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Financial Times no.14,174 by Cinephile

Posted by Ringo on November 29th, 2012


My brain isn’t working. Even the Guardian Quick – my customary waker-upper, while the coffee brews – was a struggle this morning. Still, I made it through this sound offering from Cinephile with only one or two stumbles. Not a bad puzzle, not an overwhelmingly exciting puzzle, and too many anagrams for an anagramophobe like me, but still, an enjoyable start to the day – so thank-you, [Chile Pine]*.     


1. BEWITCH  WE [West and East, partners in Bridge] within bitch [complain]

5. FODDER  Odd [not even] within fer [‘in fer’]

8. OSTRACISE  Anagram of coaster is

9. CYRUS  Anagram of cry + US [America]

11. DROSS  Os [bone] within Drs [doctors]

12. LOCKSMITH  C [cold] within anagram of hot milk

13. PETITION  Petit [little] + I [one] + on

15. QUARTZ  Sounds like quarts [quantities of liquid]

17. CUCKOO  Double definition

19. HANDICAP  Hand [worker] + I [one] + cap [limitation]

22. RESONANCE  Re(a)son [cause] + an + CE [Church of England, establishment]

23. MANOR  Play on the phrase ‘Are you a MAN OR a mouse?’

24. MOIST  Is [lives] within MOT [Ministry of Transport, test of roadworthiness]

25. PROUSTIAN  Pro [expert] + (f)ustian [pompous writing]

26. ARDOUR  A [first (letter)] + R [right] + do [ditto, same again] + Ur [old city]

27. RICOTTA  R [recipe, take (of medicine)] + I [one] + cotta(ge) [small house]


1. BROAD-SPECTRUM  Double definition

2. See 5dn.

3. See 5dn.

4. HEIRLOOM  Ir [Irish] + loo [privy] within hem [border]

5, 2, 3. FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS  The English translation of the French sans larmes, and the title of a play by Terence Rattigan – tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of Rattigan’s death, though whether that alone justifies the omission of a definition here I’m not sure

6. DACHSHUND  Dach(a) [country cottage] + shun [avoid] + d

7. EARLIER  Earl [nobleman] + I [one, first] + ER [Elizabeth Regina, queen]

10. SCHIZOPHRENIA  Anagram of cash prize in ho(use)

14, 16. TWO AND TWO MAKE FOUR  Anagram of man out of work wa(i)ted

18. CASHIER  Double definition

20. CONVICT  Double definition, playing on the noun (‘an escaped convict‘) and the verb (‘we vote to convict the defendant’)

21. SNIPER  Snip [certainty] + er [(noise of) hesitation]

23. MUSIC  Sounds like mew [what cat said] + sick [not well]

2 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,174 by Cinephile”

  1. crypticsue says:

    I enjoyed it – perhaps I am a secret fan of anagrams :) Thanks to Cinephile for a nice end to my lunchhour solving and to Ringo for the explanations

  2. fearsome says:

    thanks Ringo and cinephile very enjoyable puzzle

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