dn: I would prefer “including” to “include” in this clue. This is a point I have made on previous occasions: the cryptic indication is perfectly all right in itself as a complete clause, but does not sit comfortably after the linking word “of”, which (in my view) needs to be followed by a noun phrase.

    15dn: I share the concerns about the lower-case “bolt”.

    20dn: This clue succeeds where 15dn fails in getting a natural capital on the word “Hardy”.

    21dn: Maybe “start” in the singular only indicates the first letter, but it works all right in the plural for one or more letters of the two words.

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 4: Yet again, I have missed out the second I in “definition” – and almost did it again typing the correction.

    While I am back in, I was happy with 3dn as an incomplete “& lit” – the wordplay genuinely uses the whole clue even if the definition does not.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    A lovely puzzle. I’m sure I’ve seen the CATS AND DOGS theme done before, but this was nonetheless most enjoyable.

    I was happy enough with ERUPT; in fact I thought is was a nice piece of misdirection given the theme. CATALYSIS was my other favourite clue.

    And indeed, NI and Ulster are not the same, except in a colloquial sense, I suppose; but as Thomas says, the setter lives in Northern Ireland, so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

  7. BertandJoyce says:

    We enjoyed the theme and happy with ERUPT especially given the theme.

    We also had an incorrect spelling for 24ac!

    Thanks to Radian and John!

  8. allan_c says:

    More about Ulster. Collins gives two meanings – “(1) a province and former kingdom of N Ireland … partitioned in 1921, six counties forming Northern Ireland and three counties joining the Republic of Ireland. (2) an informal name for Northern Ireland.”

  9. Raich says:

    It is perhaps implicit to the introduction to the blog and to the comments, but, just in case anyone did not notice, five “non-cat-related” answers included the letters CAT in their correct order. This aided solving.

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