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Enigmatic Variations 1045: Musical Idol By Lato

Posted by Dave Hennings on December 1st, 2012

Dave Hennings.

The annual-ish EV outing for Lato this week, and no extra/missing letters/words or misprints to look out for. Instead there were just nine unclued entries, each suggested in one of two ways by a tenth.

EV 1045A fairly straightforward solve ensued, although I was somewhat puzzled as to what ACTORS, EMPERORs LARIATs and LIGERs could have in common! I finally had all ten unclued entries, including ROCK STAR, which was the obvious candidate for the theme, being a MUSICAL IDOL. It didn’t take too long to realise what was going on. Five of the entries were anagrams of stars, four were definitions of anagrams of STAR:

STAR anagram
STAR* meaning

Finally, two consecutive entries needed highlighting that would represent a fifth occurrence of the second type of connection. In row 2, we had SCRATCHED and TOED, and RAST was ‘scratched’ to Ed [Spenser]! An amusing ending to an enjoyable, straightforward puzzle.

Definition in clue
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Entry Clue and Explanation
1 LARGEST Most generous advance — 80 grand in case outside (7)
A (advance) R (80, old Roman numeral) G (grand) in LEST (in case, as in ‘just in case’)
4 SAMOSA Turnover smaller at first in Pacific country (6)
S (Smaller, first letter) in SAMOA (Pacific country)
8 SCRATCHED Hurriedly wrote the cards — maybe about a hundred (9)
(THE CARDS)* about C (a hundred)
10 TOED Kicked Highlands fox out of earth (4)
TOD (fox, Scottish word) outside E (earth)
11 STAVE Delay start of trouble in reserve (5)
T (start of Trouble) in SAVE (reserve)
12 RATOO Jumper worn by one-time chief in Fiji (5)
ROO (jumper) outside A (one) T (time)
13 WON Opened up present on return (3)
NOW< (present)
14 NISI New lives with independence unless something specific happens (4)
N (new) IS (lives) + I (independence)
15 ARCHNESS Bend head showing cunning (8)
ARCH (bend) + NESS (head)
18 AIDOS Nothing said after cycling Shame (5)
O (nothing) SAID cycled, ie letters moved from back to front; I assume there should be a full stop in the clue
19 ABBA Father in women’s clothing (4)
2 meanings
22 EMEER Engineers back protecting English ruler abroad (5)
REME< (engineers) about E (English)
23 ANI One’s current bird (3)
AN (one) + I (current)
LIGER Unclued
25 SLAY Greatly impress with second song (4)
S (second) + LAY (song)
28 PAWED Molested old man getting married (5)
PA (old man) + WED (married)
29 ERIC Fine contribution from the rich! (4)
hidden in thE RICh
33 ARE Take place in reduced space (3)
ARE[A] (space, reduced)
34 AERIE Spiritual stronghold (5)
2 meanings
35 MOTIF Design appropriate award for review (5)
(FIT (appropriate) + OM (award))<
36 OLEO Print over sign (4)
O (over) + LEO (sign, zodiac)
37 NANDI BEAR Ian and Brenda excitedly spotted hyena? Perhaps (9, 2 words)
38 RESITE Is tree somehow to be put in a different place? (6)
39 GERENTS Men taking on those in charge rarely (7)
GENTS (men) taking in RE (on)
No Entry Clue and Explanation
ACTORS Unclued
GAVE Unclued
2 ETEN Big fellow previously annoyed teen (4)
3 SCREEN Spotted councillor inside shelter (6)
CR (councillor) inside SEEN (spotted)
4 SETH Point to the new boy (4)
S (point) + THE*
5 ADORABLE Charming girl in story not feminine (8)
DORA (girl) in FABLE (story) – F (feminine)
6 OOTID Bad to-do — one’s locked in cell (5)
(TO-DO)* with I (locked in) inside
SETS ON Unclued
7 ADVISER Minister’s assistant read about holding on to power (7)
READ* holding VIS (power)
9 RANCHES Old dogs round northern farms (7)
RACHES (dogs, old word) about N (northern)
11 SWAT Assiduously study women in day (4)
W (women) in SAT (day)
16 HEEL Hot fish to follow (4)
H (hot) EEL (fish)
17 SAI Previously mentioned tailless monkey (3)
SAI[D] (previously mentioned, without last letter); need to look under said, rather than say, for the meaning ‘previously mentioned’
20 BIAS About to stop repeated favouritism (4)
A (about) stopping (ie inside) BIS (repeated)
21 AGITATE Keep moving it to cut stone (7)
IT cutting AGATE (stone)
23 AYR Listened to voice somewhere on the west coast (3)
sounds like AIR (to voice)
24 GARBLE Clothing sale — it’s going to be jumble (6)
GARB (clothing) + SALE – SA (it, ie sex appeal)
26 ACCEDE Agree to dismiss children as stated (6)
sounds like AXE (dismiss) SEED (children)
LARIAT Unclued
27 TREF Forbidden in Thailand — official (4)
T (Thailand) + REF (official)
WILES Unclued
30 BRAE Bank of Scotland branch (one in Glasgow) (4)
BR (branch) + AE (one, Scottish word)
31 SMIR Round Borders light rain (4)
RIMS< (borders)
32 ROBE Invest the Archbishop of York after elevation (4)
EBOR< (York)


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  1. Lato says:

    Thanks for the blog, Dave. See you at Chester, no doubt.

  2. Dave Hennings says:

    I’ll be there.

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