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A Reminder

Posted by Admin on 7th December 2012


Due to the transfer to a new hosting company, please don’t add a comment later than 8pm on Sunday. There will then be some down time, after about 9pm, followed by a period of around four hours when you may be connected to the old server or the new one. If you want your comment to be preserved for posterity then please delay it until after, say, 10am Monday morning (all times GMT).

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Donations – a big THANK YOU!

Posted by Gaufrid on 7th December 2012


Many, many thanks to all you generous people out there for your donations. There are just too many of you for me to write to thank you individually.

When I first mentioned donations, my hope was that there would be enough offers to meet the hosting costs for the next twelve months. The initial response to my request was such that I quickly had to revise my target to two years, which had the added benefit of being able to take advantage of the discount available on the hosting company’s biennial tariff.

However, this still became an unrealistic target as offers of donations continued to come in, at a far greater rate than I had originally anticipated. The end result is that, if/when the final contributions arrive, there will be enough in the kitty to pay for a third year’s hosting! My apologies to those who wanted to donate more but, as you can see, the £5 I set was certainly enough.

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Financial Times 14,181 by Falcon

Posted by Jed on 7th December 2012


Straightforward and well defined



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Independent 8159 / Phi

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 7th December 2012


Another Phi-day to end the week!

First of all though – Many thanks to PeeDee and Eileen who stood in for us while we were on holiday!

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,813 by Araucaria

Posted by PeterO on 7th December 2012


As long as you know the references, I think this is at the easier end of Araucaria’s output.

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