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Financial Times 14,165 – Armonie

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on November 29th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Nov 19

Good to see, once more, another setter than Rufus or Crux on a Monday. Armonie’s puzzles for the FT usually appear on a Tuesday (as do the crosswords by his alter ego Chifonie in the Guardian).  Armonie mainly sticks to familiar devices and never crosses the line [meaning, doing something that might be seen as devious]. Meanwhile, the clueing is immaculate (although, this time I had some doubts about 9d (and its successor) – my PinC hadn’t) and full of smooth surfaces. It’s a skill, setting crosswords, isn’t it? The crossword can be found here .

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 COCKLE Charlie King tucked into greens and shellfish (6)
    {C (Charlie) + K (King)} inside COLE (greens)
4 STRAINER Son’s shoe found in the kitchen (8)
    S (son) + TRAINER (shoe)
10 LATECOMER    Meet Carol unexpectedly – she doesn’t appear on time (9)
11 CADDY Box for hoarding old copper in Cyprus (5)
    {AD (hoarding, as a noun, meaning ‘billboard’) + D (old copper, short for ‘denarius, a penny (before 1971))} inside CY (Cyprus)
    To be honest, it took me a while to get the AD bit. Coincidentally, last Monday ……
12 METZ Came across Zionist leader in France (4)
    MET (came across) + Z[ionist]
13 CONSIDERED Thought to be against partiality of the left (10)
    CON (against) + SIDE (partiality) + RED (of the left)
15 TRIBUTE Commendation for US state beset by ethnic group (7)
    UT (US state, Utah) inside TRIBE (ethnic group)
16 SENECA Dramatist rewrites a scene (6)
    (A SCENE)*
19 TEA SET Ridicule tons of tableware (3,3)
    TEASE (ridicule) + T (tons)
21 TRAPEZE Capture Zulu in east European bar (7)
    TRAP (capture) + {Z (Zulu) inside E (east) E (European)}
23 CROSSHATCH    Ford’s access door provides shade (10)
    CROSS (ford) + HATCH (access door)
25 EMMA Girl takes part in requiem mass (4)
    Hidden solution:   [requi]EM MA[ss]
27 MELEE First person to find fish’s turned creates rumpus (5)
    ME (first person) + LEE (reversal of EEL (fish))
28 FELONIOUS Foul noise disturbed criminal (9)
29 NOT AT ALL A heavyweight, taken aback, gets high? Don’t mention it! (3,2,3)
    NOT A (reversal of A TON (a heavyweight)) + TALL (high)
30 REWARD Embarrassed about fighting for prize (6)
    RED (embarrassed) around WAR (fighting)
1 CALAMITY US state accord is a disaster (8)
    CAL (US state, California) + AMITY (accord)
2 CUT IT FINE     Allow little time to cook fettucini (3,2,4)
3 LUCK German composer is short of good fortune (4)
    GLUCK (German composer, Christoff Williband – famous for Orfeo ed Euridice, and the aria forever linked with Kathleen Ferrier: Che faro senza Euridice) minus G (good)
5 THRUSTS Hopes to keep husband in forces (7)
    TRUSTS (hopes) around H (husband)
6 ACCIDENTAL    Sign for a note? That’s unexpected! (10)
    Double definition
7 NADIR Free from an upset when at rock bottom (5)
    Reversal of {RID (free from) + AN}
8 RIYADH Ray hid out in the capital (6)
    (RAY HID)*
    My first entry, and – as always – I‘d forgotten how to spell the word ….
9 IMPOSE Take advantage of ‘obgoblin’s stockings (6)
    IMP (hobgoblin) + [h]OSE (stockings, in the Cockney way)
    I am not completely happy with this clue, but as I said before, my PinC is.  Curious to hear from others!
14 SUBSISTENT Loans ‘is shelter when managing to survive (10)
    SUBS (loans) + IS + TENT (shelter) – perhaps some like the apostrophe-s here (in connection with the previous clue) but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.
17 CREAM SODA Drink a great deal during musical finale (5,4)
    REAMS (a great deal) inside CODA (musical finale)
18 RELAPSED Weakened queen slipped away (8)
    R (queen) + ELAPSED (slipped away)
20 TEARFUL Weepy toddler initially getting reprimand (7)
    T[oddler] + EARFUL (reprimand)
21 TACKLE Food the French block (6)
    TACK (food) + LE (the, in French)
22 ACUMEN Wit of copper getting in the last word (6)
    CU (copper) inside AMEN (the last word)
24 OWLET Bird giving cry of pain suffered (5)
    OW (cry of pain) + LET (suffered)
26 ONCE Individual caught cold in days gone by (4)
    ONE (individual) around C (cold)



2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,165 – Armonie”

  1. Bamberger says:

    Bogged down in Tyneside where I couldn’t get 4a,13a, 5d & 6d.
    I’ve stared at “Sign for a note” and can’t see how it equals “accidental” -kindly enlighten me, please.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Bamberger, I admit, I had to dive into dictionaries to justify the other meaning of “accidental”, but it can be “a sign indicating a momentary departure from the key signature by raising or lowering a note” (in Music)[as the Oxford Dictionary tells me].

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