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Guardian Quiptic 683 / Pan

Posted by Bertandjoyce on December 17th, 2012


This was a delightful way to start the week.

We don’t think we have done a Pan puzzle before but we will keep an eye out from now on. The surface reading of many off the clues was excellent!

4   Macedonia, then Serbia, laying claim to city
ATHENS Hidden within the clue or ‘laying claim to’ Macedoni(A THEN S)erbia = city
6   Great novelist with time to be a love cheat
BIGAMIST BIG (great) + AMIS (novelist) + T (time) = a love cheat
9   Emissary from the pope emerging from the French port
LEGATE LE (French for the) + GATE (port) = emissary from the pope
10   Know-all in Telegraph accepting complex case
WISEACRE WIRE (telegraph) around or ‘accepting’ anagram of CASE (anagrind is ‘complex’) = know-all
11   Scots wearing same tartan almost certain to be furtive
CLANDESTINE CLAN (Scots wearing same tartan) + DESTINEd (last letter removed or ‘almost all’ of certain) = furtive
15   Silly speech made by tense Welsh theologian steeped in drink
TWADDLE T (Tense) + W (Welsh) + DD (theologian) inside or ‘steeped in’  ALE (drink) = silly speech
17   Vestibule contains ancient luggage
HOLDALL HALL (vestibule) around or ‘containing’ OLD (ancient) = luggage
18   Socially inept doctor detaining a boy with right to take drug
MALADJUSTED MD (doctor) around or ‘detaining’ A LAD (a boy) + JUST (right) + E (drug) = socially inept
22   Sailors in the drink?
ABSINTHE ABS (sailors ) + IN THE = drink
23   Signal Corps getting criticism for brigade’s ultimate predicament
SCRAPE SC (Signal Corps) + RAP (criticism) + E (ultimate letter of brigade) = predicament
24   Fellow compiler and star prepared to go to court for start of play
FIRST ACT F (fellow) + I (compiler) + anagram of STAR (anagrind is ‘prepared’) + CT (court) = start of play
25   Mammal and one confused with bird
PIGEON PIG (mammal) + anagram of ONE (anagrind is ‘confused’) = bird
1   Married when nude? It’s outrageous!
UNITED Anagram of NUDE IT (anagrind is ‘is outrageous’) = married. Thanks Robi@2
2   Faded and died embracing small son and husband
DIMINISHED DIED around or ‘embracing’ MINI (small) + S (son) + H (husband) = faded
3   Cook fit to make this kind of tart?
BAKEWELL BAKE (cook) + WELL (fit)  = the tart that comes from Derbyshire!
4   Place where everyone rejected Mexican food served to English
ALLOCATE ALL (everyone) + TACO (Mexican food) reversed or ‘rejected’ + E (English) = place
5   Swineherd with a yen for New Year’s eve
HOGMANAY HOG MAN (swineherd) + A +  Y (yen) = New Year’s eve
7   Skin problem of one riding broomstick, scratching top of warts
ITCH wITCH (one riding broomstick)  with W (top of warts) removed or ’scratched’ = skin problem
8   Online message is short and sweet
TWEE TWEEt (online message with last letter removed or ‘short’) = sweet
12   Sun, discomfort and second drink lead to psychological damage
SHELL SHOCK S (sun) + HELL (discomfort) + S (second) + HOCK (drink) = psychological damage
13   Transport for witch put on earth to find ancient city
CARTHAGE CART (transport) + HAG (witch) + E (earth) = ancient city
14   Leg bound to be damaged by club
BLUDGEON Anagram of LEG BOUND (anagrind is ‘damaged’) = club
16   Admit one’s unfit to rule
DOMINATE Anagram of ADMIT ONE (anagrind is ‘is unfit’) = to rule. Thanks again to Robi@2
18   Church intervenes to protect raggedly dressed child
URCHIN Hidden within the clue or ‘protected by’ ch(URCH IN)tervenes = raggedly dressed child
20   Youngster showing a it of leg
CALF Double definition  CALF (youngster) = bit of a leg
21 TSAR Public official with special responsibility for dealing with problem of marauding rats
  Anagram of RATS (anagrind is ‘marauding’) = Public official with special responsibility for dealing with problem


4 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 683 / Pan”

  1. Derek Lazenby says:

    Yup, that will do. Ta all.

  2. Robi says:

    Entertaining puzzle; thanks Pan.

    Thanks Bertandjoyce; a small point, but in 1d and 16d I think the anagrind is ‘is [‘s] outrageous’ and ‘is unfit,’ otherwise it seems to me that the ‘s’ would have to be included as fodder. Unbelievably, I missed the ha for URCHIN; I thought the church (CH) intervened in ‘URIN,’ whatever that meant! :(

    I didn’t know WISEACRE, which is perhaps a little unusual for a Quiptic, although clearly clued.

  3. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Robi@2. I will make the necessary changes. I (Joyce) did wonder about the ‘s when I wrote the blog.

    I was also going to look up URIN in the dictionary until Bert realised that it was hidden in the clue!

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, B&J. The Quiptics from Pan – and indeed the other setters – are usually well set. Good for beginners but also offering a quick solve for more experienced folk. URCHIN is a lovely example of a Quiptic clue, I think. But people from BAKEWELL will always call it Bakewell Pudding, for obvious reasons.

    Fine puzzle from Pan; thank you.

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