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Private Eye / Cyclops 482 – Ungodly control

Posted by beermagnet on November 26th, 2012


This was certainly a topping crossword …

…there were a variety of tops in it: Jersey, Poncho, Kimono.

I must’ve been “on song” solving this, one lunchtime, as I had solved all but 4  on the “first pass”.  The trickier stuff was in the top left corner I found.
The long answer referenced Boswell’s masterpiece which gives me an opportunity to recommend a visit to Dr Johnson’s House, a hidden gem.

6 ALPHABET Boozer recruited by a political party (alien set of characters) (8)
PH (Boozer – Public House) inside A LAB (a political party) ET (alien)
7 ABACUS Bill in middle of a 69, say? You could count on it (6)
AC (bill) inside A BUS (69, say) This 69  will take you from Walthamstow to Canning Town instead of, err, to heaven and back, but at least it’s a 24 hour service.
11 SCOFF Eat and go pooh (5)
Double Def.  – pooh as in pooh pooh
12 SHORTLIST Clare has inclination to put a candidate in the running (9)
SHORT (Ref Clare Short) LIST (inclination)
13 UNGODLY Only dug nuts like Dawkins? (7)
(ONLY DUG)* AInd: nuts.
15 CONTROL Restraint is excellent when restraining naff Tory reactionary leaders (7)
N[aff] T[ory] R[eactionary] inside COOL (excellent – as in Bill & Ted’s Ex-cel-lent Adventure)
21 DISTAFF Wills’ parent getting some stick, describing Kate’s side? (7)
DI (Wills’ parent) STAFF (stick)
22 KNESSET Parliament wants Ken’s broadcast fixed (7)
(KEN’S)* AInd: broadcast, SET (fixed)
23 BOARDROOM Business fat cats here beam at latitude? (9)
BOARD (beam) ROOM (latitude)
25 PRISM Rip nuts with S&M, which makes you really see the light (5)
(RIP S M)* AInd: nuts
26 ENLACE Intertwine tops of erotic naked limbs, hotshot! (6)
E[rotic] N[aked] L[imbs] ACE (hotshot)
27 IN PUBLIC When others are around trendy bar, there’s no end of arses (2,6)
IN (trendy) PUB (bar) LIC[e] (no end of arses) Does arses = lice?
1 PASS OUT To make it as an officer, try to look sexy holding bottom? (4,3)
POUT (try to look sexy) around ASS (bottom)
2 UP FOR GRABS Available and quite amenable to gropes (2,3,5)
Double Def. one mildly prurient
3/24 NAFF ALL Not a thing to be put up addict on trip (4,3)
FAN< (addict, put up) FALL (trip)
4 JERSEY Casual habit? Dependency (6)
Double Def. Last answered. It took a while to think of that kind of Dependency, especially with the hidden capitalisation
5 ABSTINENCE Not having sex muscles can – consequently lacks aspiration (10)
ABS (muscles) TIN (can) [h]ENCE (consequently without its H)
8 CBI Business organisation supplying cocaine (undiscriminating, sex-wise) (3)
C[ocaine] BI (-sexual)
9 SETTLE Pay up? Beneath a front-bencher? (6)
Double Def
10 PONCHO Blanket coverage of ‘New Conservative’ Henry in the shit? (6)
N[ew] C[onservative] H[enry] inside POO
14 DRUG ADDICT One with habit of tossing turd over – I say! – penis, almost (4,6)
Gad! (I say!) DIC[k] (penis almost) all inside TURD<
16 RIOT SHIELD Idle shit or bollocks behind which police hide (4,6)
(IDLE SHIT OR)* AInd: bollocks
18/17 LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON “Foul Females I Jiggered”, Boris’s literary tour de force? (4,2,6,7)
(FOUL FEMALES I)* AInd: jiggered, JOHNSON (Boris)
19 EDIBLE OK for a consumer hack spewing bile (6)
ED (hack) BILE* AInd: spewing
20 STOMACH Bear getting hots badly when hugging Bud (7)
MAC (bud) inside HOTS* AInd: badly
22 KIMONO Familiar UK spy putting on Yoko’s robe? (6)
KIM (Familiar UK spy, Ref Kim Philby) ONO (Yoko)
25 PLUG Bung, brute of a thing, Labour’s no. 1 accepted (4)
L[abour] inside PUG

Two drunks on a train
Drunk 1: “Are we in Wembley?”
Drunk 2: “No, were on Thurshday”
Drunk 1: “So am I, letsh have a drink”

5 Responses to “Private Eye / Cyclops 482 – Ungodly control”

  1. Cyclops says:

    Cyclops interviewed – see latest blog addition here.

  2. John King says:

    23A’s ROOM = latitude. That was a toughie.

    Oh, and 20D should be “MAC (bud)…”

  3. beermagnet says:

    Thanks John. Corrected (together with unexpected layout)

  4. Bamberger says:

    All was well until 18d/17a. ??f? o? ?a?u?? ?o?n?o? -what on earth?

    Eventually guessed johnson so that left ??f? o? ?a?u?? johnson. Still no idea except that o? must be on, of or. Eventually twigged that I needed an anagram of “foul females I” and after much writing down and swapping letters came up with life of samuel johnson.
    Googled that and to my surprise it was a real book.

    Funnily enough a colleague had exactly the same experience and also hadn’t heard of it.

    That last clue must have taken over 30 minutes!

  5. schoolies says:

    23D Bear = Kodiak = CAMera + shots

    7A I say = Cus(s) a 69, juxta positioned arses A A during 69 sexual act? +(B)ill

    27A In PUB, LICk (from arseLICkers)

    Do I need to get out more?

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