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Beelzebub 1186

Posted by Jed on November 30th, 2012


A real vocabulary enhancer





1 Like grapevines, possibly making four figures FRUGIFEROUS (fruit-bearing)


10 Top money secured by expert ACME  M (money) in ACE (expert)

11 Horse with trouble when going over limestone SCAGLIA

SCAG (horse – heroin) AIL< (trouble going over)

12 Schopenhauer’s claim, exhibiting abcess? IMPOSTHUME

David Hume 1711-1776 Arthur 1788-1860 “I’m post Hume”

14 Deletes indications of symmetry AXES dd

15 Burglars getting two grand in Arab country YEGGMEN GG in YEMEN

16 Animal in hurry once knocked over article HYENA

HYE (hurry once) AN< (article knocked over)

17 Once scorned Sabbath, capering indeed SDEINED

S (Sabbath) (INDEED)*

21 Lion dipping into river for fish TELEOST LEO (lion) in TEST (river)

22 Time to get to side of stage in theatrical production OPERA

OP (opposite prompt) ERA (time)

23 One on receiving end of match official missing opening couple OFFEREE


24 Thin and not well done RARE dd

28 Ancestor’s criminal record involving drug? That’s different FOREMOTHER

E (drug) in FORM (criminal record) OTHER (different)

29 Literary extract is inserted in poem EPISODE IS in EPODE (lyric poem)

30 Various vocal quantities excluding a frenzied cry EUOI (vowels minus A)

31 Fogged brain curtailed learner that can’t be told  INENARRABLE



1 Reasonable variety of toys (reservation about one) – amusements for children?

FAIRY STORIES FAIR (reasonable) (TOYS)* I (one) in RES (reservation)

2 Book avoids excessive documentation? Expression of doubt UMPH [b]UMPH

3 Poem, say, elevated bacchant disposing of wine GEORGIC

EG< (say elevated) ORGIASTIC (bacchant) minus ASTI (wine)

4 Fashionable drug keeps fashionable up – with this? INSOMNIA &Lit

IN (fashionable) IN< (fashionable up) in SOMA (drug)

5 Hard intercepting orchestra’s reverberation ECHO

H in ECO (English Chamber Orchestra)

6 Fish eggs are found in flow RAUN A (are) in RUN (flow)

7 Gorse plants formerly blocking rubber trees ULEXES

EX (formerly) in ULES (rubber trees)

8 Bewitched man is involved in horrific end SIRENISED

SIRE (man) IS in (END)*

9 Scots confused with digging up of earliest peat TAPSALTEERIE (topsy-turvy)


11 Somerset town elder possibly depicted in stone TREE (elder eg) in ST (stone)

13 Cruelly applied poisoned items, initially doing for scorpions  PEDIPALPI

(APPLIED)* P[oisoned] I[tems]

16 Hungary blocking two-part Shakespeare play, say, for a short time HALFHOUR

H (Hungary) in HAL FOUR (Henry IV)

18 Slander excellent soul DEFAME DEF (excellent hip-hop) AME (soul)

19 Restorative drink someone busy and active swallows forthwith BEEF TEA

EFT (forthwith) in BEE (busy person) A (active)

20 Postage stamp plot limited by security number PERFIN ERF (plot) in PIN

25 Seaweed picked up strength IRON NORI< (seaweed picked up)

26 Holy books have God above all VEDA VE (have) D (God) A (all)

27 Lock more than does for this fish  CHUB CHUB[b] (lock)


definition part of clue underlined

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition    < = reverse




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