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Financial Times 14,173 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on November 28th, 2012


A great thematic puzzle from Gozo, a mid-week treat!

All the undefined clues are writers.  I thought this was a very well executed theme as discovering the theme did not turn the clues into write-ins, I still had to think hard to work them out.  The spread across time and genre meant that the solve was not a list-ticking exercise as some themed puzzles become.

Solvers who attempt this in their commute/lunch break without access to reference materials may struggle a little though.

Thank you Gozo.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 MALORY MA (mother) lory (bird, type of parrot) – Sir Thomas Malory
4 CROMPTON MP (memebr, of parliament) in ROT (decline) all inside (embraced by) – Richmal Crompton Lamburn
9 NERVAL R (right) in VANE* than L (left) – Gerard Labrunie
10 CHANDLER Crufts (first letter of) HANDLER (dog trainer) – Raymond Chandler
12 TROLLOPE ROLL (bap) in TOPE (drink heartily) – Anthony Trollope
13, 15 VIKRAM SETH VI (six) K (king) R (rex, another king) THAMES* anagram=in spate – Vikram Seth
16 ZADIE SMITH (AZED IS)* troubled=anagram by MITH (miss, with a lisp) – Zadie Smith
19 NEVIL SHUTE NS (partners, brige) going round EVIL (base) with HUT (shack) and E (opponent of NS) – Neville Shute Norway
20 SAKI Saki is a type of monkey, saki is a drink made from rice, a monkey is a container for alchoholic drink.  I can’t put all this together into a coherent explanation though.  Hector Hugh Monro
23, 25 TOBIAS SMOLLETT TO BIAS (prejudice) MOLL (ganster’s girl) in SETT (home for a badger, or rented property in Scotland) – Tobias Smollett
27 STENDHAL SHETLAND* – Marie-Henri Beyle
28 COWPER COWER (flinch) holding P (power) – John Middleton Murray Jr.
29 ANDERSEN (ANNE’S RED) – Hans Christian Andersen
30 STERNE ERNEST* Hemmingway, also TERN (bird) in SE (South East England, the Home Counties) – Laurence Sterne
1 MINUTES MINUTE (detailed) S (small) – definition is ‘summary’, minutes of a meeting
2 LERMONTOV anagram of TOMe (endless) and NOVEL about R (rector) – Mikhail Lermontov
3 REALLY RE-ALLY (group once more)
5 RUHR RU (rugby union) HR (hour) – river in Germany
6 MANTISSA SATANISM* – the mantissa is the fractional part of a logarithm
7 TILER RE-LIT (started fire again)
8 NKRUMAH HANK* around RUM (strange) – Kwame Nkrumah former leader of Ghana
11 SPLASHY LASH (cat-o’-nine-tails) in SPY (agent)
14 BIG-TIME cryptic definition – measured in something larger than minutes
17 IN A TEMPER EM (printer’s measure) in PAINTER* wild=anagram
18 OLEANDER O LEANDER (what Hero might say to Leander) – a shrub
19 NATASHA SATAN (the devil) reversed HA (expressing surprise)
21 INTERNE US spelling of intern, which given time becomes ‘internet’
22 ALCOTT COT (bed) in A LT (lieutennant, soldier) – Louisa May Alcott
24 BREAD some of fiBRE ADded – definition is ‘money’
26 JADE double definition


2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,173 by Gozo”

  1. fearsome says:

    Thanks Pee Dee and Gozo
    Got halfway without help and was two off with it
    Several authors new to me
    Perhaps I need to stay in more and expand my reading list!

  2. Keeper says:

    I’m way behind on checking this blog, but, as a Yank, I feel the need to express my disagreement with the characterization of “interne” as an American spelling. I once worked as an “intern,” and, over the years, I have had several “interns” work with and for me. But never “interne(s)”.

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