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Financial Times 14.185 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on December 12th, 2012


This puzzle was very late appearing on the FT website.   If anyone is still awake then here is the blog…

Enjoyable with a few inventive constructions that will appear either interesting or a little dodgy depending on your libertairian/Ximenean leanings.  Personally I liked them.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 CERISE SIRE (make children) in EC (city of London postal area) reversed (reflected) – definition is ‘shade’, colour
4 JERSEY Breed of cow and Tour De France leader’s top
8 ARSENAL LANES (narrow roads) RA (Royal Artillery) reversed (right to left on map) – definition is ‘store’
9 IGNOBLE sIG (signature, autograph) missing head and L (left) in (during) OBE (award)
11 IRRELEVANT LE (the, French) V (first letter of vacationers) in TERRAIN*
12 KNOB double definition
13 EYRIE anagram (converting) of part of drIER YEsterday
14 SPATLESE SPA (bath) ELdEST* missing d=day – German wine made from extra-ripe grapes
16 CHAINSAW CHAIN (shops) SAW (spotted)
18 MOCHA MO (short time) CHAp (bloke) missing P (quiet)
20 QUIT QUILT (bedding) missing L (last letter of spaniel)
21 THROMBOSIS THRO (through) MB (doctor) O (old) SISter (nurse, half of)
23 ST LOUIS LOUT* in SIS (relative)
24 AT FIRST A TT (series of races) around FIRS (cones?)
25 DOTARD DO (cook) TAR (salt, sailor) coD (last letter)
26 FREEZE sounds like “frees” (releases)
1 CORER CORnER (niche) missing N=new
2 ROE DEER REED (grass) reversed (upset) before ROE (eggs)
3 SHAPELESS PE (training) in LEASH* (anagram=faulty) and SeemS (vacuous=no insides)
5 ERGOT EscaRGOT (snail) missing (eating) SpecifiC (extremes of) A (area) – a fungal disease of cereals.  I don’t undertand ‘eating’ here, it does not really mean something removed to me.
6 SNORKEL anagram (changing) of bREN’S OK (missing heading) and L (learner) – equipment to be used in the sea (main)
7 YELLOW SEA YE (the, traditional=old) LOWS (cyclones) entangled with (disrupting) LEA (meadow)
10 CASSOWARY ASS (fool) in CO (company, business) and WARY (not trusting)
13 EXHAUSTED EXHAUST (part of a car) insurancE funD (last parts of) – definition is ‘spent’
15 ALMA MATER ALTER (modify) holding (nursing) MA MA (graduate, two of) – an old school or college
17 INTROIT IN (popular) deTROIT (Motown) missing two leading letters (churned out) – a piece of church music
19 CHOC ICE CHOICE (the best) keeping Cool (initial letter)
21 TRIER German city and one who tries people in court
22 ISSUE mIsSeS jUnE (regularly=every other letter)


6 Responses to “Financial Times 14.185 by Aardvark”

  1. nmsindy says:

    It’s now available on the website (AARDVARK puzzle).

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks for the heads-up nmsindy. I’ll get a blog later this evening.

  3. fearsome says:

    Thanks PeeDee and Aardvark, Chainsaw and Cassowary defeated me, quite a few clues with a letter drop perhaps an underused device. I particularly liked Choc Ice.

    Shouldn’t it be Spatlese?

  4. PeeDee says:

    Thanks fearsome, corrected. I had forgotten to explain the subsidiary part of the clue too.

  5. Keeper says:

    I doubt anyone will see this post, but I’ll chime in all the same.

    Before I got any of the crossing letters, I confidently put in PARIS for 21d, as in the Judgment of Paris (that which precipitated the Trojan War, not the wine competition).

  6. PeeDee says:

    Hi Keeper,

    A good solution I think and more imaginative than the ‘correct’ one. Its a shame it does not fit the crossing letters as I prefer your version.

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