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Azed 2113

Posted by John on December 9th, 2012


Again a lovely sound crossword from Azed. I won’t waste time by copying out Chambers but as usual will confine myself to trying to explain how the clues work, something that wasn’t always clear at first. But that always happens with Azed’s crosswords. Sooner or later you manage and I think I’ve more or less understood them all now.

1 BREADCHIPPER — (beard)* chipper [= well]
10 nyLON GARMents — hidden — ref ‘long arm of the law’
12 ABER — the form of address to the Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney — the reversed collar is (rebato)rev., and ‘to’ is cut — at least I think so, but the clue suggests that ‘to’ is cut from reversed collar, in which case it isn’t ‘to’ that needs to be cut but ‘ot’ [Episcopal style, to cut reversed collar (old-fashioned)]
13 SOURCOLD — Azed says at the foot of the clues that Chambers gives no definition of the word, so he has had to guess: which is that it means, or rather meant, peevish and unfriendly (sour = peevish, cold = unfriendly) — our [= of us] in scold
14 {ac}CORDS
15 XOANA — (Naxo{s})* a
17 STARKEN — (tanker’s)*
18 VOIDEE — vo = verso, idéé — I think ‘as in cuisine’ is there to tell us that it’s French
19 IDOIST — (do [= complete] is [= lives]) in it
21 IN DOCK — doc in ink
24 BLONDE — (Le Bon D{uran})*
26 SAPROBE — sap [= drain] robe [= gown]
28 WANNA{be} — wanna = wish to — I think Azed would have preferred to avoid the fact that both ‘wanna’ and ‘wannabe’ use the same contraction of ‘want to’
30 TYLER — Wat Tyler
31 GANISTER — (granite’s)*
32 VI(V)A
33 HAIRNET — air in (the N)* — locks as in tresses
1 BLACKVISAGED — B. lack vis aged [= very old]
2 ROBOT — {Po}rt around obo
3 ENERGID — (reigned)*
5 C{a}ROUSE — ‘a second’ is not ‘s’ but ‘a, which comes second in the word’
6 INRO AD — ‘ad’ is ‘poster announcing’ I think
7 PICAROON — the word for which we have to compose a clue
8 POON{a}
9 REDINTEGRATE — red (gent)* in irate
11 BLAES — (sable)* I think, although Jock’s black is blae — blaes is hardened clay of a possibly blae colour, so I’m not sure what I’m missing here
16 ADORNING — a dog round (r inn)*
20 INK LING — ink is often black or blue
22 NAWAB — (bawn)rev. round a
23 CON SUL{la} — Cicero was at one time a consul
24 BEHEAD — (he a) in bed — in bed is ‘between the sheets!’
27 REVEL — (lever)rev.
29 A NO-N{o} — and two subsidiary indications — soon = anon and nameless = anon

4 Responses to “Azed 2113”

  1. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I had a quite slow start to this one but got going with ‘viva’.
    After that i thought it was average for difficulty.
    I liked 28ac and 34ac.
    9d held me up, the cryptic was fairly clear but ‘redintegrate’ is an odd word, why not just ‘re-integrate’.
    I am sure I have seen the ‘lock-keeper’ = ‘hairnet’ somewhere before.
    The ‘sourcold’ entry is a real oddity.

  2. John says:

    He couldn’t have used ‘re-integrate’ because it doesn’t have enough letters. My little electronic thing from Chambers irritatingly counts a hyphen as a letter, but crosswords don’t.

    Is anyone going to explain to me what I’ve missed in 12ac or 11dn?

  3. RCWhiting says:

    I cannot see much wrong with ‘aber’.
    ‘to cut reversed collar’ could be taken as instructions in order ie cut the ‘to’ from ‘rebarto’ leaving ‘reba’ then reverse it.
    ‘blaes’ does have the very small problem which you have noted.
    Of course I knew that ‘re-integrate’ did not fit the grid. I was wondering,outside this puzzle, why redintegrate was ever coined when reintegrate exists and follows the usual pattern of ‘re’ = again whereas I do not recall any other example of ‘red’ = again.

  4. Bob Sharkey says:

    BLAES turns on the afterthought in the noun definition. Does ‘often blae in colour’ mean ‘the colour blae’ (n), or that the clay or shale is often blae. I think we have to give Azed the benefit of the doubt (sort of).

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