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Beelzebub 1188

Posted by Jed on December 14th, 2012


Plenty to test your wits in here






1 Defender found round rear of park changed opinion BACKTRACKED

BACK defender [par]K in TRACED found

12 Sick sailor aboard naval vessel gets frothy potion SILLABUB

ILL sick AB sailor in SUB naval vessel

13 Suggesting name not so weak, powerless NOUNY

NO not so [p]UNY weak

14 Over half of neighbourhood appearing for actor IRONS Jeremy


15 Shakespeare’s obliged with act involving baronet DEBTED

BT baronet in DEED act

16 It’s a line I see in special script ITALIC

IT A L line IC I see

17 Run from hug in disgrace as before EMBACE

R run from EMBRACE hug

19 Variety of citron tree, home to orange juice initially being knocked back

RETROJECTION OJ (orange juice initially) in (CITRON TREE HOME)*

20 Revolutionary artist with demand for clock system STANDARD TIME


25 Marine at sea with other service personnel AIRMEN (MARINE)*

27 Local quake with a slowish motion WAMBLE W with AMBLE easy pace

28 You will have injected fashionable stimulant THEINE

IN fashionable in THEE you

29 Translation recalled original language, mostly advanced ITALA (Bible)

LATI[n]< original language recalled A advanced

30 Hymn-writer’s power? WATTS dd (Isaac Watts)

31 Standard particle say, found in sodium carbonate NEGATRON

EG say in NA sodium TRON carbonate

32 Rascal feels aroused having lot of sex in daydream  LOSE ONESELF

SE[x] in LOON rascal (FEELS)*


2 Nothing in excellent article upset monks ACOEMETI

O nothing in ACE excellent ITEM< article upset

3 Curtailed compartment blocked by hard unpickable lock CHUBB

H hard in CUBB[y] compartment

4 Philosopher’s attitude, not one having weight overseas KANTAR

KANT philosopher AIR attitude minus I

5 One on board travelled with woman, going to cut-down club in port

RIO DE JANEIRO I in RODE one in travelled JANE woman IRO[n] club cut

6 Continuously repeating the first letter? ALLITERATION “recurrence of the same initial sound (not necessarily letter) in words in close succession” (Chambers)

7 Military boss comes round drunk, like me in France CLITIC (in linguistics ‘me’ in French is an example) LIT drunk in CIC Commander in Chief

8 King’s ornamental headgear, with twisting snake KARAIT

K king TIARA< twisted ornamental headgear

9 Part of brain upset by a source of disease EBOLA LOBE< A

10 Indecent behaviour in most of resort captured in outdoor filming?

OBSCENENESS  NES[t] resort in OB outside broadcast SCENES

11 Farming technique with hazy red sun due UNDERSOWING


18 Crack up, being no longer united in the end GO MENTAL

MENT united (obsolete) in GOAL end

21 Maths symbols capture core of students NABLAS NAB capture [c]LAS[s]

22 Expand muscle that’s in decline DILATE

LAT latissimus dorsi  in DIE decline

23 Tracks studies linked to Troy TREADS T troy READS studies

24 I’m a shy person occupying one’s mind  IMAGO

26 Difficult situation involving the Pope’s girdle MITRE T the in MIRE problem

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition


definition part of clue underlined

One Response to “Beelzebub 1188”

  1. Dormouse says:

    I notice you don’t have an explanation of 24dn, which I assume involves both SHY and GO meaning an attempt.

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