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Azed 2114/regression

Posted by ilancaron on December 15th, 2012


I solved this early in the week… but forgot to write up my notes until early this morning.  So I’m regressing to the mean: after a reasonably long spell of decoding all of Azed’s wordplays, a couple escape me this week.

1 SHOG – last of hogs=swine moves to front for a word meaning “move on”
6 SPARS[e]
12 LARINE – (a liner)* with “at sea” the somewhat hackneyed anagrind but at least consistent with the marine surface – meaning “of gulls”.
13 [g]ORGE,AT[um] – almond and sugar syrup.
14 BRIDGERAMA – (marriage bed – i)* – a board used in bridge clubs.
15 ME(IO)TIC – metic=(ancient) Greek resident alien. IO=expression of joy and the whole thing’s an understatement.
16 BAWL – first letters
17 C(LEVE[l])ITE – it’s a pitchblende which is a black mineral.
19 HE,RENESS* – HE=His (Her?) Excellence is a Cardinal.
22 RO(PEAB)LE – Australian wild (thus waddy).  Don’t see rest of wordplay to produce PEAB (“Waddy’s wild? Dimwit missing rain in part”).  Thanks to Bob below: it’s PEA-B[rain] (which seems to describes me for not seeing this).
26 PR(O,E,M)IAL – introductory.  Where PRIAL=three of a kind in cards.
29 WANE – anew with W shifted left.
30 SNU(BB)ER – BB=abbrev(books) in nurse*.  And means shock absorber in the US. Apparently.
31 RETAL,I,ATOR – definition was straightforward enough (“Not one to turn the other cheek?”) — now for the wordplay… ok it’s rev(rota=round, i=one, later=anon)
32 T(ALL)ET – loft (in Wales).  And if nothing else, one legacy of the Vietnam War is the
33 TOR,RIO[t] – not as familiar as Al Capone but was part of the Chicago mafia. rev(rot=corruption).
34 SET-T,O – test*
35 NOON – two meanings (ref.

1 SL(UMBER, PART)Y – US sleepover (thus “broads” and spelling of UMBER=brown).
2 HAVE A GO – two meanings
3 GIR(O)L,LE – duck=O, which is the obligatory cricket reference.  GIROLLE is a type of mushroom (and incidentally French).
4 KNIT,CH – “bits of corded hemp” generates the first letters = CH.  And definition is a bundle of wood (in dialect).
5 SEDILE – rev(elides=cutos off), where a clergyman sits in church.
7 P,REEVE – archaic proof=evidence for people like Spenser.  And REEVE archaic chief magistrate.
8 A,GREE[n]
10 S(AM)IT – a bit hard to find but it’s the plural of Sami=a Lapp.
11 STATESPERSON – (sane protests)*
18 A(POST)LE – turns out ALE=a feast or festival (in which I’m going to guess ALE was consumed).
20 N(EWB)ORN – web* in NORN (Norse dialect in the Orkneys)
21 SENECIO – (econ[om]ise)* – weeds
23 AMULET – muleta=matador’s red cloth with A moved to front.
24 LA(NA)TE – woolly which I suppose describes some caterpillars.  NA=once (once).
25 ELU(TO)R – TO=until in rev(rule=standard).  Purification vessel.
27 RHEAS – share*.  They can’t fly so they flap in vain.
28 [h]EX,ALT – hex=magician so a Cockney version would drop the H.  But why is ALT=limp unless it’s halt?

10 Responses to “Azed 2114/regression”

  1. Bob Sharkey says:

    Thanks, Ilan. ROBEABLE is pea-b(rain) in role. Like you, we who followed the Vietnam War closely will all remember TET.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the blog Ilan. In 28d – yes, limp = [h]alt, as in “the halt and the lane”. Chambers gives halt = “to be lame, to limp (archaic)” and “n. a limp (archaic)”

  3. bridgesong says:

    Thanks for explaining some of the answers whose explanations eluded me. Am I alone in thinking that 18 down “One championing cause who’s position in age-old festival” seems to have slipped through whatever system Azed uses for proof-reading?

  4. Norman Hall says:

    Thanks Ilan

    re 24 dn

    Garden Tiger caterpillars (in particular) are often called ‘woolly bears’, which is in Chambers.
    They used to be very common, but are getting alarmingly scarce.

    As an entomologist, I wouldn’t describe such caterpillars as ‘lanate’, even though their ‘wool’ is composed of long hairs…
    …but with the final question mark I have no quibbles with the clue.

  5. Norman Hall says:

    re 18d

    I was happy with the cluing of 18d.
    An apostle is someone who is (who’s) POST (position) in ALE (a festival)

  6. Bob Sharkey says:

    Re 18D I think Bridgesong was referring to the surface which I read as being ‘.. has post .. ‘. Azed relies on this ambiguity from time to time. It took me a while to suppress my doubts.

  7. bridgesong says:

    Norman and Bob: yes, I was referring to the surface which seemed ungrammatical at first sight, but I do see now that it could be read differently. Thanks.

  8. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed and ilancaron.

    24dn: I think this is L(AN)ATE: AN = obsolete word for “if” so “if once”.

  9. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I rated this towards the more difficult end of the Azed spectrum.
    I was particularly held up by the SW corner.
    Last in was 22ac which I also admired the most.
    I agree with PB @8 ref: ‘an’ in 24d.
    I wonder just how obscure a proper name can be and remain acceptable (33ac). There are presumably some which are unique to a single person!

  10. John Young says:

    Thanks for the blog.

    In 19 Ac Cardinals are titled ‘His Eminence’ also abbreviated as ‘HE’

    If you’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire, Johnny Torrio has featured regularly.

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