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Independent 8160 / Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle 08/12/12)

Posted by Bertandjoyce on December 15th, 2012


Well – we really made a mess of this one! Joyce takes full responsibility as Bert was busy earning money!!

We  only have access to an ipad at present so we may not manage to sort this out until we are home tonight.

Our humble apologies. Thanks jmac!

I (Joyce) realised that I had completed the blog as soon as I looked at the clues. I also completed the Crosophile blog earlier this week and somehow or other I ended up copying the same puzzle in twice without realising it. 

There was I thinking that I was the answer to 1ac and ended up having part of the clue itself!

Anyway, here’s the blog I prepared earlier….

This was a devilish Saturday prize crossword that we really enjoyed. We expected to have some difficulty as it was a Saturday Prize crossword but when we saw that it was Bannsider we knew that we had serious problems!

The one that foxed us the most as far as the parsing was concerned was 25ac. Very devious but good fun!

1   A small seizure awkward to handle, when filling in form!
AS FIT AS A FIDDLE A + S (small) + FIT (seizure) + A FIDDLE (awkard to handle) around or being ‘filled’ by AS (when) = in form
9   Are hip-hop fans hard to find in EU perhaps
DIGRAPH DIG RAP (hip-hop fans) + H (hard) = the single sound made by two letters such as EU is called a digraph
10   Reflecting on effect of Sun lawyer’s articles for Observer
NOTANDA ON (reversed or ‘reflected’) + TAN (effect of sun) + DA (lawyer) = articles for observer
11   Royalty-managed organisation promoting Duke’s messengers
ERRAND BOYS ER (royalty) + RAN (managed) + BODY (organisation) with D (Duke) moved forward or ‘promoted’ + ’S = messengers
13   Press giant in Wapping maybe keeping close to paper
URGE HUGE (giant as it would be pronounced in Wapping with ‘h’ left off) around or ‘keeping’ R (last letter or ‘close to’ (pape)R) = press
14   Easy for one MP and his trips on the way from Westminster to Leeds?
MIDSHIPMAN Anagram of I (one) +  MP AND HIS (anagrind is ‘trips’) + N (you would be going North (N) if you went from Westminster to Leeds!) = easy. Jan has the correct parsing. Many thanks.
16   Girl gives men hugs
ESME Hidden or ‘hugged by’  giv(ES ME)n = girl
18   Peach: last one taken from the box
TELL TELLY (box) with last letter missing or ‘taken’ = peach as in the verb to accuse or inform against
19   Force back a second punch – not a sausage or a liqueur
MARASCHINO RAM (force) reversed or ‘back’ + A + S (second) + CHIN (punch) + O (not a sausage) = a liqueur
20   Nobel laureate initially moderate in tone
HUME M (the initial letter of moderate) inside HUE (tone) =  this Nobel Laureate
21   Wanted endless variable energy, with ornate fire in addition to radiator
ANTIFREEZE WANTED (first and last letters removed or ‘endless’) + Z (variable as in Maths) + E (energy) with an anagram of FIRE inside or ‘in’ (anagrind is ‘ornate’) = addition to radiator
24   Rock singer from Baywatch on the radio?
LORELEI LOREL + EI  (sounds like LAUREL (bay) + EYE or ‘on the radio’) = in the German legend the Lorelei sat on a rock in the River Rhine
25   Thus mince becomes more what a carnivore requires?
INCISOR INC IS OR the instructions to change MINCE so that it becomes MORE  = a carnivore requires this type of tooth to eat
27   Constituency chap betrays signs of running a lot on instinct
SEAT OF THE PANTS SEAT (constituency) + OFT HE PANTS (betrays signs of running a lot) = on instinct
1   Left after clashing with aldermen about Conservative ex-minister
ANDREW MITCHELL L (left) after an anagram of  WITH ALDERMEN (anagrind is ‘clashing’) about (Conservative) = ex-minister
2   Confusion following blunder in penalty area?
FOG F (following) + OG (own goal or ‘blunder in penalty area’) = confusion
3   For these Indian stations, Dynasty repeats back-to-back in middle of sportscast
THANNAHS HAN + HAN (dynasty) with the second one reversed or ‘back to back’) inside TS (middle of spor(TS)cast = Indian stations
4   A Scottish team cycling to obtain Asian title
SAHIB A HIBS with last letter moved to the front or ‘cycling’ = Asian title
5   Husbands exceptionally taken with New York fauna? That’s not peculiar
FUNNY HA-HA Anagram of HH (husbands) + NY (New York) + FAUNA (anagrind is exceptional as in ‘unusually’) =  that’s not peculiar!
6   Sometimes initially blind, it may lead to seeing on a regular basis
DATE The clue refers to a blind DATE which, if it’s the right person may lead to seeing them more regularly i.e. you would DATE them!
7   Fools holding a new sign up for Scottish destination
LANARKSHIRE LARKS (fools) around or ‘holding’ A  N (new)  + HIRE (sign up) = Scottish destination
8   Alternative to e.g. fried pea samosa with no filling?
PATE DE FOIE GRAS Anagram of TO E.G. FRIED PEA and S(amos)A (first and letters only or with ‘no filling’) = an alternative type of food!
12   Puzzle’s preamble is strain on simple English
RIDDLE ME REE RIDDLE (strain) + MERE (simple) + E (English) = puzzle’s preamble
15   Litigant’s uncomplicated words
PLAINTIFF PLAIN (uncomplicated) + TIFF (words) = litigant
17   Sailors caught in a successful strike that bears fruit
ACORN CUP RN (sailors) + C (caught) inside A COUP (successful strike) = something that bears fruit
22   W European blonde, rather dismissive of game runners
IRISH FAIRISH (blonde) missing FA (game runners as in Football Association) = W European
23   Pad of pink paper with note wrapped inside
FLAT FT (Financial Times – pink paper) around or with LA (note) inside = pad as in the living quarters!
26   Native cardinals upset
SON NOS (cardinals) reversed or ‘upset’ = native


9 Responses to “Independent 8160 / Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle 08/12/12)”

  1. jmac says:

    This is a completely different puzzle from the one in the printed version, also given as 8160 by Bannsider, with 1 ac starting “A small seizure awkward …”

  2. Bertandjoyce says:

    Doh! What happened here, we will try and sort this out this later today! We’ve been away so I this maybeone of the ones we caught up on when we came back!

  3. allan_c says:

    The puzzle I downloaded from Crossword Solver would appear to be the one jmac found in the dead tree version. That too is given as 8160 by Bannsider, and 1 ac starts “A small seizure awkward …”

  4. crypticsue says:

    I always enjoy a fight with a Bannsider puzzle – for me, anyway, his are always the hardest puzzles and it takes me a couple of days of looking, putting it down and leaving it for an hour or so to cogitate and then the usual great pleaasure when I finally solve the last clue. Thanks to Bannsider and to B&J too.

  5. jmac says:

    What a wonderful assortment of clues! An amazing puzzle. thanks to Bannsider, and B&J for the parsing!

  6. allan_c says:

    Well, it all came right in the end – thanks, B&J

    Great puzzle with numerous clues that either (a) were difficult to parse even after getting the answer, or (b) led to a facepalm moment after taking ages to work out the answer. Thanks, Bannsider.

  7. Jan says:

    Thanks B&J – I really struggled with this one and completely failed to make the PATE! I’d convinced myself it must be PAIN DE something something, having decided that the ‘Press’ at 13 was IRON although I couldn’t see what ION had to do with a Wapping giant! Doh!

    I parsed 14 differently – anagram of MP AND HIS on M1 (the motorway North) – I think yours has two Ns. At first I thought the same as you with the N at the end being North, but couldn’t make the rest work.

  8. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Jan, you’re right! We really should have checked that one more carefully – no doubt we were so pleased to solve it that we just moved on to the next clue.

  9. flashling says:

    Well the Ban man is hard enough, but doing the wrong puzzle! Cheers B&J for the correct one as this was one I certainly one I just wrote in some answers without fully understanding.

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