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Financial Times 14,183 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on December 19th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Dec 10

For some reason one day earlier than usual, I am happy to present another Dante blog. Mostly common ground, but as always one clue that made my brain cells work and work and work (26d, the last clue of the puzzle).

Definitions are underlined wherever appropriate and/or possible.


1 TAKE IN Cheat with contract (4,2)
    Double definition
4 WHO CARES How races are organised? Noone’s interested (3,5)
    (HOW RACES)*
9 CANVAS Is able to get five to like the artist’s work (6)
    CAN (is able) + V (five) + AS (like)
10   OVERAWED   Girl in love getting married was subdued (8)
    VERA (girl) inside {O (love) + WED (getting married)}
12 ARMOURER Arsenal manager (8)
    Cryptic definition
13 FUNNEL Fire-escape on board ship (6)
    Cryptic definition
    Perhaps, some considered ‘tunnel’ as the answer here (because of the escape option) but it is really FUNNEL: a metal chimney on a ship or steam engine.
15 AIDE Assistant with first-class degree lost heart (4)
    AI (first class, A1) + D[egre]E
16 TEAR-JERKER   Moving picture? (4-6)
    Cryptic definition
19 RESISTANCE Withstanding underground movement (10)
    Double definition
20 INCA Trendy accountant lived in Peru (4)
    IN (trendy) + CA (accountant, Chief Accountant)
23 SURELY Certainly depend on American backing (6)
    RELY (depend) following SU (American backing, reversal of US)
25 RED-FACED Embarrassed-looking Marxist confronted (3-5)
    RED (Marxist) + FACED (confronted)
27 DONATION Serve the people present (8)
    DO (serve) + NATION (the people)
28 COMBAT Doctor in habit of fighting (6)
    MB (doctor) inside COAT (habit)
29 EXPEDITE Don’t delay construction of deep exit (8)
    (DEEP EXIT)*
30 STRAND Desert sometimes washed by the sea (6)
    Double definition
1 TOCCATA Composition that calls for assurance of touch (7)
    Straightforward definition plus a cryptic element added to that in the second part of the clue
    It took me a while to make sense of the cryptic part of this clue. As Tony says @2: his “Chambers defines toccata as ‘a musical work intended primarily to display the performer’s touch…” – that’s just it, I fear
2   KING MIDAS  His contacts all turned out to be valuable (4,5)
    Cryptic definition
3 ICARUS I take road transport to America – he tried flying (6)
    I + CAR (road transport) + US (America)
5 HIVE Workers’ home (4)
    Cryptic definition, referring to bees
6 CAROUSEL Girl secures employment as baggage carrier (8)
    CAROL (girl) around USE (employment)
7 ROWAN A worn out tree (5)
    (A WORN)*
8 SADDLER He’s no better, all he makes goes on horses (7)
    Cryptic definition
11   SEVERAL More than two part with a pound (7)
    SEVER (part) + A + L (pound)
14 BRACKEN Ferns get support in a mountain setting (7)
    RACK (support) inside BEN (mountain)
17 KING COBRA  Royal Horse Artillery after a hooded killer (4,5)
    KING (Royal) + COB (Horse) + RA (Artillery, in fact Royal Artillery)
18 ISOLATED Divorced ladies to be rehabilitated (8)
    (LADIES TO)*
19 RESIDUE Balance to settle around mid-January (7)
    RESIDE (to settle) around [jan]U[ary]
21 AUDITED Made a searching examination, by all accounts (7)
    Cryptic definition
22 AFLOAT On the surface it’s a delivery vehicle (6)
    A + FLOAT (delivery vehicle)
24   RUN UP   Raise the standard in course at university (3,2)
    RUN (course) + UP (at university)
26 BOLT Shot for security reasons (4)
    Doublish definition
    This was my last entry. There are so many words that fit the ?O?T bill. While being a macabre clue, from a cryptic point of view it is a rather ‘good’ surface.

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,183 – Dante”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I couldn’t solve
    27a-neverthought of present =gift, thought of present =now
    24d first word

    You’ll have to spell it out for me on 1d, please. Composition =toccata I get but I don’t follow the rest of the clue. Calls, assurance, touch???


  2. TonyP17 says:

    I also needed to seek help for 27a.

    Re 1d my Chambers defines toccata as ‘a musical work intended primarily to display the performer’s touch….’

    Meant nothing to me until I found this.

  3. fearsome says:

    I rather liked tear jerker

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