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Azed 2112

Posted by Andrew on December 2nd, 2012


The first thing that struck me about this puzzle was the unusually open grid, with wide open unbarred spaces, especially in the NE and SW corners. The two 13-letter across answers have only two unchecked letters each, instead of the more usual four. Just as remarkably, Azed has managed to fit in a generous helping of familiar (or a least reasonable-looking) words. Perhaps as a result of these two features, I found the puzzle very much at the easy end of the spectrum, almost finishing it without aids in about 40 minutes, and then needing just a little dictionary-hunting to finish off a few stragglers. The grid may be unusual, but the clueing is as sound and imganitive as ever.

1 . Spicy chop cooked with a pinch of tarragon in mixed stew? (8) 
HOTCHPOT HOT + (CHOP T[arragon])*. A variant of the more familiar “hotchpotch”
13 . Temple-shaped monuments, old, protected by Greek goddess (5) 
HEROA O in HERA. Greek plural of “heroon”, which as the preamble notes is not given in Chambers, though the wordplay makes the answer easily gettable.
14 . Regiment given mug, therapeutic (8) 
REMEDIAL R.E.M.E. + DIAL (face, mug)
15 . Chippendale item, item that’s bust at left and right, cracked inside (13, 2 words) 
PIECRUST TABLE (BAST AT L R) in PIECE (item). “A Chippendale table with a carved raised edge” such as this
17 . One entering dressed in vestment that’s taken off (6) 
COPIED I in COPED (wearing a cope)
18 . Sticker at 18 Across? Right! (7) 
ADHERER AD + HERE (i.e. this clue) + R &lit.
19 . Apollyon, gee calling for a flutter in Bangkok? (6) 
SATANG SATAN + G. Apollyon is mentioned in Revelation 9:11: “And they [the inhabitants of Hell] had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” A Satang is a small monetary unit in Thailand, so I suppose the flutter is “a small speculation”
21 . Brood maybe, gold or yellow parrots (6) 
NESTOR NEST + OR (gold or yellow, in heraldry)
23 . Number excluded from friendly relationship, opinionated (6) 
ENTÈTÉ ENTENTE less its second N
25 . Reduced, having retired, at being kept in (6) 
27 . Some NW Italians, those voting against wearing suit (7) 
GENOESE NOES in GEE (fifth heading in Chambers: to suit, in US dialect or slang)
29 . Calf muscle, without another unserviceable (6) 
32 . Nepali tat, a ton transported – one of many in Assam? (13, 2 words) 
33 . Gold surplus receding in rand vale (8, 2 words) 
AU REVOIR AU (gold) + OVER< + I (in) R[and]
34 . Nothing’s backed up when wife follows operating system (5) 
35 . Green paradise? Adam’s description after arrival of Eve maybe (8) 
ECOSTATE Double definition – ECO-STATE, and meaning “ribless”, as Adam could be said to have been after Eve was made from his rib (Gen. 2:21-22). This clue was oddly familiar: in fact I had read it the day before (with the answer) in the Azed Slip for puzzle 2109
2 . Small window that is round (seen from below), befouled badly (11) 
3 . Pedigree chestnut, say (4) 
TREE Double definition
4 . Ornamental pendant with doubled opener requiring customs certificate (6) 
COCKET LOCKET (ornamental pendant) with its opening L “doubled” to C (Roman numerals). Cocket is “a custom-house certificate”
5 . Husband roared wildly for e.g. caviar (7, 2 words) 
HARD ROE H + ROARED. Another one noted in the preamble – this is in Chambers under “roe”
6 . Silly old character, soft on top (5) 
PRUNE P + RUNE (old character). The definition is the noun sense (as in “you are a silly!””
7 . Producing hormones secreting what’s central to good blending (11) 
8 . Prohibition? It’s essential to deprive topers (4) 
VETO Hidden
9 . Computer girl’ put on exercises to get fit? (5) 
ADAPT ADA [Lovelace] + PT. Ada Lovelace worked in Charles Babbage’s early computers, and has a programming language named after her.
10 . Period instruments decorative band holds slantwise mostly (6) 
TIBIAE BIA[s] in TIE. The tibia is an “ancient flute or pipe” (as well as the shinbone)
11 . Self-denial time in shoddy acts rejected – it’s star quality I’m after (11, 2 words) 
12 . We’re promised Jock’s alleged tantrums (8) 
PLEDGEES PLED (Scots and US past tense of plead = allege) + GEES (gee5=”a fit of perversity”, also Scots)
16 . Convalescence is lost after constant card sets (8) 
CANASTAS C + ANASTAS[is]. A canasta is a particular set of cards in the game of Canasta
20 . Tempers breaking records with ultimate in impatience (7) 
ANNEALS [impatienc]E in ANNALS
22 . Pay is half put on what you might call a flutter? (6) 
SALARY I think this is [i]S + ALARY – relating to a wing, which could be “a-flutter” (and the second flutter in the puzzle)
24 . Little bird: short round maiden with oomph (6) 
26 . Crow’s home? Fencing equipment after end of nest (5) 
TEPEE [nes]T + EPEE – the Crow is a member of the Native American tribe, not a bird
28. Ultimate for poet in grip of Eros, transported? (5) 
ESTRO [poe]T in EROS* &lit – the word means poetic enthusiasm or inspriation
30. What’s this seaweed for? Flavour when cooking (4) 
ULVA Composite anagram – FLAVOUR* = ULVA FOR
31. Good mimic that represents threat taking off Tory (4) 

4 Responses to “Azed 2112”

  1. Norman Hall says:

    Thanks for the blog. Everything was explained clearly, though I had hoped you’d seen a clearer link between ‘alary’ and ‘flutter’.

    I note (at 09.42) that still gives LAST week’s puzzle — but clicking on ‘find a puzzle’ on that page and typing in ‘2113’ (no need to type in ‘Azed’) does give you THIS week’s puzzle.

  2. Max says:

    Direct link to Dec 2 puzzle

  3. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I didn’t parse ‘cocket’ without your help.
    Last in was ‘heroa’.
    I would say this was averagely difficult.
    I never notice grid types (daily or Azed) so it always surprises me to read comments like the blog today. I also never notice unsignalled themes or pangrams; just unobservant, I guess.
    I always do a quick clue scan and latch onto something I can solve, then I am off and running without a backward glance!

  4. RCWhiting says:

    There are regularly very few posts on this MB.
    Is this a reflection of a lack of interest or is there an alternative MB which has more contributors?

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