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Guardian Quiptic 682 / Hectence

Posted by Big Dave on December 10th, 2012

Big Dave.

A competent puzzle with a good range of clue types.

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 11th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. D(iamonds). Definitions are underlined in the clue and only included in explanations where further information is given.


8a Abridge legal document (8)
CONTRACT – two definitions

9a One who stood up for lack of production? (2-4)
NO-SHOW – a person who failed to turn up for an appointment could be a lack of a theatrical production

10a Feign a wound to hide rodent bite (4)
GNAW – hidden inside the first three words of the clue

11a I call round after rejecting old boy’s help as shocking (10)
DIABOLICAL – an anagram (round) of I CALL follows the reversal (rejecting) of OB (old boy) and some help

12a Grower of food’s taking in first of maize by hand (6)
FARMER – a word meaning food around (taking in) the initial letter (first) of Maize and followed by R (right hand)

14a Cut edge on diamond is asymmetrical (8)
LOPSIDED – a three-letter verb meaning to cut followed by an edge and D(iamonds)

15a Setter’s clues finish with attempt to include note that is intriguing (7)
MYSTERY – the first person possessive pronoun (setter’s) followed by the final letter of clueS and an attempt around (to include) the third note of the diatonic scale of C major

17a Money saved for little home and baby potentially? (4,3)
NEST EGG – a little home followed by what might become the little bird that lives there

20a Led run in PE then gave up (8)
PRECEDED – R(un) inside PE, followed by a verb meaning gave up

22a Bring round article about funeral party (6)
AWAKEN – the two-letter form of the indefinite article around a funeral party

23a Stealing look into quiet old city homes at midnight (10)
PURLOINING – a two-letter word meaning look inside the musical notation for quiet, Crosswordland’s favourite old city, the two-letter word for home repeated (to make homes, plural) and the middle letter of niGht

24a Discover fellow’s popular with daughter (4)
FIND – F(ellow) followed by a two-letter word meaning popular and D(aughter)

25a Point at Oriental queen in bit of a glittery dress (6)
SEQUIN – a compass point followed by E (Eastern / Oriental), QU(een) and IN

26a Check made to cables (8)
OBSTACLE – an anagram (made) of TO CABLES


1d Farthest limit of Lord’s? (8)
BOUNDARY – a cryptic definition of the line marking the limit of the cricket field at Lord’s

2d Sweat about dropping a casserole (4)
STEW – an anagram (about) of SWE(A)T without (dropping) the A

3d Fight with the German prison officer (6)
WARDER – a fight between nations followed by the German definite article

4d Guilty of taking a fat bundle last month (2,5)
AT FAULT – an anagram (bundle) of A FAT followed by the term used in business correspondence to represent the last month

5d Relative’s holding up after love split (8)
UNCOUPLE – a male relative around UP, which is preceded by O (love)

6d Flowering plant restored a sad spirit (10)
ASPIDISTRA – an anagram (restored) of A SAD SPIRIT

7d Setting of pub’s key (6)
LOCALE – a pub followed by a musical key

13d Extra careful after time off, copper’s left to take on regular rogues (10)
METICULOUS – an anagram (off) of TIME followed by the chemical symbol for copper, L(eft) and the even (regular) letters of rOgUeS

16d Communist soldier and worker becomes big star (3,5)
RED GIANT – a communist followed by an American soldier and a worker insect

18d Insect queen’s raised in general to take to the air (8)
GREENFLY – the regnal cypher for Elizabeth Regina reversed (raised) inside GEN(eral) and followed by a verb meaning to take to the air

19d Avoids entanglement with heart-throb consultant (7)
ADVISOR – an anagram (entanglement) of AVOIDS followed by the middle letter (heart) of thRob

21d Ways to articulate cultural identity (6)
ROUTES – sounds like (to articulate) roots (cultural identity)

22d Holiday month in Georgian city’s cut short (6)
AUGUST – a city in the US state of Georgia (not the country of the same name) without its final letter (cut short)

24d Mash up loaf for young animal (4)
FOAL – an anagram (mash up) of LOAF

One Response to “Guardian Quiptic 682 / Hectence”

  1. Derek Lazenby says:

    Yes quite. Ta both.

    Umm, I know it’s standard xword practice, but I’ve always been a bit unsure about rejecting = reversing. I can see that “a rejection” can be “a reverse”, I’m just not convinced about extending that to rejecting/reversing. I suspect the target audience may well appreciate having it spelt out too. So could one of you rich people who can afford a proper dictionary care to do that please.

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