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Independent 8164 / Crosophile

Posted by Bertandjoyce on December 13th, 2012


A good Thursday work-out from Crosophile. We started quickly, completed almost half the grid and then came to a sudden halt!

All of the clues were fair but some of the more devious ones needed a number of checking letters before the penny finally dropped. There were also a number where the answer was obvious but it took a lot of head-scratching’ to work out the parsing.

Our COD was 26D. The answer was obvious from the start but the ‘story’ behind the clue reminded us of one of our favourite programmes!

1   With backing track editor put on over new single’s intro
SPONSORED SPOOR (track) around or ‘over’ N (new) + S (first letter or ‘introduction’ of single) + ED (editor) = with backing
6   A lot of hot air from second eleven
STEAM S (second) + TEAM (eleven) = lot of hot air
9   Day after day caught up in hassles and problems
RIDDLES DD (day after day) inside or ‘caught up in’ RILES (hassles) = problems
10   Comes for old documents church put aside for rector
ARRIVES AR(ch)IVES (old documents) with CH replaced or ‘put aside’ for R (rector) = comes
11   Struck somebody initially by glove
SMITTEN S (first letter of somebody or ‘initially’) + MITTEN (glove) = struck
12   Diagnosis when a man is confused about experience lately?
AMNESIA Anagram of A MAN IS about E (final letter of experience or ‘lately’) = if you were confused about your experiences this may well be the diagnosis
13   Not quite the smallest meadows
LEAS (LEAS)t (smallest) with final letter removed or ‘not quite’ = meadows
15   I pitch into worn-out crawler
TRILOBITE I + LOB (pitch) inside TRITE (worn-out) = crawler
19   Fumble finishing off beery drink added to lime cocktail
MISHANDLE (SHAND)y (beery drink) with last letter missed or ‘finishing’ off inside an anagram of LIME (anagrind is ‘cocktail’) = fumble
20   Dashed off second page to editor
SPED S (second) + P (page) + ED (editor) = dashed off
22   Without restrictions live at the limits – what’s left?
RESIDUE RESIDE (live) outside or ‘at the limits’ outside U (without restrictions) = what’s left
25   European politician’s mistake gutted leader
EMPEROR E (European) + MP (politician) + ER(r)OR (mistake) with middle missed out or ‘gutted’ = leader
27   Predators on the web? I’d press for a change
SPIDERS Anagram of I’D PRESS (anagrind is ‘for a change’) = predators on the web!
28   Banger with a couple of turnovers to allay hunger perhaps
ASSUAGE SAUSAGE (banger) with SA and US turned over = to allay hunger perhaps
29   Like shielding for instance an individual
AEGIS AS (like) around or ‘shielding’ EG (for instance) + I = like shielding or protection/patronage which may be for an individual
30   Confused text about wanderer he’s turned out
EXTROVERT Anagram of TEXT (anagrind is ‘confused’) about ROVER (wanderer) = a person who is mainly interested in the world external to himself or ‘turned out’. One of us hadn’t realised that there is a verb ‘extrovert’ – to turn outward.
1   Cause of crack in originally solid lock
STRESS S (first letter of SOLID or ‘originally’) + TRESS (lock) = cause of crack
2   They’ve seen it all lost and mired in chaos
OLD TIMERS Anagram of LOST + MIRED (anagrind is ‘in chaos’) = they’ve seen it all
3   A break somewhere on the Adriatic?
SPLIT SPLIT(a break) = City on the Adriatic in Croatia
4   Part for woodwind includes short composition that’s struck a chord
RESONATED REED (part for woodwind) around or ‘including’ (SONAT)a (composition) with last letter missing or ‘short’ = struck a chord
5   A short chap tailing Dr No?
DRAMA A + (MA)n (chap) with final letter missing or ‘short’ after DR = drama No. Joyce would like to thank Bert for checking through the blog this morning!
6   Find out about dodgy routine I avoided taxing
STRENUOUS SUS (find out) about an anagram of ROUT(i)NE with I missing or ‘avoided’ (anagrind is ‘dodgy’) = taxing
7   Little people having put £ in days before
ELVES L (£) inside or ‘put in’ EVES (days before) = little people
8   Notes dog’s breakfast taking a long time
MESSAGES MESS (dog’s breakfast) + AGES (a long time) = notes
14   Reportedly remained stood on head for stability
STAIDNESS STAID (sounds like REMAINED) + NESS (head) = stability
16   Rambling eglantine, not the cultivated sort
INELEGANT Anagram of EGLANTINE (anagrind is ‘rambling’) = not the cultivated sort
17   He’s drunk a beer mixed with rum in it?
INEBRIATE Anagram of A BEER (anagrind is ‘mixed’) with an anagram of IN IT (anagrind is ‘rum’) = he’s drunk
18   A target raised – brothers entered Olympic table to hold this?
AMBROSIA A + AIM (target) reversed or ‘raised’ with BROS (brothers) inside or ‘entering’ = the ‘food of the Greek gods’ which may well have featured on an Olympic table
21   Excited tenor tours Italy to get bearings
ORIENT Anagram of TENOR (anagrind is ‘excited’) around or ‘touring’ I (Italy) = to get bearings
23   Removing clothes dive off, do
STING (dive)STING (removing clothes) with DIVE removed = do
24   Make certain to kill king to succeed
ENSUE ENSU(r)E (make certain) with R (king) removed or ‘killed’ = to succeed
26   Trouble with duck and sauce involving Basil
PESTO PEST (trouble) + O (duck) = sauce made using basil. A lovely clue making reference to this episode of Fawlty Towers featuring Basil Fawlty!


10 Responses to “Independent 8164 / Crosophile”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, B&J for a comprehensive blog. Didn’t spot the Fawlty Towers reference in PESTO, but the clue works without knowing that, doesn’t it? Good crossword from Crosophile – not too tricky, with AMNESIA my favourite this morning.

  2. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks K’s D – We’d forgotten all about 12ac as a possible COD!

  3. Wanderer says:

    Thanks B&J and Crosophile, very enjoyable stuff.

    I haven’t seen the film, nor read the book since the 1960s, but there seems to be a Hobbit theme here, with BILBO and SMAUG hidden across the grid. Wikipedia tells me that Smaug is a dragon from The Hobbit, who captured the Lonely Mountain, EREBOR. The letters of EREBOR seem to come together at the point where 17d, INEBRIATE, crosses with 25a, EMPEROR, but if there’s more going on, I can’t see it.

  4. Crosophile says:

    Well spotted, Wanderer. Amazingly EREBOR is a coincidence but I wish I’d thought of that as it could have appeared as an inverted V perhaps.
    But yes, there is a little more.

  5. flashling says:

    Well STING is Bilbo’s sword and Gollum asks RIDDLES

  6. flashling says:

    And ELVES of course

  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    Hi flashling – you beat me to it!

    Well spotted Wanderer and thanks for dropping by Crosophile.

  8. Crosophile says:

    one more! :-)

  9. Bertandjoyce says:

    A bit of a long-shot – Bilbo called himself Spider-Slayer!

  10. Crosophile says:

    Thanks, Bertandjoyce, for the blog and thanks for the various comments. You’ve got the right grid entry, B&J. There were some very nasty SPIDERS in Mirkwood which very nearly stopped the quest in its tracks. Not quite as horrid as Shelob but its all relative.

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